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A Child born of a nun-in-training who prays for Harlem Street.

She borrowed her name from Princess Una, a character in the story of "The Faerie Queen," to reflect her pactmaker's aim of reforming Harlem Street. She has a pure heart and does not act like a demon Child.

She feels responsible for The Red Cross Knight, who protects her out of respect for their pactmaker's bond. Maybe this time, she'll try protecting him instead.


Autoattack : Fire Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 80 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10

Tap : Fire Blast[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 295 Damage to 1 Enemy (Priority: Lowest HP), on Wood Type targets deal 100 Bonus Damage
Rank 7/10

Slide : Flaming Sword[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 560 Damage to 3 Enemies (Priority: Wood Type) and 200 Bonus Damage if targets are Wood Type
Rank 7/10

Drive : Fatal Bomb[]

Level 1 Deal 1310 Damage to 4 random Enemies
Level 60+6

Leader Buff[]

CRT +400 for Fire Type Allies

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice Hope will never die!
D Story I I have some interest in the young demon as well.
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice I'm sorry.
D++ Critical Attack Voice This might hurt a bit.
C Inner Voice I You can try to hide it, but sadness always shows through.
C+ Damaged Voice I'm going to win!

Eeek! Aaah!

C++ Death Cry I'm sorry, everyone...

I guess my light didn't get through...

B Story II Good luck. I'll always be watching over you.
B+ Battle Start Voice I heard your voice...
B++ Hot Spring Voice Getting clean makes your heart feel lighter.
A Inner Voice II Will you tell me something special about yourself?
A+ Slide Skill Voice The light awaits me!
A++ Victory Voice You really are amazing!
S Story III Thank you. I appreciate it, you know?
All Inner Voice III You don't have to handle everything on your own. Even demons struggle with loneliness...

Story Dialog[]

Awakening I : Story of Two[]

[D-Grade Unlock]

Master ...
Yuna ...
Master Hey, Yuna.
Yuna Yes?
Master Just how long do you plan on being here?
Yuna I might ask you the same. How long do you intend to stay here, I wonder.
Master I mean I'm all right. Just if you were thinking of comnig with me... it's okay for you to head home, you know?
Yuna Oh, have you grown concerned for me? I suppose that's fine. I'm just here because I've special task to attend to.
Master That special task you're talking about... Does that have anything to do with me?
Yuna Teehee. Maybe, maybe not. Might I ask you something?
Master I want to say no, but...okay. What is it?
Yuna What're you waiitng for here? 
Master ...I'm waiting for someone with an umbrella.
Yuna What sort of umbrella?
Master Oh, I'm surprised that you knew that I was waiting for an umbrella and not a person.

I have some interest in young demon as well.

Seemingly lazy and uninvested, at first glance he appears to not have dwelt long on any one thought, but in truth he holds onto a sad story...

I don't know exactly what kind of story it is, bot the boy does not wait for an ordinary person. How is that?

Master How indeed... I don't know the sad story Yuna is talking about. And because I don't, there's much I don't understand. I'm waiting here for an umbrella because I like umbrellas.
Yuna So why do you like umbrellas?

Until it rains, you don't even look at an umbrella do you? But as soon as it begins, everyone panics because they have no umbrella.

Something about that entertaining to me, and I even sometimes secretly hide an umbrella. The reason I like umbrellas is simply that. 

Yuna Hehe, is that so. So is that umbrella boring to you? It looks like something someone just discarded.

No... Picking up an umbrella that someone's thrown away isn't bad. All right, let's do that today.

Oh, if I'm going to do this first I must ask can you keep a secret?

Yuna Hehe, I understand. A secret just for us.

Awakening II : Angel of Harlem Street[]

[B-Grade Unlock]

Master Ok, let's hurry back home.
Mona Hehe, I can't go, Master ♥ If the people of Harlem Street found out, they'd be terribly sad ♥

How would they know? ...Oh!

Kasane Karakasa Hey! Didn't I tell you to get back home before it gets dark?
Girl (Tsubomi Kisaragi) But I want to play more!
Kasane Karakasa No! The night is too dangerous. Now... hurry home! We can cook up something delicious.
Girl (Shiho Shinohara) What's for dinner? Could it be...
Kasane Karakasa Tonight's dinner is... sandwiches.
GIrl (Tsubomi Kisaragi) Wha...sandwiches again?
Girl (Shiho Shinohara) It can't be helped. Sister can only make sandwiches.
Kasane Karakasa Th-That's not true. I can also make an excellent potato salad.
Girl (Tsubomi Kisaragi) You mean a potato salad sandwich? Sometimes I want to eat something other than sandwiches you know!
Kasane Karakasa I know. Well, how about tomorrow morning we have...toast.
Girl (Shiho Shinohara) That's even simpler than sandwiches! I miss Uncle Detective's meals~
Kasane Karakasa B-But Uncle's sandwiches aren't as good as my sandwiches, right?
Girl (Tsubomi Kisaragi) Yes, but Uncle can make all sorts of things.
Girl (Shiho Shinohara) That curry he made was so good, right?
Kasane Karakasa B-But he just heated that up in the microwave! I actually...
Girl (Tsubomi KIsaragi) No! He cooked it in a pot! It had loads of veggies and meat... It was sooo good!
Girl (Shiho Shinohara) Yeah! Sis, you need to try Uncle's cooking, too!
Girl (Tsubomi Kisaragi) Yeah! Let's go!
Kasane Karakasa Wha? But...but I...
Girl (Tsubimo KIsaragi) C'mon~
Girl (Shiho Shinohara) C'mon, Sis~
Master ...Seems tough.
Kasane Karakasa Oh! I-I'm so glad to see you again! Everyone, say hello! This man is the brave knight that saved your sister.
Girl (Tsubomi Kisaragi) This guy?
Girl (Shiho Shinohara) Mmm... Uncle Detective is cooler...

You should try not to draw comparisons too often.

Well, I just came to se how you're doing. If you don't need me for anything, I'll be going.

Kasane Karakasa Going already? After taking the trouble to come to see me?
Master Don't make that face. I'll be back again.
Mona So Master's errand was to meet wtih a girl ♥ How scandalous ♥
Master It's nothing. I dodn't go to meet her for anything like that...
Mona I'm just kidding ♥ But I wouldn't recommend that you do things like that. After all, you are a demon ♥
Master Yeah, I know. I'll be careful.
Girl (Tsubomi Kisaragi) Sis~! Uncle Detective is here~!
Girl (Shiho Shinohara) I smell curry! Uncle did you bring curry? For Sis too?
Kasane Karakasa *sigh* These kids...

You are very Pactmaker. Keep doing your best. I will always be here by your side.

Awakening III : Pure Knight's Heart[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

Master Huh? What're these flowers? Who brought this...
Yuna Oh, what a lovely scent. Can I have one? This is my favorite flower.
Master I would like to say yes, but... These are not mine. I just found them here.
Yuna Oh, I wonder if someone sent them.

Whoa, bingo! There's a card attached. I wonder what it says...

"Dearest Lady Yuna... While strolling through the garden, I happened upon a flower that reminded me of you."

"If you fancy, please enjoy these flowers." 

"I would be overjoyed to know you found pleasure in them. From, R.C."

Yuna ...
Master "R.C." has to be... Red Cross? It seems he went through the trouble of finding your favorite flower... Quite the guy.
Yuna ...
Master What's the matter? You seem upset.
Yuna N-Nevermind. The flowers are lovely.
Master Even so, you don't seem so happy... Do you not like Red Cross?
Yuna It's not that. But... his message was just a bit...heavy.
Master Heavy... You mean Red Cross's affection for you. I know what you mean, though I didn't expect you to say as much.
Yuna I know, It's not like me. But I do feel that way, and I don't know why.
Master's Mind Could it be related to their pactmakers? It did seem like Yuna's pactmaker was keeping some distance from Red Cross's pactmaker.

I'm not quite sure what might happen, but if you can, maybe you could open your heart a little.

Sure he seems a bit scary, but he does seem to have a pure heart. And he likes you.

Yuna Yes...You are absolutely right. Thank you.


5★ Child

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