Destiny Child Global - WORLD BOSS TRIAL - Sunbeach Mona!-0

■ World Boss Trial starts (After 8/29 Update ~ Until 9/12 4:00 UTC+0) Fight the World Boss, collect Magic Mirror Fragments, and get rewards!

- Battle ends on 9/9 4:00 UTC+0

- Magic Mirror Shop is available until 9/12 4:00 UTC+0

- Boost Child of the season: School Swimsuit Davi, and Calypso

Child[edit | edit source]

New 5* Childs - Sunbeach Mona, School Swimsuit Davi

Sunbeach Mona

Diver Mona Banner.jpg

Power 2197

HP 2057

ATK 1054

DEF 811

AGL 776

CRT 931

[Auto Attack] Fire Attack - Deal 102 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)

[Tap Skill] Radiant Heat - Deal 393 Damage, DEF -350 for 8 seconds [Slide Skill] Sizzling Sands - Deal 661 Damage to 2 Enemies (Priority: Highest DEF), inflict Burn (Target's Skill Damage DEF -5%) and Scald (When attacked, 100 DoT every 2 sec. for 8 seconds & when burned and attacked outside of Fever Time, Scald effect reapplied) for 12 seconds

[Drive Skill] Raging Shark - Deal 2004 Damage to 3 random Enemies, inflict Dancing Blade (DEF -20% and 300 DoT every 2 sec.) for 16 seconds

[Leader Buff] Enemies' Skill Gauge Charge Speed -8%

  • Based on Skill Rank 1 Level 1

School Swimsuit Davi

Summer Davi Banner.jpg

Power 2171

HP 2224

ATK 1008

DEF 796

AGL 745

CRT 860

[Auto Attack] Water Attack - Deal 100 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)

[Tap Skill] Aloe Gel - Deal 376 Damage, 70% chance to remove Burn and Scald from 2 Allies [Slide Skill] Azure Ocean - Deal 645 Damage, grant Double-Edged Sword 50% (ATK Up/DEF Down) to Water Type Allies (Max 5) for 16 seconds, and Slide Skill Damage +1250 for up to 5 Water Type Allies in the back row (Priority: Highest ATK) for 16 seconds for World Bosses

[Drive Skill] Ice Drops - Deal 1701 Damage to 2 random Enemies, Drive Gauge +400 for Allies, and ATK +30% to all Water Type Allies for 20 seconds for World Bosses

[Leader Buff] DEF +8% (on World Bosses +8% added) for all Allies

  • Based on Skill Rank 1 Level 1

Skill Tips from Destiny Child - Summer Davi-1568653751

Costume[edit | edit source]

■ New Costumes - Hot Pink Mona, and Sports Bikini Davi Brand new costumes are waiting for you! Devil Pass 17 and a new package bring to you new costumes!

Hot Pink Mona Banner.jpg

Sports Bikini Davi Banner.jpg

Item[edit | edit source]

■ New Soul Carta - Afternoon Nap Afternoon Nap

Soul Carta Update WB Sunbeach Mona.jpg

ATK 595

AGL 315

[Water Special Options] Increase Slide Skill Damage by 750 for World Bosses

  • Based on Level 1 Soul level 0
  • NOTE: Newly added Soul Carta cannot be obtained from the Soul Carta Summon Ticket.
  • Soul Carta can be obtained in various ways. (e.g. summoning, events, etc.)
  • Crystal & Bloodgem Soul Carta Summon contains Soul Carta of certain summon pools. Please tap "?Rate" button on the top right of the banner to check the summon rate and pool before summoning.
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