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Moa, a Child born with split personalities. The ever present personalities fought a constant, violent battle for dominance. One day, a new Moa appeared before Kind Moa. The new Moa wiped away the other Moas without a trace. This Moa also claimed to be Kind Moa's one and only friend. Is Nameless Moa really friend, or foe?


Auto attack : Dark Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 92 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10 Deal 640 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)

Tap : Guess Who![]

Rank 1/1 Deal 315 Damage, grant Reflect (returns 15% of Damage taken) to self for 10 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 2,180 Damage, grant Reflect (returns 22% of Damage taken) to self for 10 seconds

Slide : Can You Win?[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 538 Damage, gain Enrage (stores up to 350% of damage taken and retaliates with it once) and Taunt (90% chance to activate) for 12 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 3,490 Damage, gain Enrage (stores up to 502% of damage taken and retaliates with it once) and Taunt (90% chance to activate) for 12 seconds

Drive : This is the Real Moa![]

Level 1 Deal 1,468 damage to 2 random enemies, grant skill damage DEF +35% to self for 16 seconds and Taunt (98% chance to activate) for 16 seconds
Level 60+6 Deal 5,310 damage to 2 random enemies, grant skill damage DEF +35% to self for 16 seconds and Taunt (98% chance to activate) for 16 seconds

Leader Buff[]

DEF +12% for Dark Type Allies

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:



Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
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Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice I'll show you the real Moa! - Nameless Moa and Kind Moa
D Story I I don't know why, but all the other Moas have left. However, I still have my Kind Moa here with me. Ah, togetherness is such bliss! Don't you agree, Moa? - Nameless Moa
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Who ever could I be? - Kind Moa
D++ Critical Attack Voice Put my back into it? I'd rather not. - Nameless Moa
C Inner Voice I Hehehe, I'm finally free!

Do you know how much I suffered locked up in the dark?! - Nameless Moa

C+ Damaged Voice
  • I-I'm fine. - Kind Moa
  • Ngh! - Nameless Moa
  • Hahahaha! - Nameless Moa
C++ Death Cry
  • I can still take it - Kind Moa
  • I'll be back. I promise! - Nameless Moa
B Story II *sigh* Did you not hear a word I said?

Just forget those fa- I mean "friends" of yours and stay here with me. Got it? - Nameless Moa

B+ Battle Start Voice Shall we, Moa? - Kind Moa
B++ Hot Spring Voice The hot spring sure feels good. Hey, why the long face, Moa? Smile, Smile, I say! - Nameless Moa
A Inner Voice II I heard my friends. But maybe it was just a dream. Yeah, probably just imagining things - Nameless Moa
A+ Slide Skill Voice Do you want to defeat us? - Nameless Moa
A++ Victory Voice You didn't think we were gonna win, did you? - Nameless Moa
S Story III Please, help me get them back. I don't care if they mean to me. They're still as much part of Moa as I am! - Kind Moa
All Inner Voice III You have to keep this a secret from Kind Moa! There no such thing as Moa. Hahaha! Do you believe it? Whether you do or don't is up to you, Master. - Nameless Moa

Story Dialogue[]

Awakening I : A New Me[]

[D-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Room]
Master Huh? Are you- I mean are you BOTH of you Moa?
Nameless Moa Well, that's strange. Was I that hard to understand? Or are you really that dense?
Master Really, We JUST met, and you're already insulting me?
Nameless Moa Ahaha! Sorry about that. You're right. Our master couldn't possibly be THAT dumb.
Nameless Moa Okay, then: I'll dumb it down so that even most idiotic dunderhead can understand. Will kindergarten suffice, or do I need to lower the bar even further?
Master All right, if this is a joke, it's gone long enough!

You could dumb it down to baby level and it still wouldn't make sense!

You showed up looking nothing like you used to! Why WOULDN'T I think you were a different Child?!

I could've gotten what was up if you'd at least told me you were all Moa, but...

Nameless Moa Well, that's mean. It's not like we WANTED to end up looking like this, you know?

Though that's not to say I haven't grown fond of this form. Isn't that right, Moa?

Kind Moa Uh-huh...
Master I see... So it's not like anyone's to blame for this. In fact, you guys don't even know yourselves why you ended up this way, huh?
Nameless Moa All I know is that I woke up, and this is what I looked like.
Master Hmm... Sounds like you really are in the dark. In that case, our best bet is probably to have Mona and Lisa to look into this.
Nameless Moa Huh? You want to "look into" us? So you don't believe is, then.

Suppose I can't blame you! You probably just think we came down with weird disease pr something.

That's why you're planning to lock us up in a weird lab in the outskirts of the Infernal Realm.

...and experiment on us like we're poor little lab rats, aren't you?!

Master S-since when am I, like, a mad scientist?!
Nameless Moa Oh, how awful. How terrifying. I should've known I couldn't trust a demon. you feel the same, don't you, Moa?
Kind Moa Right...
Master ...

Look, just...calm down, okay? Nobody's doing any experiments.

Were you always like this, Moa? I don't remember you being so, uh...multifaceted.

Nameless Moa Yes, I was. Moa and I were always one.

I just couldn't introduce myself to you properly while I was still inside Moa because I was fast asleep.

Master's Mind You and Moa were "always one"? That's... odd.
Master In that case, what about the rest of you? Like the, uh, angry Moa, or the...sad Moa?

Look, the point is, there were a whole other bunch of you, so why're you the only ones that managed to come out?

Nameless Moa When I woke up after my deep slumber, this Kind Moa was the only one left.
Master The rest are all gone, then? Seriously? So it's just the two of you now?
Kind Moa Yes, Everyone else is...gone.
Master I didn't know your personalities could disappear like that. I'd better tell Lisa.

So, which of you is the dominant personality, then?

Nameless Moa Can;t you tell? Obviously, it's...
Master G-Geez, you startled me.
Nameless Moa ...Teehee. We two Moa as the best of friends, you know?
Master So you're BOTH the dominant personality?

...Yeaaah, this is all going way over my head.

Nameless Moa I don't know why, but all the other Moas have left. However, I still have my Kind Moa here with me. Ah, togetherness is such a bliss! Don't you agree, Moa?

Moa and I will be together forever. That sounds good to you, right, Moa?

Kind Moa Yes...
Master Hmm...
Nameless Moa What? Don't you like me? Did you prefer my last personality, Master?

Did you like them more than me?

Master Why've you gotta put it like that? You're still Moa in my book. I'm happy you're here, no matter what kind of personality you're got.

You're my Child, and I care about you.

Nameless Moa Heehee. You're so nice. In that case, thank for having me.
Kind Moa Farewell, Master...
Master Always one, huh? Why didn't they use the plural? Not to mention that Kind Moa was eerily quiet.

I can't help but fell there's more than meets the eye here...

Awakening II : A Battle of One[]

[B-Grade Unlock]

[Soul Dungeon, Purple]
Nameless Moa I was a little worried it might be super boring at first, but this is actually pretty nice. That demon who says he's our master...

You must've been having a lot of fun all on your own up 'til now, huh?

Oh, I'm sorry! You weren't alone at all, were you, Moa? You had lots and looots of friends, didn't you?

Kind Moa ...Give back my friends.
Nameless Moa Oh, don't tell me you're still hung up on THAT? Just forget them already. It makes me sick to hear you say that.
Kind Moa But you promised. You said if I did what you told me, you'd let them all go...

I kept my promise. I didn't say anything to Master. So, come on, Now it's your turn...

Nameless Moa Oh, riiight! It completely slipped my mind. We DID promise, didn't we?

I said that if you didn't tell anyone that I had taken aaall your little friends away, I would give them back to you.

Isn't that right?

And we do have to keep our promises, don't we?

Kind Moa Then, you'll do it?!
Nameless Moa Buuut... you only kept yours once, didn't you?
Kind Moa Huh?
Nameless Moa Sure, you may kept your promise THIS time, but what about next time?

It's not just Master you have to worry about keeping the secret from, after all. There's also those succubi creatures...

All the other Childs... And who knows how many others I'm even forgetting to mention?

So why should I believe you when you've only kept your promise a single time?

Kind Moa B-but...!
Nameless Moa Oh, don't worry. I;m not saying I'll NEVER give your friends back. I'm just not yet convinced you're really serious about our little arrangement.
Kind Moa But I am! I really-
Nameless Moa You "really want to see your friends"? Is that it?

You miss the "friends" who nearly tore you to pieces fighting over who would be dominant personality? Fasinating.

Maybe it's not worth commenting on anymore, but you really are a bad little Moa, aren't you?

After everything I've done for you. I can't believe you still want to save those fakes.

Kind Moa They're not fakes. They're...They're all Moa.
Nameless Moa No, I'M Moa!
Kind Moa *gasp*
Nameless Moa And so are you...We're the only two Moa there are.

So, I'm going to make sure you're always happy. Besides, you like me MUCH more than those fakes, don't you?

Don't you?

Kind Moa Give me back my friends...
Nameless Moa *sigh* Did you not hear a word I said?

Just forget those fa-

I mean "friends" of yours and stay here with me. Got it?

I swear, you can be so stubborn.

Don't you worry. I'll keep my promise. All you have to do is be a little more patient.

Kind Moa's Mind (She's lying... There's no way she means to keep her promise.)

(This is all my fault...I endangered my friends all because I wanted to be the dominant personality.)

(I have to find some way to save them! I can't let her keep yanking me around like this!)

(Hang in there, everyone. I promise, I WILL save you!)

Awakening III : I am Moa[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

[Pedestrian Tunnel at Midnight]
Master There you are
Nameless Moa Oh, hello, Master
Master Hey, so, Lisa came up with a new name for you.
Nameless Moa Oh my! Did she, now? I wonder what it could be. Hmm... Maybe "Beautiful Moa"? Or "Sexy Moa"?

Teehee! Well? Don't keep me in suspense!

Master ..."Nameless Moa."
Nameless Moa The hell? What kinda crap name is that?
Master She said it was just a temporary name! She'll come up with a better one later!
Nameless Moa I'm appalled! Is it really THAT hard to come up with a decent name?

Well, whatever. Given my exceptional beauty, I imagine it MUST be rather difficult to come up with a name that accurately captures it.

Master H-Haha, yeah, that must be it...
Kind Moa Master, help me!
Master Huh? Did you just say "help me"?
Nameless Moa Oh, you! Don't be silly. If you need help, just ask ME for it.

It's lonely, you know - feeling like nobody needs you...

Kind Moa You can help me, right, Master? Please, you need to save Moa's friends!
Master Huh? What about your friends, now?
Nameless Moa Oh, Moa. I'm your friend, and I'm just right here, aren't I? I don't need saving, so you just rest your pretty little head.
Master Shut up, you. I'm talking to Kind Moa right now.
Nameless Moa ...
Master Moa, what do you mean, you want me to "save your friends"?
KInd Moa I mean Moa's personalities! The other Moas, they... They didn't just disappear.

The new Moa is holding them captive!

Master What?! You're kidding me! Aren't all the Moa personalities inside you?

Hey, Nameless Moa. Is Kind Moa telling the truth? What's going on here?!

Nameless Moa ...
Kind Moa It's all my fault. The other Moas were all fighting amongst themselves over who would be the dominant personality, right before they tried to attack me.

I thought I was done for, but then Nameless Moa showed up. She said she would save me.

She said she would talk to the other Moas and find a way where we could all live happily together.

But none of it was true. Now she's the one trying to be dominant personality, just like the other Moas!

So...I need your help...

Please, help me get them back. I don't care if they're mean to me. They're still much a part of Moa as I am!

We have to save them!

Master Wait, they almost attacked you so they could become dominant? Then wouldn't it be dangerous for you to bring them back?!
Nameless Moa There's never a dull moment with you around, Master. Shame you're so utterly oblivious.

Kind Moa said it herself, right? All the others were fighting amongst themselves over who would be the dominant personality.

I admit, I feel a little bad about all the others going away... All I wanted was to live with Kind Moa, y'know! Just the two of us.

Kind Moa Give me back my friends!
Nameless Moa Ahaha! You really don't have a clue, do you? Come on, "friends"? There's not even anything special about them.

They're just different parts of your personality that split up and went their separate ways.

They don't exist, They're more like delusions then anything else. Now listen up, 'cause I'm only going to tell you this once:

I didn't capture them. I'm not holding them captive. They just up and disappeared. Poof! Like so much smoke.

Kind Moa Y-You mean they're...dead...?
Nameless Moa Sure, I guess you could say that.
Kind Moa Master, I... All the other Moas, they-!
Master So you killed the other personalities? That's horrible... Why would you do that?! Aren't you all Moa?!
Nameless Moa Hey, I thank you not to go around throwing out cruel accusations. If anyone overheard you, they might think I actually HAD killed someone.

Might I remind you they were nothing more than personalities. It's not like they had actual bodies that are now dead. What's it to you, anyway?

Master's Mind Shoot, I hate to admit it, but she's right. Moa's personalities DON'T have actual bodies.

Now that they're gone, the only ones left are Kind Moa and Nameless Moa.

Even if I had something more powerful than the Hades Flower, I don't think there's anyway I could bring "personalities" back to life.

Master Moa, I may not be able to get your friends back now that they're gone, but I can at least keep you safe.

I'll make sure she can't do anything to hurt you.

Nameless Moa Ahahaha! You really are a dumb-dumb, aren't you? You said it yourself, Master: we're all Moa.

So how're you gonna go about protecting Moa from Moa? If you have something to say, at least TRY to make sense.

Master's Mind Gah. I don't have a good comeback for that, Even so...
Master Say what you will. Kind Moa is still my Child. and nobody hurts my Childs while I'm around.

There's no way I'm letting her die like the other personalities!

Nameless Moa *sigh* It's great that you're all buddy-buddy with Kind Moa here, but how you feel about her doesn't make a lick of difference to me.

Let me be clear about just one thing: nobody knows who the real Moa actually is.

Even this Kind Moa you're oh-so-fond could just be a figment of the real one's imagination, you know?

After all, when you get right down to it, there's only one Moa.

Kind Moa But... I'm the real me...
Nameless Moa That's it! Just keep telling yourself that. As long as you do, you won't have to worry about disappearing.

And you're the one I want to be with, Kind Moa. So don't you dare go disappearing on me. Got it?


5★ Child

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