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Born from her pactmaker's desire to be adored by everyone, Titania is named after the legendary queen of fairies.

Pretty much every Child knows that one of her favorite things to do is to play pranks and tricks on those she deems gullible, but only a few know that she does it as a way of expressing affection.


Autoattack: Light Attack

Rank 1/1 Deal 81 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic).
Rank 7/10 Deal 623 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic).

Tap: Flashing Light

Rank 1/1 Deal 300 Damage to 1 Enemy (Priority: Lowest HP), on Dark Type targets deal 100 Bonus Damage.
Rank 7/10 Deal 2621 Damage to 1 Enemy (Priority: Lowest HP), on Dark Type targets deal 391 Bonus Damage.

Slide: God of War's Power II

Rank 1/1 Deal 440 Bonus Damage 3 times to 1 Enemy (Priority: Dark Type), gain Reflect (returns 7% of damage taken) for 15 seconds.
Rank 7/10 Deal 3496 Bonus Damage 3 times to 1 Enemy (Priority: Dark Type), gain Reflect (returns 15.6% of damage taken) for 15 seconds.

Drive: Brionac's Lightning Spear 

Level 1 Deal 1324 Damage to 4 random Enemies, 90% chance to block Recovery (except from Vampirism/HP Absorb) for 10 seconds.
Level 60+6 Deal 6965 Damage to 4 random Enemies, 90% chance to block Recovery (except from Vampirism/HP Absorb) for 10 seconds.

Leader Buff

AGL +400 for Light Type Allies.

General Tips

Pros One of the best Light 4★ Attacker for Dark World Boss events. 

Easily outperformed by both Mafdet and Cleopatra in PVP, but has her moments due to 15% reflect. Doesn't have many options in regards to Soul Carta skills, relying only on their card stats.

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Fake Scimitar

Cute Broom
ATK and CRT for more damage.
Wedding dress
HP over DEF for extra DoT survival.
Vampire Exorcism Kit
ATK and CRT for more damage.
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented: N/A
Stats Oriented: ATK and CRT for even more damage.

HP and ATK for extra survival while keeping the damage high.


Voice List

E Drive Skill Voice I'm deadly serious!
D Story I So that's just how beautiful I am, eh? Well, doesn't that just beat all?
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Bored?
D++ Critical Attack Voice Smile!
C Inner Voice I There's nothing wrong with playing pranks. It's your fault for falling for them.
C+ Damaged Voice Ow!
I'm not done for yet!
C++ Death Cry I can't believe this is how it ends...
We could have been friends...
B Story II Okay, then! Let's have some fun together!
B+ Battle Start Voice Nice to meet you all, weaklings!
B++ Hot Spring Voice Teehee, this is kind of embarrassing.
A Inner Voice II You'll have to try a lot harder than that to pull one over on me, weak little demon.
A+ Slide Skill Voice Get ready, 'cause here it comes!
A++ Victory Voice All thanks to me!
S Story III Aw, that's too bad. I actually meant it when I said I loved you.
All Inner Voice III You think my pranks go too far? But that's how I show my affection. Or is this just your way of trying to turn me down?

Story Dialog

Awakening I:  Titania Adapting

[D-Grade Unlock]

I hear Titania's been going to the park a lot lately. I think I'll go check up on her.
Titania Blue skies! Clean Air! Lots of people! It's like they're all here just for me! What a spectacular feeling!
Master You seem like you're in a good mood, Titania. What you have been up to!
Titania ...Who are you?
Master It's okay, it's just me.
Titania Oh, I see. The classic 'It's just me" scam. Too bad for you: I don't have any money.
Master Huh? Come on, don't you recognize me?
Titania Why, no. I don't recognize a con artist demon like you. The only demon I know is one who looks weak and spineless.
Master ...Are you doing this on purpose?
Titania Doing what?
Master Is this your idea of a joke, or what? Knock it off!
Titania Oh, sure. Of course I'm joking.
Master Then act like it!
Titania Hehe. A little joke like that is just a sign that I'd like to be closer to you. Anyway, what did you want, Mr. Demon?
Master Uh, nothing in particular... I was just curious why you've been coming to the park so often.
Titania So, what, you're stalking me now?
Master No! I was worried about you.
Titania Very well, then. You want to know why I've been coming to the park so much? Hmm. I think it's my pactmaker's influence.
Titania's pactmaker came to this park to make a wish for more explosive muscle power, in order to enter a competition.
Titania This is the form my pactmaker wanted: a volleyball fairy. I just didn't expect to actually end up as a fairy.
Master You look more like an angel than a fairy, honestly.
Titania Well, either way. Still, I'm amazed you can say something as cheesy as "angel" with a straight face.
Master Cheesy or not, I couldn't think of a more fitting word.
Titania So that's just how beautiful I am, eh? Well, doesn't that just beat all?
Master Right, it's just how beautiful you - Wait, that's not what I was talking about at all! Don't twist my words like that.
Titania I was just trying to communicate better so we could be closer. Too bad. And here I thought you were complimenting me.
Master How is this communication? You're not listening to a thing I say.
Titania Because you don't know how to communicate well. Why don't we talk about it over a quick bite?
Master Hey, yeah. Good idea!
Titania Oh, and I'd like you to buy me one of those adorable balloons over there.
Master Huh? A balloon? Oh, those over there. Well, okay, I guess...
Titania Next, I recommend we go to that restaurant and order -
Master H-hey, what am I, you flunky?! Why am I the only one paying for everything?! And here I actually wanted to communicate with you better!
Titania Hey, you've got me all wrong! Oh, very well. In that case, let's just start by getting some ice cream!
Master Uh... Well, I guess that's okay. But I still feel like I'm kind of being jerked around...
Titania Don't be silly. It's just your imagination. Now, come on! Let's go!

Awakening II: Titania Adaptation Complete!

[B-Grade Unlock]

Titania Hello, Mr. Demon. Lovely weather we're having, isn't it?
Master I see you're at the park again.
Titania You know it. Say, would you like some of this? Open wide.
Master Wh-What's going on? You're being awfully nice today...
Titania Do you like it?
Master Yeah, that was pretty good.
Titania Great! That'll be 500 yen, please!
Master Huh?! Wait a second...
Titania Just pay the nice man over there. Thanks, Mr. Demon.
Master I can't believe he let you have that without paying for it first!
Titania Come on, Mr. Demon, don't be so cross on such a nice day. Now, go on and pay him. It's the man at the entrance to the temple.
Master Titania, you'd better watch what you call him. Child or nor, you're gonna get in trouble.
Titania Thanks for the warning. In fact, as thanks, you can have these movie tickets.
Master ...Do I have to pay for these after-the-fact too?
Titania No, these are already paid for. I traded them for a few bills you left on your desk.
Master So you paid in advance this time?! And with 1000 yen bills?!
Titania Yup. It's only too bad there weren't any 5000 yen ones. Next time, I'd really appreciate it if you could include some 10,000 yen bills too.

Are you nuts?! I'm not leaving ANY bills on my desk anymore! From now on, they're going in my wallet or to the bank, pronto!

Titania Oh, I would've thought a piggy bank would be more up your alley.
Master Can it! You're not using any more of my money without permission, period!
Titania Oh, don't be so stingy. Think of it as... the price we pay for better communication.
Master Yeah, except our communication hasn't actually improved. Ugh. I'm leaving!
Titania Hey, now! You can't leave just yet. We still haven't seen the movie. You don't want to waste the tickets, do you?
Master Ugh... Well... I would hate to waste the tickets...
Titania Hehe, then let's go see a movie!
Master *sigh* Somehow, she always makes things go her way...

Awakening III: Happy Titania!

[S-Grade Unlock]

Titania Hi, Mr. Demon! So, there's a favor I'd like to ask you...
Master No.
Titania Whaaat? But you haven't even heard what it is.
Master I said no. Whatever you're hiding there, I can already tell I'm not going to like it.
Titania Oh, come ooon. Now you really ARE acting like a demon! I can't believe you won't even hear me out!
Master I don't know what you think it gonna happen, but we're not keeping any pets here.
Titania Wha- But you still haven't seen what it is. Are you sure it's not allowed?
Master Yes. Whatever it is, put it back where you found it.
Titania *sigh* All right, then. Come on, Vipie. Let's go put you back.
Master "Vipie"? I've got a bad feeling about this... What did you find?
Titania A pit viper. Here you go.
Master Are you nuts?! It's venomous! Hurry up and get it out of here!
Titania Oops, my hand slipped. It's heading straight for you!
Master Gaaah! Why did you pick up something like that in the first place?! I'm totally gonna die!
Titania Ahahaha! You're so funny, Mr. Demon! It's just rubber toy. Looks real, though, doesn't it?
Master Dammit, another prank?! And don't feed me that line about this being "communication"!
Titania But it's just my way of showing affection, so we can be closer.
Master I don't need that kind of affection. One of these days, it's going to cost me my life...
Titania Oh, Mr. Demon, always with the jokes! Look, I have a frog too. Want it?
Master Huh, is that a toy too? Man, they sure put a lot of detail into it...
Titania Oh, no, it's a real frog.
Master A real one?! Why did you bring it here?!
Titania Don't you think it's romantic? I heard frogs turn human if you kiss them.
Master That's fairy tale! Not reality!
Titania Reality? Usually, you're all about unrealistic things.
Master *sigh* Anyway, this is just a normal frog you found, right?
Titania Who knows? It could be enchanted! Maybe you could break the spell with a kiss, Mr. Demon.
Master You know... I'm actually starting to feel like... you might be right?
Titania Right? Why not give it a kiss and break its spell? What have you got to lose?
Master S-So... I just have to k-kiss it?
Titania Yup! Maybe it'll even give you some treasure to thank you. You'd never have to work at the convenience store again.
Master T-Treasure?! Yeah, what have I got to lose? All right, just once!
Titania That's it, Mr Demon. You'll be a hero, having freed it from its terrible curse.
Master Me a hero! And with a reward! Even if this is just another prank, that seems like a risk worth taking...
Titania Hehe, that's the spirit!
Master All right, I'm gonna do it! It's got some bright colors, so it can't be a normal frog. I bet it really IS a cursed human!
Titania By the way, that type of frog is called a poison dart frog. It's called that because it likes to make poisonous darts. Fitting, right?
Master So it's poisonous?! Where did you find a frog from the rainforest all the way out here?!
Titania It's actually just a regular frog with makeup. Don't worry, I only used organic, non-toxic cosmetics. The frog looks like it likes the makeup, too. I did a pretty good job, don't you think?
Master So you fooled me again?! Ugh, why do I fall for it every time?
Titania I love the way you react to my jokes, Mr. Demon.
Master Yeah, well I don't... Ugh, why does this always happen to me...
Titania Aw, that's too bad. I actually meant it when I said I loved you. Okay, see you tomorrow, Mr. DemonI'm going to go think of something else fun for us to play together ♥
Master Somebody, please... Play with her in my place...


5★ Child

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