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A woman who lost her only little brother to illness.

She has fallen into a deep sadness from which she cannot break free, and cannot such as recall how happiness ever felt. As a last resort, she sought help from demons as a means of dispelling her grief, but even now, it consumes her entirely. Her name comes from the sea goddess, Thetis, who lost her only son. Her heartache is unfathomably deep.

Instead of opening up to others, she tries to drown everything around her in sorrow.


Auto Attack : Water Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 101 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10

Tap : Water Spike[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 384 Damage, inflict Poison (causes 200 damage each time a target acts or takes damage)for 2 turns, Debuff EVA -10% for 8 seconds
Rank 7/10

Slide : Aqua Geyser[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 618 Damage to 2 Enemies (Priority: Debuffed), inflict Debuff Blast (1 Debuff is removed and damage is done in relation to the type of debuff x 300), Debuff duration increased by +30% for 12 seconds
Rank 7/10

Drive : Whirlpool of Divine Punishment[]

Level 1 Deal 1910 Damage to 3 random Enemies, inflict Poison (causes 800 damage each time a target acts or takes damage) for 3 turns
Level 60+6

Leader Buff[]

Enemy Debuff ACC -10%

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice Into the abyss with you!
D Story I Yes. I didn't realize my grief was so great...
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Show me your sadness.
D++ Critical Attack Voice Allow me to express my condolences.
C Inner Voice I I am the Goddess of grief...

Sorrow binds my soul, so I hide my tears by staying deep within the ocean.

C+ Damaged Voice Aaah!
C++ Death Cry Aaah...

After all of this, this is...the path I've come to.

B Story II The water is so quiet... I can't hear a thing.

It's like I'm all alone, trapped in a sea of grief.

B+ Battle Start Voice After this ends all that will remain are your tears.
B++ Hot Spring Voice Are my tears not now obscured?
A Inner Voice II Might this sadness someday amount to happiness...

Could I someday be so blessed?

A+ Slide Skill Voice Drown in a sea of sorrow.
A++ Victory Voice As pain grows, so does sadness summit...
S Story III While what you said is a little...stupid. I mean, you made me feel better. Know what I mean?
All Inner Voice III Would you offer me comfort?

Story Dialogue[]

Awakening I : In the Bath[]

[D-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Room]
Lisa You sound like a puppy whining to use the bathroom.
Master Uh... You're not totally wrong...
Lisa Pale face...Bent over...Pained expression... Do you have the runs or something?
Master N-No! A-At least...n-not...yet...
Lisa I don't need to hear your excuses. Let's hurry up and get you to the bathroom.
Master W-Well...uh...

I see there's more to this story.

But I won't be able to hear what it is at this rate.

Master's Mind With that, she escorted me to the bathroom.
[Master's Bathroom]

What are you doing? Just open the door and - Oh?

Thetis? What are you doing in here?

Master Lisa! I can't h-hold it anymore!
Lisa Master, Don't you dare soil yourself here! What are you, an infant?

That's not it! But...I can't... hold...


Lisa Now you've gone from pale blue to sheer white.
Master I can' it...
Master's Mind

This is all Thetis's fault. I glared at her with every fiber of my being.

She's laying in the bathtub... lost in thought?

And on top of that, she's still runnning hot water from the faucet.

Everything in the bathroom is soaked...

Master Thetis, get out of here!

She was certainly a difficult Child to acquire, but I didn't expect to run into trouble after the fact as well.

I'll do something, Master. 

Master's Mind Lisa turned off the faucet and hauled Thetis out of the tub.
Thetis Don't touch me...

You shouldn't have touched my faucet first!

Lisa, hurry!

Lisa Hang on!
Master's Mind Lisa dragged Thetis away, the latter still hanging her head. At long last, I entered the bathroom and did my business.
[Master's Room]
Thetis Don't I have a right to wallow in my misery?
Master You can wallow all you want. But why do you have to wallow in my bathtub?!
Thetis The water is so quiet... I can't hear a thing. It's like I'm all alone, trapped in a sea of grief.
Master What are you talking about? Are you a poet now or something? I don't have a probelm with you being sad, but you almost flooded my house.
Thetis Yes. I didn't realized my grief was so great...
Master *sigh* I'm the one who feels like grieving... Haha, I huess we have something in common. How about we both our best to cheer up?
Thetis You sympathize with me? You're sweet. I knew you were the only one who could console me.
Master Seeing as I'll go crazy if I don't, I don't have much of a choice.
Lisa Master, can I trust you handle things from here?
Master Yeah, sure, I've got this.
Thetis Okay, back to the quiet water...
Master I said no! Ugh... Maybe I need to get a lock for the bathroom...

Awakening II : Different Methods[]

[B-Grade Unlock]

Master Now what do I do?
Mona Don't lose heart, Master. This could be your chance!
Master More like my downfall...
Mona It's not everyday you find such dpressing soul, Master. Especially not one that falls in love with you ♥
Master You're not helping...
Mona Oooh, so scary ♥
Master Just forget it.
Mona How can you not see the bright side here? You console her pactmaker...
Master ...And what? I get her depressed soul, and make another pact?
Mona NOW you get it! Perhaps you're struggling in the contest so much because you lack discernment.
Master Haha, you're really something else, huh? No wonder they call you the "hopeless demon trainer"...
Mona Ohohoho ♥
Master's Mind I glared at Mona as she laughed, then made my way to the woman sitting by herself.
Master Um...H-Hi there, Sayori.
Sayori Mizutani Huh? Oh...Hello...
Master's Mind She looks ready to burst into tears at any moment...
Master H-How's it going?
Sayori Mizutani Same as always. You?
Master Uh, I'm doing all right, I guess...
Mona ...Oh? Why, if it isn't the girl next door.
Master H-Hey!
Master's Mind All of a sudden, Mona barged her way in. She must really not trust me.

Hello. I'm Mona, our next door neighbor! I've heard so many good things about you from my little boy here.

I hear you treat him as well as your own brother.


U-Uh... I don't... Um...

  • whisper/speak in his own mind* Mona, what are you doing?
Sayori Mizutani My own brother... Yes. He DOES resemble my own brother...
Mona Is that so? May I ask what your brother is up to these days?
Master *whisper/speak in his own mind* Stop it!
Sayori Mizutani My brother is... no longer here...
Mona No longer here? Oh no... You don't mean... he passed away?
Master's Mind Uanble to bear the tension any longer, I took Mona outside.
Master What do you think you're doing?!
Mona Too bad. We were so close to getting her to sign another pact...
Master Did you really think I'd be happy about getting one like that?!
Mona ...Master, there's an expression in the Infernal Realm: "Expetations, piled high enough, amount to arrogance itself."
Master What's that mean? 
Mona You're a smart young man, Master. I'm sure you can figure it out.
Master ...
Master's Mind

I know what she's trying to say. Humans can't find happiness by making pacts with demons...

No matter how you try to spin it, I'm taking advantage of her pain, same as Mona.

It makes no different to her.

Master Fine, let's go back. But I'll reform the pact my own way. You just stand by and watch.
Mona Are you quite sure? Thetis is a powerful Child. It will be difficult to take her on by yourself.
Master I told you to stand by and I mean it.
Mona Okay, okay. Your wish is my command, Master.

Awakening III : Honest Feelings[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Room]
Medea Thetis, over here!
Thetis ...
Master ...

Ta-daaa! A cute little phantom doll just for you.

"Hello. My name is Ghost. I may not look like it, but I'm a cute little girl."

Thetis Please, let her go back home.
Master Or so she says.
Medea That's mean, Thetis! I can hear her too!
Thetis Could you tell her that she's so loud my head feels like it's going to split open?
Master She says.
Medea Waaah! I just want to see your eyes loght up, Thetis!
Master Apperently.
Thetis Tell her my eyes aren't as pretty as she seems to think they are.
Master Or so she says.
Medea You're a horrible fraud of a magician!

Hey, I'm doing my best here for once.

Here I am, playing the middle man for you when I could be doing something else.

Medea Thetis s ignoring me because you keep butting in.
Master I really don't think that's it.
Medea Hmph! You're just a quack without one ounce of talent.
Master Don't worry, Davi tells me that every day.
Medea I failed today, but next time I swear I'll make Thetis smile!

Good luck with that.

Hey, wait! I'm not finished here.

Thetis, Medea's doing her best to cheer you up, aren't you being too cold to her?

Thetis I can't deal with other people right now.
Master But you can talk normally with me. So why can't you understand how Medea feels?
Master's Mind

Are your packmakers to blame? Your pactmaker Sayori Mizutani won't open up to Medea's pactmaker Ran Akai.

Is that why you won't open up to Medea either?

Thetis She's just too young.

I don't think age has anything to do with it.

In fact, children are a hundred times more honest than adults are.


You're amazing. I can't even accept the feelings of one little girl.

And yet you care for each and every one of your Childs.

Master Well, I mean...that's all I can do, and they're all fighting for me, so...
Thetis Exactly. That's all you can do. But I can't even do that. I'm powerless.
Master Don't be so negative. It's not like I have super powers or anything. Anyone can do what I can do.

If you became the Archfiend... would I also gain that power?

Master Becoming the Archfiend doesn't matter! You can do just as you are now, Thetis!
Thetis Thanks. While what you said is a little... stupid... you made me feel better. Know what I mean?
Master Not really. But I'm glad I could help. Even if it was stupid. 

Oh, it was stupid, all right. But I guess that shows that is came from the heart.

Does Medea want to share her feelings with me like that, too?


5★ Child

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