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A Child born from a man who longed for death more than anyone. Given how readily this Child seemed to accept the inevitability of death, he was named Thanatos, after the god of death himself.

Since becoming a Child, his penchant for strange and unsettling behavior–like gently stroking the sickly and eerily staring at people–has only intensified.

His grimdark manner of speech prevents him from getting along with other Childs.


Autoattack: Water Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 111 Auto Attack damage to the target
Rank 7/10 Deal 735 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)

Tap: Heavenly Strike III[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 436 damage 4 times
Rank 7/10 Deal 2514 damage 4 times

Slide: Snowheim[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 733 Damage to 2 Enemies (Priority: Highest ATK), for 4 tuns inflict Poison (causes 400 damage each time a target acts or takes damage) and on Fire Type targets deal 175 Bonus Damage
Rank 7/10 Deal 4284 Damage to 2 Enemies (Priority: Highest ATK), for 4 tuns inflict Poison (causes 1344 damage each time a target acts or takes damage) and on Fire Type targets deal 556 Bonus Damage

Drive: Nightmare[]

Level 1 Deal 2151 Damage to the 4 Enemies (Priority: Lowest HP)
Level 60+6 Deal 7680 Damage to the 4 Enemies (Priority: Lowest HP)

Leader Buff[]

Drive Skill Damage +1000 for Water Type Allies

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice Lets's die together.
D Story I Want to check out the afterlife with me?
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Give it up...
D++ Critical Attack Voice Accept your doom.
C Inner Voice I You never know when death will come, so you must not waste time.
C+ Damaged Voice 1.Ooof...

2.Gah... 3.Guh...

C++ Death Cry 1.The smell of death grows more pungent...

2.Now I see... This is what I've been waiting for...

B Story II Death is my only wish...

The only blessing life deserves...

B+ Battle Start Voice This will be a nice, slow death.
B++ Hot Spring Voice I suppose it´s nice to forget about death for a moment every once in a while.
A Inner Voice II Do not fear death. It is a blessing-a peace we are all guaranteed to enjoy.
A+ Slide Skill Voice Let us take a break.
A++ Victory Voice It seems death has evaded me once again.
S Story III I embrace your oblivion.
All Inner Voice III If you're going to live, then do it without regrets. Death is coming for you regardless.

Story Dialog[]

Awakening I:[]

[D-Grade Unlock]


Hmm... That's weird. How did I end up signing Thanatos again? I've always been able to recall that for every other Child...Maybe I was dozing off when I made the pact?
Mona Teehee. That's probably what it was ♥
Master Why do you always avoid talking about Thanatos, Mona?

In his mind

Thanatos is definitely kind of weird. He keeps saying he's looking for someone to die with him. Even back when I first met him...
*Scene Change*
Thanatos I want to die...
Master Haha, I see.

In his mind

Unforyaletly, this answer didn't do much to improve his dispositon.
Thanatos Want to check out the afterlife with me?
Master Thanks, but I already ran away from a different realm of existence.

In his mind

That answer made things even worse.
*Scene Change*
Thanatos Answer me.
Master Answer you what?
Thanatos What meaning does my life have?
Master Uh, well, as long as you go on living, your life will never be complete. It's like painting a picture that you can't ever finish...
Thanatos I?
Master Uh, I don't know about you, but I'm Fire Man. I don't give up that easily... Hahaha!
Thanatos ...You're no help at all, kid.

In his mind

Another dispositional turn for the worse.
*Scene Change*
Thanatos You better not have forgotten your promise, succubus.
Mona Oh, don't rush me ♥ Some things take time.

Awakening II:[]

[B-Grade Unlock]


In his mind

On that day, I had collapsed. One of my old enemies had attacked me. I knew this would happen someday...
Master But I never thought they would stoop to putting cold medicine in my tea...

Cold medicine makes me incredibly drowsy...

Davi Okay, now let's sign the pact while he's out of it!
Master Davi...You did this to me...
*Scene Change*

In his mind

This pactmaker was a man in his early sixties hanging around the park.
Mona Davi?
Davi Aaah!
Mona What are you doing here?
Davi J-Just making a pact! Believe me, it wasn't easy dragging Master all this way!
Mona So you made a pact without permission?

Davi, you know you're only supposed to make them when Master agrees to it.

Davi ...
Mona ...
Davi ...But Mona, if you keep working for this loser...
Mona Davi. I understand how you feel, but what would you do if the resulting Child ran wild?

Have you forgotten the most fundamental rule for us succubi?

Davi ...Yep!
Mona Signing the most pacts doesn't make you the strongest demon. Nor does it mean that the Archfiend Contest will be over sooner.
Mona My goal is to make sure that we succubi finish this job hale and hearty.

You'll help me accomplish that, right?

Davi ...Okay. In that case, I'll send the pactmaker home.
Thanatos Who...summoned me?
Mona Oopsies, too late.
*Scene Change*
Mona What is it you wish for, Thanatos?
Thanatos Death...I desire...death...
Mona Now, now, Thanatos ♥ You're the Master's Child now, remember?

You're our property. We can't have you dying just because you feel like it ♥

Thanatos Death is my only wish... The only blessing life deserves...
Mona My, this is going to be quite the hassle.
*Scene Change*
Thanatos Why can't I kill the other Childs? Death is a blessing.
Mona The other Childs may not all agree with that. Please try to be more sociable.
Thanatos What greater pleasure could there be than leaving this world of despair behind?

The pain of death is but an instant. Who wouldn't be grateful for it?

Mona As I keep saying, the other Childs may not agree with you on that.
Thanatos I don't see the point in living. My pactmaker was an ordinary man. Nobody special.

He had no need to live. What possible meaning could his life have held?

Thanatos If you think my life has meaning, try and find it. But...
Mona But?
Thanatos If you don't find an answer, my life will come to an end. And as compensation for interfering with my death...I'm going to have you come with me...
Mona My, my. How terrifying ♥

Awakening III:[]

[S-Grade Unlock]


As promised, it's time to go to the afterlife. Death is a blessing... You should be grateful.
Davi Don't you lay a finger on Mona, necro-freak!
Thanatos Would you like to come too?
Mona Now, now. No need to be stubborn. Can't we discuss this like adults?
Thanatos You still haven't answered my question.
Mona Before I do, there's something I'd like to say. You asked me who you were, and what meaning your life held.
Mona Well, you aren't the only one struggling with those questions. In fact, they're not even the ones you should be asking.

The question you should be asking yourself is, "What do I want to be now?"

Mona You know the answer to that just as well as I do. Don't you, Thanatos?
Thanatos ...In that case...I shall be a reaper who guides the dead. I shall ensure that the dead do not feel lonely in the time it takes to reach the far side of the River Styx.
Thanatos I shall bless all those who come to die in the land from which you hail. I shall show them that death is not a curse, but a blessing. Yes... That is the path I will take.
Thanatos Davi...
Davi Hm? Wh-What is it?
Thanatos It was not the boy who summoned me. It was you...
Davi I-I made a mistake! Mona already scolded me lots and lots for it!

Please don't get angry at me!

Thanatos For the moment, I'll bite my tongue and stay with the boy. But if you should need me... You may call upon me whenever you like...Remember that my blessing shall always be with you...
Davi ...Got it.


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