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A Child who longs to experience love. Her wish is to confess her feelings while passing chocolates out on White Day. To her, confessions are much more important than formality or tradition. Her pactmaker ran across the young master in the final hours of a White Day spent all alone and immediately sensed the dawning of love. This girl's fiery passion gave birth to the Child Sytry, who took her name from the demon who makes people fall in love. She is the very image of innocence made manifest, but she has a problematic habit of proposing to anyone she lays eyes upon in the pursuit of love. Will she ever be able to bestow her passion-filled chocolate upon her one true love, whoever he or she may be?


Autoattack: Light Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 100 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10

Tap: Love is Blind[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 382 Damage, remove 5 of World Bosses' boost buff (ATK, DEF stacks)
Rank 7/10

Slide: Lovers' Candy[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 658 Damage, ATK +1600 for 9 Allies (Priority: Light Type) for 14 seconds and Slide Skill cooldown -2 seconds on World Bosses for 2 turns and Slide Skill damage +1000 for 5 Allies (Priority: Highest ATK) in the back row for 20 seconds
Rank 7/10

Drive: Lovemaker[]

Level 1 Deal 1751 Damage to 2 random Enemies, grant 9 Allies in the front row (Priority: Lowest HP) +2000 Barrier (absorbs damage before HP is affected) and 9 Allies in the back row (Priority: Highest ATK) +1500 Tap Skill Damage when fighting a World Boss for 14 seconds
Level 60+6

Leader Buff[]

Max HP +1000 for Light Type Allies (on World Bosses +3000 added)

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice La dolce vita!
D Story I I don't really care about Valentine's Day.

All I actually care about is the confession of love!

D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Here I go!
D++ Critical Attack Voice Hurry and hide!
C Inner Voice I I wonder... If I stay with you, will I learn what love truly is?
C+ Damaged Voice Eee...



C++ Death Cry Aaah!

But I wanted a happy ending...

B Story II Teehee. You, my pactmaker, me...

We're all still children, aren't we?

We don't know what love really is...

B+ Battle Start Voice I got some extra-sweet candy ready!
B++ Hot Spring Voice Mmm, it's like my stress is melting away...

Oops. My candy melted away too. Hehe... ♥

A Inner Voice II I don't know who first said that

"It is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all,"

but I couldn't agree more.

A+ Slide Skill Voice I think I can sink my teeth in here...
A++ Victory Voice Well done, little demon.
S Story III Eee! Really?! Really really? I'm going to write about this in my diary! "Today is the day that cute Mr. Demon confessed his love to me!"
All Inner Voice III Here you go, little demon! Have some of my special mint candy!

Don't worry, I didn't put anything weird in it.

Story Dialog[]

Awakening I:[]

[D-Grade Unlock]


Sytry, there's something I want to ask you.
Sytry What is it?
Thoth White Day is a holiday celebrated in Japan one month after Valentine's Day where men give women they like candy while confessing their love.
Sytry That's true.
Thoth So why are you making candy?

As I just explained, White Day and Valentine's Day are distinct holidays.

Sytry My, Mr. Thoth. I see you're as traditional as ever.
Thoth Do you not know the first thing about manners? Answer my question.
Sytry It doesn't matter if it's White Day or Valentine's Day. What's important... is the confession of love! Of course, such a confession is not easy, but that's not a problem!

Once he eats my specialty candy... *nom nom*... Never mind.

Thoth That sounds awfully suspicious...
Sytry Forget you heard anything. It's chivalrous for a man to overlook a woman's silly mistakes.
Thoth Yes, good point... Anyway, there's something else I'd like to ask you.

I've heard rumors that dangerous poison candy is circulating around the other Child's. Apparently, this candy is small, round, and white.

Sytry Really? There are rumors like that? I had no idea. Haha, hahaha...
Thoth And to that point, this candy you're making fits it's description very well. Of course, I'm sure that your candy is perfectly ordinary. One can find small, round, white candies just about anywhere, after all.
Sytry Yes, exactly. This is perfectly ordinary sweet and sour candy. It's sooo yummy, and it's even good for you!
Thoth In that case, I suppose it would be okay for me to try it, just to make sure.
Sytry Wh-What?!
Thoth Don't worry. I don't suspect you. It's only to make sure.
Sytry R-Right...

(In her mind)

Oh, crap! What do I do? If he eats some now, I'm as good as done for!
Thoth Okay, without further ado...
Sytry G-Gah...

(In her mind)

Crap, crap, crap! If he has some now, while it's just the two of us, the jig will be up!
Thoth Unless there's something you wish to tell me, of course?
Sytry G-G-Gaaah...
Thoth What, nothing to say?

(In her mind)

This is it! I'm done for!
Frej Wannabe! Where are you?!... Hmm, I guess he's not around. Neamhain told me I would find him here... That useless, whiny good-for-nothing!
Thoth Frej?

(In her mind)

Perfect timing!
Sytry Hello, Frej.
Frej Are you the wannabe's Childs? Where is he?
Sytry Oh, Mr. Freeej...
Frej H-Hey, what are you doing? Get off of me... G-Gah! What did you just put in my mouth?

I-Is this candy?

Sytry That's right! It's my special homemade creation! I call it "L'Elisir d'Amore." It's lemon-flavored!

Okay, see you later, you two! Have a good life!

Frej Wh-What did...she do... to me? G-Gaaah! What's going on?! My body! It's burning up!
Sytry What is it Frej?! Are you all right? That was an odd reaction to a piece of candy.
Frej *huff* *huff* ...Thoth.

I really, really, really, really, really, really like you ♥

Thoth Wh-What's this all about? Frej?

Now I see "L'Elisir d'Amore." A love potion. She was planning to use this to make the master fall in love with her. Good grief...

Frej Hey, Thoth... Damn, man ♥ You're so handsome. Have you always been that handsome?
Thoth Enough, Frej. That's the love potion talking, not you.
Frej Aw, come on, don't you like me? 'Cause I'm so into you, I can barely breathe...
Thoth Damn it, Sytry... You'd better have an antidote!
Frej N-Nooo! Wait, here's my number, me maybe? ♥

Awakening II:[]

[B-Grade Unlock]


Mr. Demon, is there anyone you'd like to give candy to on White Day?
Master Candy? No, there isn't.
Sytry Teehee... You say that, but I bet you actually have a secret stash all ready to go for that special someone. And just so you know... I'm ready anytime.
Master Huh? Ready for what?
Sytry Judging from your reaction... I must have been right! Eee, this is amazing!

What do I do now?! Oh, I know! I should pretend I don't suspect a thing... Sorry for not being more sensitive. Teehee.

Master Stay back! You're making fun of me, aren't you? D-Don't touch me!
Sytry Are you embarrassed? You're so cute ♥ Maybe that's why I like you so much.
Master Look Sytry, I'm sorry, but neither White Day nor Valentine's Day has any significance for me.

The only thing I associate most holidays with is me trying to deal with the overwhelming rush of customers that come flocking to the store.

Sytry That's kind of sad... Does that mean you forgot all about the day we first met, then?
Master No, no! Don't get me wrong. Of course I remember that.
Sytry Teehee... The day my pactmaker met you was also White Day. She was fairly popular. She's very pretty, and also very fashionable. She bought new shoes, and a new outfit, all in anticipation of White Day...But nobody gave her a single thing.

(In his mind)

So that's why she made a pact with me...
Sytry My pactmaker had never fallen in love with anyone before. She did used to date now and then, but she never truly loved anyone. Eventually, her friends, acquaintances...

everyone she knew caught on. They realized she was empty... Incapable of loving anyone else.

Sytry How could someone like that find someone who would love her? She longed to know that. I wonder what it feel's like to love someone? "What would happen to me if I did?"

That was when she met you.

Sytry Mr. Demon, you were concerned for my pactmaker. You were kind to her.
Master Well.. That was just because I was worried my aides were going to force me into making a pact with her...
Master (In his mind) I first met Sytry's pactmaker on White Day in the evening. That day, I was out and about with my aides, scouting for potential pactmakers. It was a major hassle, and I didn't want to listen to them nag me, so I decided to go off on my own. That was when I met Sytry's pactmaker.

(In his mind)

She was staring, with unmistakeable loneliness in her eyes, at candy that remained unsold on the store shelves. I had never seen a girl stare like that at candy on White Day instead of receiving it as a gift... I thought she must have been dumped or something. I figured if the aides saw her, they'd force me to try and make a pact with her. So instead, I decided to give her the candy I had in my pocket.
Master (In his mind) It was cheap and unimpressive; just some leftover stuff that the convenience store had been giving away for free. But the moment she accepted it, she sank to the ground and began bawling her eyes out...
Sytry It sounds like you weren't interested in making a pact, Mr. Demon, but that's what you ended up doing. Was that also because you're kind?
Master I guess so... But I still don't like that I did. It kind of feels like I was lying to her...
Sytry But you told her straight up that you were a demon, didn't you?
Master Yeah... But her wish was to find true love, right? Can you really call it true love over a single piece of candy?
Sytry So... you're doubting how my pactmaker felt?
Master N-No, that's not it! I didn't mean it like that.
Sytry Teehee. You, my pactmaker, me... We're all still children, aren't we? We don't know what love really is...
Master It's not that I don't know. It's just that I don't care.
Sytry Teehee. I hope it'll be okay. My pactmaker did say she was going to stay with you for the rest of her life. I guess she doesn't truly understand her own feelings either.
Master You mean her feelings might change eventually?
Sytry Oh? Does that mean you no longer like her?
Master No! If anything, it's the opposite! I'm feeling seriously responsible for her!
Sytry Teehee. Anyway, love is a mysterious force that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Maybe you really are her soulmate.

Master What do you want me to do?!

Awakening III:[]

[S-Grade Unlock]


I saw Frej running after Thoth earlier. I've never seen him so interested in anyone before.

I wonder what's going on.

Lisa Master, it seems that Frej didn't simply have a change of heart. There appears to have been "chemical warfare" at play here.
Master Chemical warfare?... Oh, you mean that candy?
Lisa Correct. Rumor has it that that candy makes you fall deeply in love with whoever you first see.
Master Aha. That would certainly explain what's going on with Frej and Thoth.
*Scene Change*
Master What's this?

(In his mind)

There's a present on my desk that I'm pretty sure I didn't put there myself.

It's red, heart-shaped, and surprisingly big.

Lisa This doesn't belong to you, Master?
Master No, I've never seen it before.
Lisa Then let's open it up.
Master Huh? We can't open it when we don't even know who it belongs to.
Lisa Don't worry. I think I know who it is.

(In his mind)

Once Lisa opened the present, we found that it was filled to the brim with white candy.
Lisa Sytry.
Master Sytry.
Master This must be the "chemical warfare" candy that Frej ate.
Lisa It appears that its real target was you.
Master I do NOT need to deal with this right now!
Sytry Teehee! Hello, Mr. Demon. Oh? Something smells awfully good in here.
Master Come to think of it, they do say that criminals always return to the scene of their crime, don't they?
Sytry What's this? Why, it's candy. I wonder who gave it to you?
Master Hm, I wonder. I guess someone just happened to leave it here by total chance.

I wish whoever it was wouldn't just go around leaving things all over the place.

Sytry Well, I don't know who did it either, but it seems like they put a whole lot of love into it. This candy seems deeelicious.
Master Oh, would you like one?
Sytry Eee! Really?! Really, really? I'm going to write about this in my diary!

"Today is the day that cute Mr. Demon confessed his love to me!"

Master Huh?! I'm not confessing anything, and it's not supposed to be a White Day present, either...
Sytry Teehee. No need to be so coy! Oh, but I HAVE had lots of sweets today... Don't you worry! I promise I'll accept your feelings for me, so would you mind having one of these candies in my place?
Sytry Say "ahhh."
Master No thanks! Besides, aren't guys traditionally supposed to be the ones giving candy?
Sytry You'll never be popular with the ladies if you stick to outdated thinking like that.

Who cares who gives who candy? Anyone would fall in love with someone who gave them candy this beautiful.


(In his mind)

Yeah, I'm sure that's the only reason why they'd spontaneously fall in love...
Lisa In that case, Master, why not give some to Mona?
Master Hey, yeah! Sytry did say she'd have too many sweets today already, so I'll give this to Mona instead.
Sytry Huh?!
Master She's always working so hard. She deserves a sweet treat!
Lisa Agreed. Now that you have this candy, it seems logical to give some to Mona, your most faithful and dedicated servant.
Master Davi deserves some too! What kid wouldn't be happy about receiving candy?
Lisa An excellent idea, Master.
Master Then what are we waiting for? Monaaa! Daviii!
Sytry W-W-Wait!
Master Huh?
Sytry I...I heard that something really bad will happen if you give that candy to succubi!
Master Something really bad? Like what?
Sytry W-Well, uh, like... Oh! Like their face will break out with pimples, and swell up like a pufferfish...Haha...
Master Huh? Dude, that sounds scary. Are they poisoned or something?
Sytry It's not poison, it's love poition-- I mean... I-I guess so. Eee, so scary...
Master Hang on... Earlier, didn't you say you had never seen this candy before?
Sytry Y-Yes? I've never seen it before in my life.
Master Then how do you know so much about it?
Sytry Well...uh...Oh, forget it! It's all or nothing now!
Master Gah! What're you doing?!
Sytry Eat the candy! Eat It! Or are you planning to shrink your responsibility for leading a poor maiden's heart astray?
Master Wh-Whoa! Don't shove it into my mouth! Lisa! Help! G-Gaaah!
Sytry Try it! See how good it tastes! Go on, open wide!
Master *sputter* *choke*
Lisa *sigh* Just go ahead and eat it, Master. I doubt it's all that effective anyway.
Sytry Oh, yes it is! This batch came out exceptionally well! It'll work wonders!
Master No way am I having any dangerous candy like that!


5★ Child

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