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Note, that Serval's spa skin is a Ghostfire on the global server, however for both Japan and Korean she has an actual spa skin.


Carnivora Felidae Leptailurus, Her main characteristics are large ears and slim body, and her hearing ability is above and beyond other Felidae. She's an expert hunter who can easily jump two or three meters into the air, and it's said that the name 'Serval' even means 'hunting dog'.

"Hey there! How's everyone doing? If you have any questions about savanna, just ask me! The others often call me a call me a troublemaker, but it's not true at all."


Auto Attack: Wood Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 112 Auto Attack damage
Rank 7/10

Tap: Meow Meow Meow![]

Rank 1/1 Deal 475 Damage, gain Vampirism (recover 15% HP on attack) for 20 seconds
Rank 7/10

Slide: Okay! Here I Go![]

Rank 1/1 Deal 768 Damage to 1 Enemy (Priority: Supporter) and 3 additional hits of 100 Ignore DEF Damage, and gain EVA +25% for 12 if a Critical hit occurs
Rank 7/10

Drive: Meooow![]

Level 1 Deal 2455 Damage to 4 Enemies (Priority: Lowest HP)
Level 60+6

Leader Buff[]

CRT Rate +15% for Wood Type Allies

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice Meooow!
D Story I Gotcha! Now apologize, okay?
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Meow meow meow!
D++ Critical Attack Voice Now!
C Inner Voice I I wonder what Caracal's doing?
C+ Damaged Voice Whoa!



C++ Death Cry Guess this is the end...of my journey...

Oof, they got me good.

B Story II Meow... I can't do anything fancy.
B+ Battle Start Voice I'm gonna do it, kay?
B++ Hot Spring Voice Purrfect...
A Inner Voice II Humans are such nice Friends.
A+ Slide Skill Voice Okay! Here I go!
A++ Victory Voice Yaaay! We won!
S Story III Mmm, I guess there's no way around it.

Okay then, I'll give you a little break.

All Inner Voice III I wanna travel together again sometime!

Story Dialog[]

Awakening I: Agile Davi[]

[D-Grade Unlock]

Davi Here we go!
Freyja Myeaaah!
Serval I've got this!
Master *sigh* It's so nice and quiet.
Master Ugh, I can't believe Mona. Telling me to go outside one in a while like that... It's not like I'm a shut-in or anything.
Master Why do I gotta give up my day off to look after them?
Master They'll come back anyway once it gets dark out and they get hungry.
Serval Oh! Mr. Demon!
Freyja Meowster! Watch out!
Master Owww...
Freyja You okay, Meowster?
Serval Wow, that was a loud noise. You're not hurt, are you?
Davi Ahahaha! You're whimpering over that?! You're so slow you can't even dodge a ball!
Master No one could dodge a ball suddenly flying at them when they're sitting down!
Freyja Oh meow!
Serval Hey now, don't fight.
Davi Stupid stuuupid Master!
Master What'd you say?! This is one day where I'm not gonna let that slide!
Master C'mere you little...!
Davi Heh heh! You'll never catch me! You're sooo slow!
Master Rrgh!
Davi Wee! Master's a slowpoke!
Master Dammit... There's no point. I just can't catch her.
Serval Wait a second!
Master Huh?
Davi Wha?! Aaah!
Freyja Ameowzing... She got Davi in meow time.
Serval Gotcha! Now apologize, okay?
Davi Urgh... Sorryyy...
Master Wow, I didn't realize you were that fast. Great work, Serval!
Serval Hehe!

Awakening II: Training with Serval![]

[B-Grade Unlock]

Master Man, that was seriously amazing.
Lisa I had heard that servals were particularly good at jumping, but it appears they are rather fast runners as well.
Davi That was terrifying! I thought I was gonna get eaten!
Serval Ahaha... Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.
Master You don't need to apologize, Serval. It was Davi's fault in the first place.
Lisa Still though, Master...
Master Wh-What?
Lisa Do you not think yourself the least bit pathetic, not being able to catch Davi?
Master But I mean...she's so teensy and agile. It's no wonder I couldn't catch her.
Lisa Are you sure it is not simply because you spend all day lazing about the house and are suffering from a lack of exercise?
Master Urgh!
Lisa Not being able to catch Davi should illustrate to you how unfit you are.
Lisa I have a wonderful idea. Perhaps Serval would be willing to train you?
Master What?! I gotta train?!
Serval What's train mean?
Lisa To put it simply, strengthening one's body. Would you put your marvelous physical condition to use and train the Master?
Serval Meow... I can't do anything fancy.
Lisa That is all right. There is no need to. Merely having him pretend to hunt or climb a tree would be adequate.
Serval Oh, I can do that then!
Master Awww...
Lisa Do not give me that. If this keeps up, you will not survive the Archfiend Contest.
Lisa Well then, we are counting on you, Serval.
Serval All right! I've got this!

Awakening III: Tree Climbing Race[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

Master Ugh... I'm dead.
Serval Let's play Hunt one more time!
Master I can't take another step. I need... a break...
Serval Awww...
Cu Sith Master! You got this!
Serval Mmm, I guess there's no way around it. Okay then, I'll give you a little break.
Serval I'm gonna go play with Cu Sith, so you just wait here!
Serval Let's go, Cu Sith!
Cu Sith Alrighty!
Master Wow... I don't know where they get that energy.
Davi Fouuund you!
Davi Huh? Wasn't Serval s'posed to be training you?
Master I'm on a break, all right! A BREAK!
Davi Liiisaaa! Master's playing hooooky!
Master Agh! No! Idiot! Stop it!
Davi I'm kidding. As if Lisa's actually here.
Master You little... Well thanks to Serval, I'm fighting fit and can even climb trees now.
Master The next time you dash away, I'm gonna snatch you just like Serval did.
Davi Ha! You'll never be able to catch me no matter how hard you train!
Master Oooh, you've done it now! Then I challenge you to see who can climb a tree faster!
Davi Fine by me. I'm gonna beat the pants off you.
Serval Oh, it's Davi! What're you doing?
Davi Having a tree climbing race with the Master.
Serval A tree climbing race? Awesome!
Master I'm gonna kick her butt and show her how awesome your training was!
Serval Yeah! You're a tree climbing master now. You'll definitely win!
Master Just you watch. I'm gonna win and make Davi beg for forgiveness.
Serval Okay, are you two ready?
Master Yeah!
Davi Ready!
Serval One, two... Go!
Master *huff* *huff* Did I... win?
Davi N-No way... I totally won!
Cu Sith Wow, what a close contest! I don't even know who won!
Cu Sith Serval! Who won? Master or Davi?
Serval Davi wins!
Master Dammiiit!
Davi Yeaaah! Ha haaa! You're just a slowpoke!
Davi I get a year's worth of chocolate ice cream for winning!
Master Rrrgh... I guess I really can't beat her.
Master Was all that training I did useless?!
Serval N-No, not at all!
Serval You were really amazing! Even Cu Sith said so!
Master Really...?
Serval Yeah! So you have to keep training ever harder so that you win next time, okay?
Master Ugh... Just gimme a break already.


5★ Child

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