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My feelings are only growing stronger, so why can't I express them? It was this sad sentiment that led to this Child taking the name Rusalka, after the mermaid who was unable to confess her love after losing her voice. Even though this Rusalka still has her voice, she is so shy that she might as well be mute. Forget about confessing her love to the object of her heart's desire—at this rate, she may as well wish for the moon... Still, she remains undaunted, and is now learning how to express her feelings with the young master's help. Who knows? Perhaps her wish will come true someday...


Auto Attack : Water Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 96 Auto Attack Damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10

Tap : Mermaid Tears[]

Rank 1/1 Heal 233 HP for 2 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP)
Rank 7/10

Slide : Phantom Sea[]

Rank 1/1 Grant Immortal (HP cannot drop below 1) for 10 seconds and Regen 4%+21 HP (once per 2 seconds) for 8 seconds for 2 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP)
Rank 7/10

Drive : Quiet Overture[]

Level 1 Heal 20%+90 HP for 3 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP), grant Immortal (cannot drop below 1 HP) for 14 seconds
Level 60+6

Leader Buff[]

Recovery Amount (Regen, Heal) +5% for Water Type Allies

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice It's my turn to step up!
D Story I B-Before... I'm sorry I ran away. I thought you wouldn't wait for me...
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice This might hurt...
D++ Critical Attack Voice Can you hear me?
C Inner Voice I I want to say how I feel...
C+ Damaged Voice
  • That hurts...
  • I'm sorry...
  • ...Ow.
C++ Death Cry I guess my feelings alone weren't enough...
B Story II Tomorrow! I'll tell him how I feel tomorrow!
B+ Battle Start Voice I'll do my best for you... okay?
B++ Hot Spring Voice I feel better now.
A Inner Voice II But... what if he doesn't understand?
A+ Slide Skill Voice I want to sing this for you.
A++ Victory Voice La la la laaa ♪
S Story III I came to talk to you about something.
All Inner Voice III Come one, Rusalka, you can do this. Right, then. Will you please hear what I have to say?

Story Dialogue[]

Awakening I : Talker of Few Words[]

[D-Grade Unlock]

[Soul Dungeon]
Rusalka Too rah loo rah ♪ La la la Laaa ♪
Master's Mind

It is said that sirens earned their name by charming sailors with their songs. Today, Rusalka is singing, too.

Rusalka's song is filled with mystery and allure.

If this were the sea, people would dive in left and right to seek out its source.

Rusalka ...
Master Is that all? I was hoping to hera a bit more.
Rusalka W-Why are you here?
Master I heard a beautiful song... Is it bad for me to be here?
Rusalka N-No, not exactly...
Master's Mind It's strange. When she sings her voice ic clear as day, but when she speaks to someone she becomes quiet and shy.
Master What were you singing just now?
Rusalka It...doesn't have a name. It just sory of came to me, so I sang.
Master So it's a song you came up with? That's amazing.
Rusalka N-Not really...
Master's Mind She's gone quiet, but it seems she still appreciates the praise. If you look, the corners of her mouth are curling upward.
Rusalka Well, um...
Master What do you...?
Rusalka Well...
Master ...
Rusalka You see... I, uh...
Master Yes?
Rusalka Um, it's just...
Master Ok, that's enough of that. If you've got something you want to say, go ahead and say it! 
Rusalka Uh...
Master's Mind Did I scare you?
Master Rusalka, I'm sorry I yelled.
Rusalka Mmm...
Master Huh?
Rusalka Jerk!
Master Hey, now... Wait!
Master's Mind It seems like she was upset. Rusalka walked off without so much as a glance over her shoulder. 

[Master's Room]
Mona Oh, Master, you're awful, aren't you? ♥ Always making all young girls cry ♥
Master You seem cheery, Mona.
Mona Teehee ♥ It's because when Master is troubled, his face is just so cuuute ♥

I'm really not in the mood...

I was hoping to get some advice from you, but maybe it'd be better if I give up on that.

Mona Advice~? I do have one that might be of use~
Master Really? You think it could help?

Of course ♥ Want to hear it?

[Soul Dungeon]
Master Hey, Rusalka...
Rusalka ...
Master ...
Rusalka ...?
Master Today, I'm not going to say anything. I came here to listen to you.
Rusalka ...
Master ...
Rusalka W-Well... Hello. I umm, well I...
Master ...
Rusalka B-Before... I'm sorry I ran away. I thought you wouldn't wait for me...
Master's Mind

Mona's advice was dead on: "Give her all the time she needs."

I didn't think much of her advice, but Mona never lets me down.


W-Well, taht song has lyrics, too. Th-They're, well...

It's about trust for the one you love... How it can be pure. And how it forms.

Master's Mind

This is the longest conversation I've ever had with Rusalka. She really has a lot to say.

Awakening II : Unheard Song[]

[B-Grade Unlock]

Hideka Ebina Is that all for today?
Seiji Sengoku ...Yes.
Hideka Ebina S-Seiji, you're still here?
Seiji Sengoku ...Yep!
Hideka Ebina


Seiji Sengoku ...Hey.
Hideka Ebina ...Seiji.
Seiji Sengoku Huh?
Hideka Ebina

There's something I'd like to talk to you about. The uhh... I mean that thing from before.

When that flowerpot fell on my head, and everyone blamed you...

Seiji Sengoku It wasn't me.
Hideka Ebina Y-Yeah. Which is why I wanted to say...
Seiji Sengoku I said it wasn't me!
Hideka Ebina

Seiji! It isn't like that...

I know it wasn't you. I just wanted to say... I'm sorry I doubted you.

[Outside School]
Master Rusalka! Where are you?
Lisa Are you sure she's here?
Master Yeah, she want to meet her pactmaker, who is definitely too timid to meet her anywhere else.
Lisa Your evidence seems pretty slim.

If you don't believe me, I don't mind looking by myself.

Rusalka! Rusalka!

Lisa Master, wait!
Master What?
Lisa It's very quiet, but... I can hear someone singing.
Master Singing?
??? Too rah loo rah ♪ La la la Laaa ♪
Master That's Rusalka!

Hideka Ebina

How strange... I suddenly feel lighter... happier. Could it be the nice weather? I't like I'm listening to the most elegant song...

And I don't actually hear any music. How weird... Haha!

Rusalka Too rah loo rah ♪ La la la Laaa ♪
Master Is it possible Rusalka's pactmaker can hear the song, too?
Lisa  She doesn't even know Rusalka is here, so she can't possibly hear her singing.
Master So how can Rusalka's singing still affect her?
Lisa It's amazing... Even without knowing they walk together, they share this strong connection. That is something truly unbreakable.
Rusalka Too rah loo rah ♪ La la la Laaa ♪
Hideka Ebina

Today didn't work out, but there's still tomorrow! I'll tell him then. And if not tomorrow, then there's the day after!

I can do this! If I just tell him directly... Seiji will understand how I feel.

Rusalka ...Keep trying your best. I am too.

Awakening III : Two Hearts[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Room]
Rusalka Oh, Mr. Demon~
Master Hi, Rusalka! Good to see you.
Master's Mind Rusalka came to see me on her own! How wonderful is that.
Rusalka I came to talk to you about something.
Master Absolutely. Since you took the trouble to come to see me, say as much as you want.
Rusalka About yesterday...

[Alley, Verdant Countryside] - Black and White
Altice ...Rusalka?
Rusalka ...Altice?
Altice Can I talk to you?
Rusalka W-Well...
Altice You see... Ever since we first met, I thought you're...
Rusalka W-Wait!
Altice Wh-What is it?
Rusalka Ah, I just remembered I have to do something! Goodbye!
Altice Rusalka, hang on!

[Master's Room]
Rusalka What just happened? What was Altice going to say? That he's always thought I was rude? I know I've made mistakes...
Master's Mind

Even if I don't have toe most experience with this sort of thing... I immediately new what Altice had intended to say.

(Note: this part maybe a mistyping : "I immediately knew what Altice had intended to say.")

Master I don't think he was going to say anything bad about you.
Rusalka What makes you think of that?
Master Well... call it demon's intuition.
Rusalka Intuition...
Master Well, I mean... I don't have any definite reason, but for some reason I just know. That's demon's intuition.
Rusalka Hehe, you're very funny Mr. Demon. I really hope you're right, but...
Master I wasn't trying to make you laugh, but... Just believe me for now. I'm certain he wanted to say something nice to you.
Rusalka I'm just so shy. And I don't know how to talk to people. I think even Altice would get tired of me rather quickly.
Master's Mind Hmmm... It seems like Altice isn't the only one with some romantic feelings.

I seriously doubt it. Rusalka, you're crazy cute and you have an amazing singing voice. Have some confidence.

I guarantee that Altice won't be disappointed with you. 


Oh, thank you, Mr. Demon. I'll do my best... to say what I really feel. To Altice... 

That I l-l-like him.

Altice You like what?
Master Uwaaah! Altice!
Master's Mind What a phenomenal timing! Good luck, Rusalka!
Rusalka Y-Yes. There is s-someone that I like.
Altice Oh, I see. Well, it's only natural you'd like Master...
Master Oh, yes of course, because I'm just so cool.
Altice I'm sorry. I had no idea. Please... excuse me!
Master What the- Altice, now you just hang on! I was...
Rusalka *sigh* I couldn't express how I felt...
Master You were fine! It was that guy who didn't get it!
Rusalka I suppose it's meant to be this way... I'll never... We'll never...
Master Gah! How did you turn out like this?! Could things get any worse!


5★ Child

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