Profile[edit | edit source]

Her pactmaker was fated to become a sacrifice to God. When she refused to accept this and prayed for god's salvation, she was answered instead by a demon. Despite wishing for a normal life, fate continued to grip her. Finally, her resigned prayers reached divide ears and the goddess Dana descended unto her. Praise the goddess, all you people!

Skills[edit | edit source]

Auto attack : Fire Attack[edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 96 Auto Attack Damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10 Deal 661 Auto Attack Damage to the target (Automatic)

Tap : Eadom Titim[edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 337 Damage, Recovery Amount (Heal, Regen) +30% for 3 Allies (Lowest HP) for 20 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 2333 Damage, Recovery Amount (Heal, Regen) +52.1% for 3 Allies (Lowest HP) for 20 seconds

Slide : Aitheascal's Ruin[edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 1291 HP for 3 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP) and grant Barrier (absorbs +1400 damage from all Enemy attacks before HP is affected) for 14 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 2910 HP for 3 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP) and grant Barrier (absorbs +2160 damage from all Enemy attacks before HP is affected) for 14 seconds

Drive : Goddess's Judgment[edit | edit source]

Level 1 Deal 1545 Damage to 2 random Enemies, Heal 1791 HP for 3 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP) and Regen 220 HP (once per 2 seconds) each for 16 seconds
Level 60+6 Deal 5970 Damage to 2 random Enemies, Heal 2166 HP for 3 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP) and Regen 303 HP (once per 2 seconds) each for 16 seconds

Leader Buff[edit | edit source]

Grant Revitalize(Revive, once only, the first ally to die and heal 50% HP) to all allies except self

General Tips[edit | edit source]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:



Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
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Awakening[edit | edit source]

Voice List[edit | edit source]

E Drive Skill Voice The day of judgement has arrived!
D Story I I am rhe bright morning star - the guard who never sleeps. I am alpha and omega. But what do you know?
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Begone.
D++ Critical Attack Voice Confess your sins.
C Inner Voice I You who exixt in darkness. One who stumbles, unable to see the light. A soul that crumbles to dust in the sun.
C+ Damaged Voice
  • Gah...
  • Guh...!
  • Enough!
C++ Death Cry
  • Do not forget my revalation.
  • I...have no end.
B Story II What is it that you find unsatifactory? There is one doll, but two who seek to play with it. Therefore, it must split into two.
B+ Battle Start Voice Do not be afraid. Salvation will come to you.
B++ Hot Spring Voice I am the guardian who never slumbers. Yet you dare tell me to "rest"?
A Inner Voice II There is nothing I cannot grant. My words fall upon the earth and ear fruit.
A+ Slide Skill Voice I will show proof of your ruin.
A++ Victory Voice Glorify me.
S Story III For everything, there is a season. Leave all your burden and cares with me. I wll grant you every wish.
All Inner Voice III While up in the highest heights, I saw you in the lowest depths, and I descended. Come meet your God, Demon.

Story Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Awakening I : The Goddess Descends[edit | edit source]

[D-Grade Unlock]

[Somewhere at Night World]
Subordinate Do you remember that girl, ma'am? Dana's pactmaker?
Lan Fei Yes, of course. Are you trying to test my memory?
Subordinate There've been rumors flying around about her among the demons.
Lan Fei

Haha... you mean about her supposely seeing a "god" who could save demons?

Why are you bringing this up?

Subordinate Doesn't that frustate you? I mean, she used to belong to you, right? ...Oh!
Lan Fei Haha... Are you saying I'm a demon?
Subordinate If we sell her out to the demons, we could make some serious coin.
Lan Fei

Hmmm, yes. I imagine we would.

Where is she now?

[Somewhere in Downtown, at night]
Mona Oooh? That's... Master, Dana's pactmaker is over there.

Huh. I'm not so sure about that. I don't recognize her.

C'mon, Mona. Don't tell me your eyes are going bad in your old age already. I'd be heartbroken.


Teehee! Why don't we just ask her? Then we'll know if my eyes have gone bad or not ♥

Hello there, Miss! Yes, the one who looks exactly like Dana's pactmaker! ♥

Master Wait, what?! I take it back! I'm sorry!
Tatsuko Tamogami Oh, Demon!
Master I said, "I take it back..."
Mona Hee hee hee! You're the one who needs his eyesight checked, Master.
Tatsuko Tamogami It's been so long. I thought we'd never see each other again.
Master Well, that WAS the plan, but here we are.
Mona Now, now. Don't be so mean to your pactmakers.
Master You stay out of this. She said she didn't want anything to do with demons. Which would include me, right?
Tatsuko Tamogami

Haha... Yes, I wanted to live a normal life. But as silly as it is, I still have lingering regrets.

Have you come to make another pact with me? I'll do it, if so. Though I don't have any other wishes for you. Is that all right?

Mona Oh, but any old wish is -

- subject to the usual pact procedures! Ahem. Gee, what a shame that we can't just make a pact without one!

Ha ha ha! Isn't that right, MONA?

Mona Now, now. I think you underestimate my skill as an aide. I'm pretty flexible, you know. A little hitch like this is no big deal ♥
Master What's that? You're saying we're too busy because we have sooo much stuff we need to do? Then we better get going!
Mona Master...?
Tatsuko Tamogami

Thank you. I doubt there's any other demons quite like you.

It may be poor taste to say this to you, but... May the blessing of God be upon you.

Master Well, I appreciate the sentiment, at least.
Lan Fei

A human who blesses demons, huh? She's certainly no ordinary girl.

I can't let her slip away from me.

[Dana pops out]
Prophet Dana ...
Lan Fei It seems this lowly girl's prayers have reached divide ears.
Prophet Dana Fool... How long will she cling to such pointless desires?
Lan Fei

Haha... "Pointless desires," you say? Tell me: what desires AREN'T pointless?

All mortals live meaningless lives. Surely a divinity such as you must know that.

Prophet Dana ...
Lan Fei Oh, please...forgive my blasphemy.
Prophet Dana Blasphemy is unforgivable.
Lan Fei

Are you going to punish me, then? Fine. You have the right to do what you want, after all.

That's how this world wokrs. Each person carries their own "blade."

If someone thrusts their blade at me, then it's only natural for me to fight back, right?

Prophet Dana Foolish woman. Sheathe your blade. Those who live my the sword, die by the sword.
Lan Fei

Excuse me, but I believe you're mistaken. In this world, you survive by the sword.

But whatever I say to you is clearly going to fall on deaf ears.

What's most important is not the hypotherical, but the current reality we find ourselves in.

I am after you. And you desire to protect your pactmaker.

We are fated to cross blades.

Prophet Dana We hold no such fate.
Lan Fei What?
Prophet Dana

I am the foundation of this world. Its first fruits.

I am the bright morning star-the guard who never sleeps.

I am alpha and omega.

But what do you know?

Lan Fei I know one thing: whoever's left standing in the end is the victor.
Prophet Dana

A day will come when the victor and vanguished will become one, and the two shell be hurled onto the mountain of corpses.

Everything will be as refuse, and the divine will descend on the barren land.

Lan Fei

Haha... You never know-someone could be left standing on top of that mountain of corpses.

But it doesn't look like that time has come yet. I'll take my leave for today.

O mighty, exalted goddess...

Prophet Dana ...
[On top of the tall building, like a place for helipad]
Lan Fei

My reputation's going to take a hit after that. I'll have to think up some excuse to explain myself.

I'm confident I can handle someone claiming to be divide, but there's something about that Child, Dana...

No... I'm not even sure if she can be called a Child anymore.

Yes... How would an ignorant guest handle a god who has descended on us?

This is going to be interesting.

Awakening II : A Judicious Ruling[edit | edit source]

[B-Grade Unlock]

[At the Abandoned Factory]
Neamhain Aaah!
Frej Wh-What? What's wrong?!
Neamhain I forgot something.
Frej Forgot what?
Neamhain At that wannabe demon's place...
Frej What?! You went to his place?
Neamhain Let's go see Lisa. You're probably dying to, anyway.
Frej I-I'll go with you!
Neamhain Be my guest. If you want My. Wannabe Demon to see you rejected by Lisa again, that is.
Frej Hey, I'm in no rush to embarress myself on purpose, okay? Anyway, quit your yapping.
Neamhain I'll be right back. Now be a good boy and wait at home.
Frej hey! What'd you forget? At least tell me that! I'm really curious now!
[Master's Bedroom]
Korra It's mine!
Merlin Nooo, it's mine!
Korra He's my friend!
Merlin Nuh-uh! He's my friend starting now!
Korra He's MY friend!
Merlin MINE!
Master Shut up! Quit fighting in my room!
Korra *sniff*
Merlin *sob*
Master C'mon, Merlin. Don't run away. Just tell me what happened.
Korra I found a new dolly, but Merlin said it was his.
Merlin I found it first!
Korra But Mr. Tiny said he wanted to play with me!
Master A doll? I don't have anything like that, though.
[Apperently Neamhain left her Cursed Doll Frej ]
Master Frej...
Korra His name's Mr. Tiny!
Master O-Oh... Yeah, her really does look like a Mr. Tiny, that's for sure.
Master's Mind

Lisa said that Neamhain came over earlier, so she probably forgot it here.

Why does she carry that doll around with her anywhere?

Does she have a soft spot for him or something?

Master This doll belongs to someone else. So we have to give it back to them, okay?
Korra No way! I don't wanna say goodbye to Mr. Tiny!
Merlin Nooo! He's miiine! I found him!
Master Agh! You're gonna make me go deaf! All right already! I get it!
Korra *sniff*
Merlin We can play with the dolly?
Master Sure. Knock yourselves out. I feel like my life'll be in danger if I push it any further.
Master's Mind I'll let 'em play with it now, then swipe it back tonight. Sheesh, Neamhain. Why'd you have to bring something like that?
Korra Mr. Tiiiny! Let's play house!
Merlin No, he's playing with me!
Master First, I gotta get this issue sorted.
[At the Café, in the afternoon?]
Seshat You want me to decide who the doll belongs to?
Master At least temporarily, yeah.

I'd understand if you wanted me to find its true owner, but deciding on who should own it is outside of my job description.

I'm a detective, not a judge.

Master I figured you might say that. I was hoping you could help me solve this, though, since you're so clever.
Korra We don't need anyone to decide. Mr. Tiny is clearly my friend.
Merlin Nuh-uh! He's MY friend!
Master Uuuugh, quit fighting already!
Seshat I have an idea of who could help you settle this. Would you like me to introduce you to them?
Master Please! I don't care who it is, as long as they can get them to stop fighting.
[Somewhere outside of Church, at night?]
Seshat Satisfied?
Master I guess... no one's more qualified than her.
Prophet Dana What do you wish of me?
Korra I wanna play house with Mr. Tiny!
Merlin No, I wanna play with him!
Prophet Dana

This child calls the dall "Mr. Tiny," while this child does not have a name for it.

Demon, split the doll in two and divide it among them.

Master What?! Hold up! Isn't that a little extreme?!
Korra Nooo! Mr. Tiny's special friend!
Merlin If you cut him in half, then he'll be broken!
Prophet Dana What is it that you find unsatifactory? There is one doll, but two who seek to play with it. Therefore, it must be split into two.
Korra *sniff* *sob* Fine... I'll let you have him. Take good care of Mr. Tiny, okay, Merlin?
Merlin No, you can have him! He almost got broken just 'cuz I didn't give him to you, after all.
Seshat How about both play with the doll? I'll be more fun if you all play together, I'm sure.
Korra Oh yeah! It's tons of fun when there's more friends to play with!
Merlin Sure! Let's play, Korra!
Seshat And so we reach a peaceful resolution.
Master Finally. What a relief. For the record, Dana, you can't just go around cutting dolls in half.
Prophet Dana Have you received your answer, Demon?
Master Hold up, you mean you predicted this would happen?
Seshat Well, it's at least true that Dana's suggestin make Korra and Merlin more willing to share with each other.
Master Is that right, Dana?
Prophet Dana ...
Master Sheesh. Normally, you're a chatterbox, but you always clam up when it comes down to it.
[Next morning?, at Master's Bedroom]
Neamhain Good morning, Mr. Wannabe Demon.
Master Oh, you're here. I was gonna call you, actually. You left a Frej doll here, right?
Neamhain Yes, when I came earlier.
Master Why do you carry it around with you, anyway?

That is none of your concern. Ugh, you're such a pain.

You always try to act like a lowly human and poke your nose where it doesn't belong.

Master Just answer my question!
Neamhain So where is it?
Master Uh, well...
Korra Yeah, let's play again later, Mr. Tiny!
Merlin That was super fun! See you later!
[Just a Cursed Doll Frej just floating in front of our faces]
Neamhain Mr. Tiny? He has a new name?
Master Uhhh, you could say that. Ahaha...

Awakening III : The Cart Before the Horse[edit | edit source]

[S-Grade Unlock]

[Outside Master's Residence]
Mona Wonderful work, Master! ♥

That battle went very smoothly.

Exceedingly so, I might say.

Mona I wonder who we have to thank for that?
Master The magnificent Dana! It's all thanks to the Great Dana! May the goddess's name be praised! Hallelujah!
Prophet Dana ...
Mona Come, now. Demons shouldn't say such things. Though Dana truly was magnificent just now.
Master So am I supposed to prostrate myself now or something?
Lisa *sigh* What a tasteless joke. This battle came down to good foftune, Master.
Master No, we won thanks to the Great Dana.
Lisa You need faithful aides, not a benevolent goddess.
[At Soul Dungeon, in battle, previously]
Lisa Master, now!
Master Gotcha! You're up, Dana!
Prophet Dana Do not take a divinity's name in vain.
Master Oh, right. Great Dana. I profusely apologize for offending you.
Mona Master!
[Still in battle, still on the past]
Master Agh! O Great Dana!
Prophet Dana What do you wish of me?
Master Um... Save me...please?
[Back to present, at Master's Residence]

Anyway, we definitely won thanks to Dana. Don't you think we get along really well?

We're both friendly and help each other out. I mean, we're practically the ideal demon and Child combo.

Lisa I have never once seen a demon bow down to their Child.
Mona You always shatter our expetations in the most unforeseeable ways, Master.
Lisa *sigh* We must think of a way to recify this situation before he's too far gone.
Master Hey, that's not funny.
Lisa ...
[In the café]
Master Uh... Hello?
Prophet Dana ...
Master Could someone tell me what exactly is going on right now?
Mona As you can see, you and Dana are staring passionately at each other. How very romantic ♥ Teehee, it's so nice ♥
Master It isn't nice at all!
Mona I dub this the "Make Dana and Master Get Along" project!
Lisa There is absolutely nothing more delicate and complex than your relationship.
Master So let us be, then. We've managed to get a pretty good thing going here. Right, Dana?
Prophet Dana There is a great rift between us - one you do not even attempt to cross.
Master Uh, can anyone translate?

When you're at an impasse like this, it's best to meet it head-on.

Sooo, just tell her how you honestly feel ♥

I'll give you two some space so you can talk it out ♥

Lisa I am expecting good results.

Hey! Don't leave me alone with her!

  • sigh*
Prophet Dana ...
Master So, uhhh...
Prophet Dana ...
Master Ahaha! Yeah, ummm... Sure is a nice weather today.
Prophet Dana You call these coulds good weather? It could start raining at any moment.
Master Oh, right... I didn't know you could even predict the weather, Dana! That's amazing. Ahahaha!
Master's Mind

I can't do this anymore! I'm so embarrassed I could die. What should I do? Say I need to go to the bathroom and duck out the back door instead?

No, no! That'd be way too rude. But this is so awkward! I can't handle another second of this!

Prophet Dana Lost one, dispose of all thoughts that darken your heart. Open yourself to me.
Master Open...myself? Uh... Coma again?
Prophet Dana

Your hearts lies far deeper than your thoughts. The sentimental, impetuous words of your soul, pushed down and hidden.

Hide nothing from me. All that is hidden will be exposed.

Master's Mind

Is she saying that she can hear what I really think deep down in my heart?

It's true that she seems to have grown more powerful since I renewed the pact.

I always thought she was unfit to be a demon's Child, but...

She seriously has become almost like a divinity. I guess that's why it's so much harder to deal with her now.

She could stand to think about how hard this is on me too!

Ugh, I've got no clue here! Am I gonna die?! Or faint?!

Master Dana, please help me.
Prophet Dana What do you wish of me?
Master As you know, I'm fighting in the Archfiend Contest right now.
Prophet Dana Do you wish to be the Archfiend?

You know full well that I don't. I just want to be a good master.

I never wanted to be part of this contest. But I couldn't get out of it, either.

I thought about just lying low until the whole thing blew over, but I know that that was just naive.

I myself may be weak, but I keep getting more and more allies.

I need to be strong to be able to protect them.

Prophet Dana Do you know the name of that which you hold?
Master's Mind Again with the riddles.
Prophet Dana Do you know the true names of all those you have met?
Master Are you talking about my Childs? Of course! I mean, I'm not perfect, so I do forget them on occasion...
Prophet Dana Do you know the beginning and the end of those names?
Master Uhhh, what? I'm begging you, please at least ATTEMPT to be intelligible here.
Prophet Dana

When you finally understand my words, all will be fulfilled. But do not waste effort trying to push through the shrouded path before you.

For everything, there is a reason.

Leave all your burdens and cares with me. I will grant your every wish.


Blegh... I feel like my head's spinning trying to wrap my mind around what you're saying.

Basically... you're saying to follow you?

Prophet Dana You finally understand.
Master Dammit, what am I supposed to say to Mona and the others?


5★ Child

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