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Princess Snow Miku Festival event is available from January 31 2019 to February 21, 2019.

About[edit | edit source]

For this event, there're three different things to do.

  1. Snow Miku Brooches - Collect 5 Snow Miku Brooches and exchange it for rewards. Do it for 14 days to earn Princess Snow Miku.
  2. Step-Up Summon - This is a special type of summoning banner, to provide you a high rate of receiving Princess Snow Miku.
  3. Snow Miku Para-Dice - You receive dice from completing missions. Rolling a dice gives you a small reward depend on where you land on the board, each time you go complete a lap you receive a large reward.

Snow Miku Brooches[edit | edit source]

Once per a day you can collect 5 Snow Miku Brooches from any story mode stages, expect for the tutorial stage. After collecting all 5 Snow Miku Brooches you may exchange it for a reward. There's a total of 14 mission, completing all 14 missions rewards you will Princess Snow Miku.

Step-Up Summon[edit | edit source]

This is a special type of summoning banner, to provide you a high rate of receiving Princess Snow Miku. The summoning rate is 1.5% chance of receiving 5★ Child at random and a 1.5% chance to receiving Princess Snow Miku, for a total of 3% chance. Each step cost 2,700 crystals to summon 10 Child. There are 6 steps of summoning in Step-Up Summon. You will get an extra bonus on step 2, 4, and 6. And the steps restarts from 1 after completing step 6.

Snow Miku Para-Dice[edit | edit source]

Snow Miku Para-dice event is available from January 31, 2019 to February 14, 2019.

Daily Missions Reward Repeatable
Use 50 Stamina 1 Dice 3 times a day
Join Devil Rumble 3 times 1 Dice 2 times a day
Extract Onyx 1 Dice Once per day
Login 5 Dice Once per day
Lap Reward
Lap 1 500,000 gold
Lap 2 250 Crystals
Lap 3 5* Equipment Ticket
Lap 4 250 Crystals
Lap 5 5* Equipment Ticket
Lap 6 250 Crystals
Lap 7 5* Equipment Ticket
Lap 8 250 Crystals
Lap 9 10,000 Onyx
Lap 10 5* Big Aurora Heart
After Lap 11 300 Crystals

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