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Born from a wish to remain unchanged, Pomona takes her name from the fairy who quietly lived out her life with no regard for others. For some reason, she cannot seem to remember an important place that was once burned into her memory, and hopes to one day find it again. Though she may be slow on the uptake and decidedly unhurried in general, she also knows who she is and what she wants, which means she refuses to compromise her principles. Pomona thinks of the young master as "that guy who's always hanging around those cool succubi."


Auto Attack : Light Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 70 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10 Deal 538 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)

Tap : Aerial Heal[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 205 Damage, Recovery Amount (Regen, Heal) +30% to 2 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP) for 12 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 1940 Damage, Recovery Amount (Regen, Heal) +51.2% to 2 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP) for 12 seconds

Slide : Polished Sword[]

Rank 1/1 Heal 291 HP and Regen 101 HP (once per 2 seconds) for 3 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP) for 10 seconds
Rank 7/10 Heal 1045 HP and Regen 321 HP (once per 2 seconds) for 3 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP) for 10 seconds

Drive : Raijin's Favor[]

Level 1 Heal 1100 HP to 3 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP)
Level 60+6 Heal 1439 HP to 3 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP)

Leader Buff[]

Regen Amount +50 for Light Type Allies

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice I remember everything.
D Story I It isn't anywhere.
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Okay, first step...
D++ Critical Attack Voice Do I have to?
C Inner Voice I I'll always be like this...

I wish you would be too.

C+ Damaged Voice Leave me alone...

Nrmm... Ugh...

C++ Death Cry Why won't you just leave me alone?

I want to be here...

B Story II It's just like the end of that fairy tale, where it turned out that the blue bird was in their house the entire time.
B+ Battle Start Voice I'll stick to the usual.
B++ Hot Spring Voice I had a dream.

In it, there were butterflies flying around, and flowers blooming...and I was there, the same as ever.

A Inner Voice II I'm just going to do what's asked of me.

So don't expect too much...

A+ Slide Skill Voice I'll do my best.
A++ Victory Voice I'm glad that's over with...
S Story III Everything else had gotten so much better, but I hadn't changed one bit.
All Inner Voice III You surprised me, coming to my hiding place like this.

Haha, don't worry. I'm happy...

Story Dialogue[]

Awakening I : A Place From My Memories[]

[D-Grade Unlock]

Master *huff* *huff* Hey, Pomona... You still haven't found it?
Pomona It isn't anywhere.

What in the world are you looking for? If you tell me, I can help you look.

It's not something abstract, like a lost dream, or hope, or something, right?

Pomona What are you, an idiot?
Master Excuuuse me for being an idiot!
Master's Mind

Pomona's a pretty mysterious Child. There are other Childs who don't talk too much, sure.

But there's no Child as elusive as her.

She said she was going out today, which is pretty rare. So I went along with her, but...

Master Hey, looks like this is going even deeper. Do you know where you're going?
Pomona No.
Master We're already lsot?! So we're wandering around aimlessly?




Uh... did you really need to pause before answering me? There's nothing to think about, is there?

I cam along 'cause you said you were going out, but I never thought this would happen.

Pomona Sorry.

Oh, no, I'm not mad. I'm just a little nervous. So I'm goona walk ahead of you, okay?

Could you tell me what exactly you're looking for? 


A place.

A place... from my memories. 

Master What?! I'm not sure how we're gonna find that.
[Forest near river]
Master Um...It had plants, water nearby, was quiet! This is the place!
Pomona My pactmaker was a young girl. She couldn't have come here on her own. 
Master Hm... Then what about this place?
Pomona It's close, but not quite right. It's not quiet enough.
Master Then what about here?
Pomona This isn't it either. Sorry.
[Alley, Verdant Countryside]
Master Then it's gotta be here!
Pomona No, this isn't right either. 

Aww, c'mon... Really? We can't keep looking forever.

Was this just a waste of time? MaybeI should've done something else instead. Time! Come back to me...

Pomona ...
Master Sorry, If I was a bit smarter, I could've found some other places.
Pomona Wait, what?

Though it's kinda pointless to say that after the whole day's been wasted.

Let's call it a day. There always tomorrow, or day after that.

We can search for it whenever we want.

Awakening II : Girl Philosophy[]

[B-Grade Unlock]

[Alley, Hometown]
Shiho Shinohara Ugh, it's impossible. I'm gonna fail.
Master What? I feel like I just heard a familiarly pessimistic voice...
Shiho Shinohara

M-My name is Shiho Shinohara. My dream for the future is... become a middle schooler.


Oh, my ♥ Is she practicing for a presentation? That's such a wonderful dream ♥

When I was her age, my dream was to foil all of the Archfiends's plans ♥


Don't compare her to you. Dreaming like that is what being kid's all about, isn't it?

Hey, little girl. What're you doing here? you should head home.


Oh, you can just ignore that weird guy ♥ Is something bothering you, little lady?

Just tell me all about it ♥


Quit it! You can't just do that without my permission!

You're trying to form a pact with her, aren't you?


Oh, but I can't help it.

Your power is far below average, so I have to do everything I can to fix that ♥

Shiho Shinohara


You're weird! I-I'm gonna call the police!

Master No no no! She's the one that's weird! I'm totally normal!
Mona My, my ♥ That was scary, wasn't it? But this weird guy isn't a bad person. He's a very nice demon. 
Master Don't tell her that! Just shut up already!
Shiho Shinohara

S-Stay away from me!

W-With one phone call, I can have five hundred policeman come and...


Okay, okay. Just calm down. Lying is bad, you know?

And I'm not a bad person! Really!

Master's Mind

Man, she's a smart girl. It's only after I give her my school ID, address and cell phone number...

...that she finally stops being suspicious of me.

[Iron Tower, Shadowy Town]
Mona So, what's your wish? Do you want to fix that shy personality of yours?
Master  I told you to quit it, Mona. I'm not forming a pact with a girl this young.
Shiho Shinohara I-I'm not shy!
Mona My goodness, Master... You're going to leave this poor girl alone to wallow in her troubles?
Shiho Shinohara

I'm not shy, I-

Master Ugh, no, but... I'm not good with kids. Davi's enough trouble on her own.
Shiho Shinohara I said I'm not shy, I'm just cautious!
Master Whoa, that's scared me. Y-You're...cautious?
Shiho Shinohara I don't want to change. Can't I stay the way I am? Being quiet and reserved... That's part of who I am.
Master Hey, don't worry about stuff like that. Uh, the way I see it...
Master's Mind And after that, I had to talk about being shy and weak with a ten-year-old girl. 
Shiho Shinohara Mister, I'm... fine the way I am. If I could just be little more calm and make myself heard... that would be enough.

Yeah... One of the basics of forming relationships is being a good listener. Still, you're a pretty good talker.

Anyway, coming from someone who lives a pretty irresponsible life, I think you'll be fine.

Is that the answer you were looking for? 

Shiho Shinohara ..."Irresponsible"? That sounds kinda pathetic.
Master Ugh... Sorry.
Shiho Shinohara

But thanks for comforting me. If you say so, I'll try to believe you.

Here, take this.

Master's Mind

She hands me a pact that she must've signed at some point when I wasn't watching.

When she wakes up, she'll probably forget all about me.

But seeing how carefully she wrote each letter of her name... I'm sore she's gonna be fine now.

Awakening III : Scene with Butterflies[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

[Morning in the Park]
Davi Wow... So you never found that place from your memories?
Master Nope. Pomona didn't describe it very well.
Davi Huh... But couldn't you get Calchas to look for it?
Master Oooh!
Davi The other day, he bent a metal rod, and all of the sudden water came gushing out of your room.
Master So he can detect water veins?! I see. I didn't think of that!

Detect water veins? No, bending that metal rod was just for show. To be precise, I was only using my intuition.

Though... A place from your memories, you say? I think I can help you look. Let's go, Pomona.

Pomona ... Okay.
[Sideway looking to the city]

Master's Mind

Calchas lived up to the hype, finding the path with surprising speed.

He was all like, "Is it around here?" and "Maybe it's this way..."

Honestly, I'm pretty impressed.

Master Wow!

I'm honored that you're so pleased, but I tried it a number of times, and... power won't work for any events that are important enough to determine someone's fate.

Now, then, I'll stop getting in your way. If you need me, just call me again. 

Pomona Oh, uh...thanks. He left.
Master Man, you're always one step behind, Pomona. Well, I guess that's just how you are.
Pomona Yes, I'm sure I'd be the same even if I were a demon. I'll never change. 

Yeah, maybe. Anyway, is this the place you were looking for?

It's closer than I thought. If I knew this was it, I might've be able to find it myself!


It only seems obvious now because you know where it is. Still, it was really close by.

It's just like the end of that fairy tale, where it turned out that the blue bird was in their house the entire time.


The sun sure is bright, and the air's kinda heavy. We're been running abound since the crack of dawn.

So, hey, do you feel better now?

Honestly, I don't really like places like this, where healthy people spend their days doing... healthy stuff.

Pomona Then why did you help me?

Why? 'Cause I'm your master!

It's kinda late to mention it now, but this is kinda like honoring a warranty.

Like...taking responsibility for getting a little girl wrapped up in the Archfiend Contest?

Well, it's not really a huge deal.

Pomona You didn't have to do all that. I wasn't bothered.
Master It's fine. I wanted to do it.
[Blackscreen, indicating at he same time...]
Shiho Shinohara

Huh? That person...


I had a dream.

In it, there were butterflies flying around, and flowers blooming... and I was there, the same as ever.

Everything else had gotten so much better, but I hadn't changed one bit.

And yet, I heard a voice saying it was okay.

I heard it, over and over again. A voice saying, "It's okay to live irresponsibly."

I'm not sure how trustworthy it is, but...

If I can stay as I am...then maybe it's okay for little ol' me to just hide like this.

That's what I thought.

-Shiho Shinohara, from a page of an old diary, written in pencil one autumn day.


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