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While searching for the perfect name to express his aimless nature, this Child ended up deciding on Pantheon, the collective word for every god... though only because he couldn't think of a name he REALLY wanted.

An easygoing pessimist who cares little about pretty much everything, he is amused by the slightest provocation. Thanks to the memories imparted to him from his pactmaker, he also sometimes engages in transcendent acts. A professed outsider, he has an innate dislike for Fortuna.

Basically, this Child is about as hard to pin down as a cloud drifting in the sky.


Auto Attack : Dark Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 99 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic).
Rank 7/10 Deal 676 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic).

Tap : Dead Man's Sword[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 364 Damage, CRT +35% for 1 random Ally for 7 seconds.
Rank 7/10 Deal 2455 Damage, CRT +50.2% for 1 random Ally for 7 seconds.

Slide : Devil's Army[]

Rank 1/1 CRT Rate +40% and Critical Damage +30% for 2 Allies (Priority: Highest ATK) for 18 seconds.
Rank 7/10 CRT Rate +62.1% and Critical Damage +67.3% for 2 Allies (Priority: Highest ATK) for 18 seconds.

Drive : You're in for a World of Hurt[]

Level 1 Deal 1705 Damage to 2 random Enemies, 2 Allies (Priority: Highest ATK) have Critical Damage +50% and CRT Rate +70% for 22 seconds.
Level 60+6 Deal 6393 Damage to 2 random Enemies, 2 Allies (Priority: Highest ATK) have Critical Damage +50% and CRT Rate +70% for 22 seconds.

Leader Buff[]

CRT Rate +15% for Dark Type Allies

General Tips[]

Pros Best Supporter focusing on increasing CRT chance and damage.

Very useful not only in PVP but also in both Ragna Breaks and World Boss battles.

Cons With too high ATK will give the CRT buffs to himself.
Preferred Equipment Weapon:
ATK and AGL for extra DoT resistance.
Wedding dress
HP over DEF for extra DoT survival.
Motorcycle Helmet
HP and DEF for overal survival.
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice Farewell.
D Story I Give yourself over to the wind.
Let it guide you as it does the clouds.
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Heh...
D++ Critical Attack Voice Ah, what a lovely breeze.
C Inner Voice I Living life drifting around like a cloud isn't so bad.
C+ Damaged Voice Guh!
No way!
C++ Death Cry Hahaha...
Haha... I guess this, too, is a part of life...
B Story II The wind is blowing westward.
Then to the west it is.
B+ Battle Start Voice I'm not sure I'm up to the task, but oh well...
B++ Hot Spring Voice S-So hot... I think my blood pressure's spiking...
A Inner Voice II Wishes, eh? Do those actually serve a purpose?
A+ Slide Skill Voice I guess I can give it a try.
A++ Victory Voice I guess we got lucky.
S Story III Now, I think it's time I excused myself.
All Inner Voice III Unlike me, you seem to have a goal in mind.
At least, to some degree. Haha.

Story Dialogue[]

Awakening I : Floating with the Tide[]

[D-Grade Unlock]


Master's Mind Paralyzed first thing in the morning?!

My body feels heavy and something's squirming under the covers.

Pantheon ...
Master Wh-What! What're you doing in my bed?!
Pantheon A bed is required to be able to sleep. I get chilly in the mornings.
Master Are you serious? Or are you just messing with me?
Pantheon The bed is a little small, but there's enough room for me to squeeze in.
Master Answer my question!

Whatever, just get out. Why'd you pick my bed to sleep in anyway?

Pantheon Sleeping on the hard floor hurts my back.
Master Who cares about that?!
Pantheon Completely heartless. That's a demon for you.
Master Hey, what's with that smirk? Why do I feel like I'm getting played?

Anyways, you said mornings are cold, except... it's already afternoon.

Pantheon Haha, as long as one stays in bed, it remains morning even after the sun has risen.

If you think about it that way, you can easily excuse your own laziness.

Master That's some interesting logic.
Pantheon Isn't it? Then let us lie here together.
Master Not a chance! Get outta my room already.
Pantheon *sigh* I thought we could relate to each other as peas in a pod, but no such luck I suppose.
Master Don't lump me together with shamelessly pessimistic people like you.
Pantheon Are you suggesting that you're different somehow?
Master How exactly am I pessimistic?
Pantheon From what I've heard, you aren't at all enthusiastic about being an Archfiend candidate and gathering Childs. Every time Lisa turns her back for two seconds, you vanish into thin air.
Master Ugh... Well, that's not 'cuz I'm pessimistic! I'm just...uh...lazy, is all.

I mean, trying to be the Archfiend is a huge pain. If those succubi hadn't shown up... I would've blended in with the humans and eked out a living.

Pantheon Haha, you hate being compared to me that much?
Master Nah, it's just that... being a pessimist sounds so depressing.
Pantheon Depressing, you say? I simply live with a little more freedom than others, that's all. I give myself over to the wind, letting it guide me as it does the clouds. Doesn't that sound exceptionally liberating?
Master When you put it like that, I do feel kinda jealous.
Pantheon Right? Then let us enjoy a nap together.
Master Hey, wait! I thought you said it was still morning! You just say whatever pops into your head, don't you?
Pantheon Haha. Words aren't all that important, are they?
Master You tricky fox!

Awakening II : Trials and Tribulations[]

[B-Grade Unlock]

Hiroyuki Nishiyama

*sigh* I don't have anywhere to go, so why am I standing at a bus stop?
Pantheon ...
Hiroyuki Nishiyama I wonder if he's the same as me. He's been here for almost an hour.
Pantheon The wind is blowing westward. Then to the west it is.
Master Hold on!
Pantheon What are you doing here?
Master Back at you. What're you up to?
Hiroyuki Nishiyama Wait, that person... I've seen him before. But where?
Master's Mind Pantheon's pactmaker is looking this way. So he was spending time with his pactmaker?
Master Hey, Pantheon, what were you talking about with him?

I thought I told you to stay away from your pactmaker if at all possible.

Pantheon Oh, is he my pactmaker?
Master Don't play dumb!
Pantheon I had no idea, honest. And besides, there is no cause for worry.

I haven't spoken a word to him.

Master You better not have.
Master's Mind But...isn't that kinda odd? His pactmaker's right there, but he hasn't said a word to him.
Hiroyuki Nishiyama I'm sure I've seen...
Master Ugh... He's staring at me.
Pantheon Why don't you take this opportunity to form another pact with him?
Master Another pact? Hmmm...Would you prefer that?
Pantheon Personally, I don't care one way or the other.

The limits of my strength are determined by you.

Master I thought you'd say that, you pessimist.
Pantheon I believe my pactmaker feels the same way. Why don't you test it out?
Master's Mind Pantheon says, walking straight up to his pactmaker.
Pantheon What is your wish?
Master Hey, you can't just walk up to people and ask them that.
Hiroyuki Nishiyama My wish? Hmmm...
Pantheon You have one, don't you? Like winning the lottery, or getting a job at a large company.
Hiroyuki Nishiyama A wish, huh...Nothing really comes to mind.
Master *sigh* You really are two of a kind.
Pantheon Haha, are we? I'm not sure I'd pass up a chance like this.
Hiroyuki Nishiyama I try to do whatever I can, too. But I was born under a really unlucky star.

I feel like I had a similar chance recently, but... I let it go to waste.

Well, it might've been just a bad dream, but who knows?

Master's Mind Uh, what? Is he talking about when he formed the pact?
Pantheon You heard it from the horse's mouth. What will you do?
Master There's nothing TO do. I let this perfect opportunity slip away too.

Don't tell the succubi about this, okay?

Awakening III : Same Space, Different Worlds[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

Master C'mon, just a little bit!
Davi Nuh-uh.
Master Cheapskate!
Davi Mleeeh!
Master You don't have an ounce of kindness in you! Do you even know how many times I've let you take a bite out of my stuff?
Davi III caaan't heaar youuu! III caaan't heaaar youuu!
Pantheon What's going on? There's some kind of delicious smell coming from your room.
Master Pantheon?!
Davi I'm not giving you any! It's all mine!
Master Can you even eat all that by yourself?
Davi Mona said that each person gets one bird!
Master Ugh, I can't believe she said that.
Davi Mona bought this fried chicken with all the coupons she worked hard to save up!

So lazy bones like you don't get any.

Master When did she start collecting coupons?
Fortuna Oh my, fried chicken? That's my favorite.
Davi Ugh! Why's everyone coming here?!
Fortuna Then how about this?

We'll roll a dice, and whoever's lucky number comes up gets to eat it!

Davi I'm gonna eat it all by myself!
Master You can't finish that whole thing. Anyway, your dice only ever roll sevens, Fortuna!
Fortuna That's not true. My dice are completely normal. Isn't that right, Pantheon?
Pantheon ...
Fortuna Now let's roll before the chicken gets cold!
Fortuna rolls the dice on the floor. It stops at Pantheon's feet.
Fortuna What number is it, Pantheon?
Master It's obviously gonna be...
Fortuna Lucky seven!
Master I told you. It only lands on seven.
Pantheon Um, suddenly I don't feel so... I'm going to excuse myself.
Fortuna Oh? You're gonna let this chance pass you by?
Davi Fine by me! Get outta here, and don't come back!
Master Well, that makes one less rival, so I don't mind. But are you sure?
Pantheon It's fine.
Master I see...
Fortuna Oh dear, he really left. And it was such a good opportunity to test his luck, too.

Is he shy or something? Whenever he sees me he goes running in the opposite direction.

Master Oh, really?
Fortuna Yes. I did some dice fortune telling for him a while back, and he's been like that ever since. Maybe he didn't like the result?
Master And that result... was obviously a lucky seven, wasn't it?
Fortuna What do you mean, obviously? My dice are entirely impartial. Lucky sevens are just Pantheon's fate.
Master I guess that isn't the kind of fate a lazy pessimist would want.


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