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An urban legend states that if one looks up at the night sky on a deserted street, he will bear witness to a blue dragon shining like the moon.

But what if it was more than just a legend?

In truth, the legend speaks of the demonic dragon Olga, named after the god of night for the way it darts about beneath the moon's watchful gaze.

Although it presides over an urban domain, it knows little of interpersonal connection because it was born of a damaged heart.


Autoattack: Water Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 100 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10 Deal 683 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)

Tap: Water Trap[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 375 Damage, Skill Gauge Charge Speed -20% for 10 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 2510 Damage, Skill Gauge Charge Speed -42.1% for 10 seconds

Slide: Drive: Water Bind[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 600 Damage to 2 random Enemies, 60% chance to inflict Silence (skill use blocked and Skill Gauge reset) for 5 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 3861 Damage to 2 random Enemies, 82.8% chance to inflict Silence (skill use blocked and Skill Gauge reset) for 5 seconds

Drive: Cloudy Shadow[]

Level 1 Deal 1827 Damage to 3 random Enemies, removing 45% of targets' Skill Gauges and makes Skill Gauge Charge Speed -45% for 22 seconds
Level 60+6 Deal 6741 Damage to 3 random Enemies, removing 45% of targets' Skill Gauges and makes Skill Gauge Charge Speed -45% for 22 seconds

Leader Buff[]

Enemies' Skill Gauge Charge Speed -8%

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice This will shut you up for good.
D Story I *sigh* Don't make your problems my problem.
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Stay out of my way.
D++ Critical Attack Voice Shut up!
C Inner Voice I Don't concern yourself with me.
C+ Damaged Voice

1 : You've got guts.

2 : Grrr...

3 : Ready to die?

C++ Death Cry Damn...
B Story II Why? Pactmakers are pactmakers, and Childs are Childs.
B+ Battle Start Voice What an irksome bunch.
B++ Hot Spring Voice You followed me all the way here?
A Inner Voice II I don't need anyone else. I'm fine on my own.
A+ Slide Skill Voice You seem incapable of appreciating silence.
A++ Victory Voice That'll teach you to interfere.
S Story III *sigh* Now what is it?
All Inner Voice III Behave yourself. If you don't cause any trouble, I'll let you go.

Story Dialog[]

Awakening I: Lazy Dragon Conversation Method[]

[D-Grade Unlock]

Master You are never going in this kitchen again, got it?!
Davi *sniff* You don't have to be so mean about it!
Master Believe me, I'm being extra nice about it!

How the hell do you set the apartment on fire when trying to make instant ramen?!

Davi I didn't do it on purpose! Stop yelling at me!
Master If you'd done it on purpose, I'd be way past yelling right now!
Master At any rate, don't you ever... EVER... touch the stove again!
Davi You're not the boss of me! I'm gonna touch it, and I'm gonna keep making ramen, and fried eggs, and anything else I want! It's not like it's real, right?!
Master Of course it's real! What are you even talking about?! All right, fine, if you won't listen to reason... Olga! Great timing!
Olga What a racket in here. What's going on?
Master If you don't do as you're told, Olga here is going to show you what Tokyo looks like from 6000 feet up!
Master Without a lifeline!
Davi Eee!
Olga Hey, don't I get a say in this?
Master Sorry, Olga! Please just play along for now! Do it to keep the house safe!
Master So, do you still want to play with the stove?

Cause I'm not even joking about this. Right, Olga?

Olga Oh, very well... Right, Master.
Davi Waaah, no faaair!

I'm gonna tattle on you to Mona!

Olga *sigh* Don't make your problems my problem.
Master I told you, this is about keeping the house safe.

Don't you want to keep living here too? I think asking you to play along is a pretty small sacrifice.

Olga ...
Master So how come you're here in the kitchen, anyway?
Olga There was a delicious smell wafting throughout the house. When I came to find out what it was, I heard that Davi had been making ramen.
Master So, you wanted to share Davi's because it was too much trouble to make some yourself?
Olga Share it? Of course not. It wouldn't possibly be enough. I was planning to eat all of it.
Master ... Davi really should be grateful to me.
Master Have a seat. I'll make you some.
Olga ...
Master Maybe I don't look it, but I have been cooking for myself for a long time now. Not to brag, but my instant ramen's pretty damn good.
Olga ...
Master There's a trick to having it come out good, actually. You have to start by putting in the soup, not the noodles!
Olga ...
Master ... You know, I don't remember you being so quiet.
Olga And I don't remember you being such a chatterbox.
Master Well... I guess you're right. I don't know, there's just something about you that puts me in a talkative mood.
Olga Then can you stop it, and stick to your regular, quiet self? Like me.
Master ... Guess I shouldn't bother trying to rebel against my nature. Sure, I'll be glad to.

Awakening II: Obsession and Abandonment[]

[B-Grade Unlock]

Master Man, I'm starving.
Master Damn it, Davi! Just because the stove is off limits doesn't mean it's okay to mix up all the food in my fridge...
Master All that time I spent carefully stocking up, wasted!

Look at this! Tofu, cake, natto... Blech. I should put it all on rice and make her eat it!

Master Ugh, I'm seriously starving...
Kotaro Kurotatsu Hello.
Master Hm? Do I know... O-Oh, it's you.
Kotaro Kurotatsu What a coincidence, seeing you here. I must say, you don't look so good. Do you feel all right?
Kotaro Kurotatsu Are you coming down with something?
Master Oh, no. I'm just a little, uh...
Kotaro Kurotatsu Kind of what?
Master Um, a little... starving to death...
Guh, this is so embarassing! Dangit, Davi, I'll get you for this...
Kotaro Kurotatsu Haha, well, you're still a growing boy. I'm sure you're hungry no matter how much you eat.

Funnily enough, I was just heading out to eat too.

Master Th-Thank you, but it's okay!

I wasn't trying to get you to treat me or anything!

Kotaro Kurotatsu I see. Too bad; I always find food tastes better when you also have someone to talk to.
Master W-Well, in that case... I guess I could join you...
Kotaro Kurotatsu Haha, thank you.
Master Did your problem ever get resolved?
Kotaro Kurotatsu Oh, right... That.
This guy is Olga's pactmaker. I used a survey as a decoy to lure him into forming a pact.
It was a survey covering all kinds of problems, but the one he checked "Yes" on...
... was the one labeled "Have you recently experienced stress related to romance?"
Kotaro Kurotatsu It's certainly not as easy as I would hope.

But I do feel a little better now, after talking to you about it.

Master That's good to hear... But...
Master Honestly, I don't get it. How can you keep dating a woman who doesn't even like you?
Kotaro Kurotatsu Because I love her.
Master ... I'm not sure that really qualified as dating.
Kotaro Kurotatsu Haha, I guess not. It's definitely one-sided right now. But I can't give up until she reciprocates my love.
Master You said she's dating you because you're rich, handsome, and a professional pilot, right?
Kotaro Kurotatsu I believe so. It's why I'm so proud of myself.

I think that's why she chose to be with me.

Master Hmm, I guess this is what they mean when they say love is blind... I just don't get it.
Kotaro Kurotatsu Haha, maybe it doesn't make sense. But whenever I see her smile, it makes me happy.
Master I ran into your pactmaker today. He's still dating that woman.
Olga I see.
Master That's it? Aren't you going to say anything about how sorry you feel for him, or how you can't believe what he's doing?
Olga Why? Pactmakers are pactmakers, and Childs are Childs.
Master ... You just think it's too much trouble to get involved, don't you?
Olga We have a winner.
Master So it's not because you're scared? Or that you don't want to end up suffering like him?
Olga ... I don't know what you're talking about.

Don't spout off about things you have no grounds to say.

... *sigh* Fine, my bad. You're right.

Pactmakers are pactmakers, and Childs are Childs. Some people definitely think like that.

Awakening III: How to Enjoy Solitude[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

Davi Master! Master!
Master Ugh, what is it now?
Davi I just head something really totally amazing!

They say there's a huge DRAGON living around here!

Master A dragon? You mean, the giant flying monster with scales and horns that breathes fire? That kind of dragon?
Master You know this isn't the Infernal Realm, right?

There's no way a dragon could be here in the Mortal Realm.

Davi But it's true! I heard it was!
Pluto She's right. It IS true.
Master You're the one who told her?
Pluto I only pass on what I've heard. I never pass on things that aren't true. And from what I've heard, there is indeed a dragon in this neighborhood.
Pluto Think about it. You know this dragon too.
Master I do? ... Actually, now that I think about it... I think I might know who you mean...
Master Olga! Olgaaa!
Olga *sigh* Now what is it?
Master Have you been going out for walks at night lately?
Olga Yes.
Master I knew it... Look, please be careful, okay? People in this neighborhood have been talking about you.

They think you're a dragon.

Olga So?
Master "So?" Come on, what happens if they start talking about a demon living here next?
Olga ...
Olga Are you finished?
Master Wh-What?
Olga Just because I normally choose to leave you alone doesn't mean I couldn't mess you up if I wanted to. So don't make your problems my problem anymore.
Master Or're going to show me what Tokyo looks like at 6000 feet up?
Oh jeez... He's seriously freaky seeing him up close.
No, wait. I have to show him who's the master and who's the Child here.
Master You're the one causing me to nag you, not me.
Olga ... *sigh* If you hear people saying they saw a dragon around here, just tell them it was probably a cloud or something.
Master Don't be ridiculous.
Olga It's more ridiculous to think a dragon actually resides here in the Mortal Realm.
Master Ngh...
Master So you're not going to stop going out on walks?
Olga Don't make me repeat myself.
Master Okay, okay. Just, be a little more careful, all right? Try to be as inconspicuous as you can.
Olga Listen, you cheeky little demon.

I'll obey your orders in battle, but that's as far as our pact goes. When we're not fighting, I will use my time to do as I please.

Olga I suppose I'll soon have to shut that mouth of yours permanently so I don't have to hear any more of this nonsense. What a pain...


5★ Child

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