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A strange idol who has an unbefitting antiquated twang. She excels at many things, but quickly loses interest, so she didn't do well as a trainee. In truth, she's Maestro's friend and an Archfiend candidate. After hearing of Maestro's crazy scheme to control the world and win the Archfiend Contest by marketing pop stars, she thought he was insane. But she went along with it anyway because it sounded fun.


Auto attack: Light Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 384 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10 Deal 682 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)

Tap: Call and Response[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 385 damage, grant 2 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP) heal amount +30% for 20 seconds. For Raids only: remove Target's Growth buffs (ATK/DEF Stacks) 5 times
Rank 7/10 Deal 2511 damage, grant 2 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP) heal amount +52.1% for 20 seconds. For Raids only: remove Target's Growth buffs (ATK/DEF Stacks) 5 times

Slide: A Chorus with You[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 676 damage, Skill Gauge Charge Speed +30% for 16 seconds and heal 1251 HP for 2 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP). For Raids only: grant Double-Eged Sword 30% (ATK Up/DEF Down) to 1 Ally (Highest ATK) for 16 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 3927 damage, Skill Gauge Charge Speed +64.5% for 16 seconds and heal 2193 HP for 2 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP). For Raids only: grant Double-Eged Sword 75.2% (ATK Up/DEF Down) to 1 Ally (Highest ATK) for 16 seconds

Drive: Friendly Harmony[]

Level 1 Deal 1766 Damage to 3 random Enemies, Grant Life Link (converts 50% of Damage taken to Recovery for 2 Allies (Lowest HP)) to a maximum of 5 Allies for 20 seconds
Level 60+6 Deal 6606 Damage to 3 random Enemies, Grant Life Link (converts 50% of Damage taken to Recovery for 2 Allies (Lowest HP)) to a maximum of 5 Allies for 20 seconds

Leader Buff[]

Skill Gauge Charge Speed +8% for all Allies (During Raids: additional heal amount +10%)

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice May this song touch you!
D Story I *gasp* The flyer was barely in their hands for a second! ... The three second rule applies to flyers, right? See? Good as new!
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Let's all sing together!
D++ Critical Attack Voice Leave it to me!
C Inner Voice I You say all demons hate being indebted to someone? Maestro said he owes you a huge debt.
C+ Damaged Voice
  • Owww...
  • Grrr...
  • Lemme try that again!
C++ Death Cry
  • I'm not giving up!
  • Give me...another chance!
B Story II We may not be as dazzling an act as Aria, but I'd love for you to see how much we've grown!
B+ Battle Start Voice I-I'm in the center? Whaaat?!
B++ Hot Spring Voice I'm kinda scared of water, but... I'm an adult now, so...!
A Inner Voice II I don't really understand battles or the Archfiend Contest, but I'll do everything within my power!
A+ Slide Skill Voice Cheer me on!
A++ Victory Voice My name is Neptune♥! And don't you forget it!
S Story III I want to dedicate this song to someone very important to me. I hope it reaches you, wherever you are. I'll be singing with all I've got!
All Inner Voice III There's actually someone I wanna see, but I don't know how. Hehe... Would you help me look for them?

Story Dialogue[]

Awakening I : Beyond the Dream[]

[D-Grade Unlock]

[Somewhere in Downtown]
Neptune♥'s Mind

When I awoke, I was already a Child

The was Maestro puts it, I was crawling around looking so miserable that he decided to make a pact with me.

I used to be a dog, so I guess I can't blame him for thinking I was "crawling," especially from his admittedly... tall... perspective.

Neptune♥ (Trainee Outfit)

Hi there! Planet Party is doing a live show! We'd love your support!

  • gasp* The flyer was barely in their hands for a second!

...The three-second rule applies to flyers, right? See? Good as new!

Oh... But it doesn't feel right handing it out again.

Mars♥ (Trainee Outfit)

You're so by the book, Neptune♥! Look, you're just gotta find your groove.

Oh! Hey there! Do you like pop music groups?

Neptune♥ (Trainee Outfit)

You always say things like that, but you work like the hardest out of all of us.

All right, let's DO this! Nothing's gonna come from me getting down in the dumps, after all!

Hello! Planet Party are doing a live show today at 6PM!

[At Stage, with Planet Party's music background,

「Stage on Starlight」 by Planet Party  ]

Mars♥ Geez, our schedule is packed! All this travel right after a show day? I - ack!
Neptune♥ Eep! You scared me! What's the matter?
Mars♥ What happened to make your ears droop like this, Neptune♥?! If something was bothering you this much, you should've talked to me!
Neptune♥ My ears always like this! They've been like this since I was a puppy!
Mars♥ Aaah, they're just too! Dang! Cute! Do you think they'll ever stand up we keep teasing you like this?
Neptune♥ No, they won't! This is how they are!

Aren't you tired of playing along with all of this tomfoolery every day?

You're got more pluck than the average person - er, average dog!

Neptune♥ Grrr, I'm not a dog anymore!
Saturn♥ There, there. Don't be sad. I'll give you pat-pats.
Neptune♥ Gah, Saturn♥! Not you, too!

Heehee. I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. Now, come on, we have to get moving.

We've only just become pop stars/ I bet even now our rival is out there reaching for the stars.

Neptune♥ Wait, "rival"? Oh, do you mean Aria?
Mars♥ Now that she's not with us, we have to learn to be pop stars on our own.


You're right. This is what we've been training for!

Okay, we should probably go before Maestro has an aneurysm .

[Somewhere at Planet Party's Stage]
Neptune♥'s Mind

I recall someone from a very distant memory.

I doubt even Maestro knows of this. It's my most precious memory from when I was alive, locked away in the deepest part of my soul.

That memory has been a guide for me this whole time.

I'll never forget how certain person and I pushed each other to strive towards our dreams.

I know I can do it. Until the time comes when I can achieve what I've always wanted, I'm not giving up.

I've made YOUR dream mine. That's why...

I'm going to stand on the stage of your dreams - the stage you were aiming for - and prove to everyone you weren't wrong!  

Awakening II : Dream Concert[]

[B-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Residence]
[Knock on Master's door] ...
Master *yawn* Coming! Man, who the heck is showing up here at the crack of... whatever time it is?
Neptune♥ (Trainee Outfit) Oh, good, you were up! Good morning!
Master So, what does someone else's Child want from me this early in the morning?
Neptune♥ (Trainee Outfit) Well, we're more or less temporary business partners, are we not? So...
Master I know, I know. Anyway, I don't want the annoying ones in here to nose in on our conversation, so let's move this outside.
[Somewhere at the Park]

Okay, so, uh, why are you here so early again?

Oh, did you want me to talk to Aria about something?

Neptune♥ (Trainee Outfit)

Oh, no, that's not it!

I mean, it's true she helped us improve. But it wouldn't do to depend on her all the time!

Rather, I think next time, WE should be the ones helping you, Mr. Demon. It's important to return the favor, right?

Master Oh, good. Here I was thinking I'd screwed something up again!
Neptune♥ (Trainee Outfit)

Oh, I'm sorry. I wouldn't have bothered you this early if I wasn't trying to lay low.

People around town are starting to recognize us on the street.


Nice! Starting to get famous, huh? Hope it keeps going well for you!

I gotta say, it'd be [retty cool to be friends with a famous pop star group!

Neptune♥ (Trainee Outfit) Well, it's all thanks to you. And, um, if you don't mind... would you accept these tickets?
Master Oh, what's this? A Planet Party Mini Live Show? I'll be there with the bells on!
Neptune♥ (Trainee Outfit)

It's not a full-fledged show... It's more of a little gig in a café with a stage.

The stage is honestly so small. Venus♥ has even been practicing how to rein her movements in.

Master I... can barely wrap my head around that. Gifted minds, I guess.
Neptune♥ (Trainee Outfit)


But isn't it just amazing? Venus♥ was all about doing things her way, but now she's actively practicing to sync up with the rest of us.

And get this: Even Mars♥ is following Aria's advice and trying to get in tune with the others.

Everyone used to perform kind of selfishly, but now they're all trying to work well together. Thanks to that, Saturn♥'s stopped passing out!

We're really so thankful to you and Aria.

So please say you'll come to our first mini live show!

We may not be as dazzling an act as Aria, but I'd love for you to see how much we've grown!


You give me too much credit. It was all Aria.

But anyway, yeah, of course I'll go! I'll let Aria know, too.

Neptune♥ (Trainee Outfit) Okay! Thank you so much, Mr. Demon!

This show sounds like a hoot. Might as well bring Aria, too. I can't say no to such a heartfelt invitation.

Hmm... that ribbon she's wearing, though... I feel like I've seen it before.

Neptune (Trainee Outfit) [At the distance] Sorry to bother you so early in the morning. Well, later!
Master Later. ...Huh. I really can't put my finger on it. Maybe I'm imagining things.

Awakening III : A Promise with a Girl One Summer[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

[Somewhere outside the Lighthouse, at Noon]

Arf arf! Grrr... Yipe!


Arf! Arf!

[Somewhere outside the building, opening its eyes.]
Maestro ...What is this?
??? Arf arf! Grrr...
Maestro Someone's a little high-strung.
??? Arf arf!

You sort of look like an old mop that came to life.

C'mere. You can see me, huh? Seems you could still make a pact, too.

I'm sure you probably have your reasons to linger here after death.

[In the Training Room]
Mars♥ (Trainee Outfit)


Neptune♥ ... Is she experiencing sleep paralysis?

Saturn♥ (Trainee Outfit) I didn't know that could happen to Childs.
Mars♥ (Trainee Outfit) Maybe she's just having a particularly stressful dream? She's been talking in her sleep for a while now.
Saturn♥ (Trainee Outfit) How long has she been out?
Mars♥ (Trainee Outfit) We were up about twenty hours practicing, I wanna say she's been sleeping for about.. three hours now.
Saturn♥ (Trainee Outfit) We should probably let her stay asleep, then. Even if she's having a bad dream, her body needs rest.
[Somewhere near the lighthouse, in the past]

99 hard work and 1% courage! Hard work will ultimately betray you! Waaah, I messed up again!

Hey, what do you think?

Am I gonna get eaten by the the entertaiment industry?

??? Arf arf! Arf arf arf ... Bark!

Aww, thank you so much! You're the only one who knows how to encourage me!

But you know what? I've come so far. There's no way I'm giving up now! My dream may feel distant, but I'm sure it'll come true one day!

I'm glad someone understands me.

???  Awooo...
[In the Training Room]
Neptune♥ (Trainee Outfit)

Awooo... A-Ah! Was that a dream?

Memories from before I became a Child... I hadn't dreamt about those in a long time.

Mars♥ (Trainee Outfit)


You're finally up! You were talking in your sleep the whole time.

Wait, were you crying? Is something wrong? Are you feeling okay?

Saturn♥ said we should probably let you rest, so we didn't want to wake you.

Neptune♥ (Trainee Outfit) Oh, I was... crying?
Mars♥ (Trainee Outfit)

It looks like you were, judging by the dried tears on your cheek. Look in the mirror. See?

What are we going to do with you, though? A pop star's supposed to be all smiles!

Neptune♥ (Trainee Outfit) I'm okay, really. Let me just go freshen up!
Mars♥ (Trainee Outfit) What were you dreaming about? Was it a bad dream?
Neptune♥ (Trainee Outfit)

Mm, no, I think it was a nice dream, actually. Really reminiscent of old times.

I wonder why that would make me cry.

Mars♥ (Trainee Outfit)

They must have been tears of joy, then. Anyway, now that you're up, you should get ready for the live show.

The show at Live Café is at 8 o'clock tonight. Speaking of which, I have to go wake Venus♥ up.

Don't take too long preparing, either. We can't be late! Got it? 

Neptune♥ (Trainee Outfit) Got it! No need to worry. I can handle getting ready.
[At Stage, with Planet Party's music background,

「Stage on Starlight」 by Planet Party  ]


Hey, everybody! Thank you for coming to hang out with us tonight!

Tonight's show won't be that long, but it's special to us just the same!

We worked super hard to put this show together, so we hope you enjoy it!

Master Purely Pure Smile, Neptune♥!
Aria Master! That's a call back for the chorus! 
Master Oops, did I jump the gun?


All right, and now...!

I want to dedicate this song to someone very important to me. I hope it reaches you, wherever you are. I'll be singing with all I've got!

Neptune♥'s Mind

A lot has changed since I became a Child.

I learned to distinguish the good from the bad. And not just that - I also learned what I want to accomplish together with the other members.


Since being reborn as a Child, what I've felt more than anything else has been this... hunger. A desire, if you will. 

A desire to do what I never got the chance to do. To show that special person how I feel.

I don't know if these words will ever reach you, but that won't stop me!

The image of you giving it your all is etched upon my heart. Your conviction... it wasn't a mistake! You were to right to dream as you did!

Master, wherever you are... I'm singing today so that this message reaches you.


5★ Child

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