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A Child born from a young woman who has never succeeded in love.

Responding to her pactmaker's wish to be doted upon, she was named after the water nymph, Naias, who kidnaps handsome men and drags them into the water. Naturally, she loves playboys. Whenever she sees a stud, she makes a beeline right for him.

It is in the height of such passion that she exemplifies her nature as a Naias.


Auto Attack : Water Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 99 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10 Deal 677 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)

Tap : Ocean Storm[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 265 Damage, Skill Gauge Charge Amount +25% for 1 random Ally for 10 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 2460 Damage, Skill Gauge Charge Amount +51.2% for 1 random Ally for 10 seconds

Slide : Mirror of the Depths[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 550 Damage to 2 random Enemies, skill Gauge Charge speed -60.4% for 2 turns and skill cooldown -1 second for 3 random Allies for 2 turns
Rank 7/10 Deal 3759 Damage to 2 random Enemies, skill Gauge Charge speed -30% for 2 turns and skill cooldown -1 second for 3 random Allies for 2 turns

Drive : Moby Dick![]

Level 1 Deal 1706 damage to 2 random enemies, 4 allies excluding the character have skill gauge 20% and 3 allies excluding the character have skill gauge charge speed +20% for 20 seconds
Level 60+6 Deal 6398 damage to 2 random enemies, 4 allies excluding the character have skill gauge 20% and 3 allies excluding the character have skill gauge charge speed +20% for 20 seconds

Leader Buff[]

Skill gauge charge speed +10% for water type allies

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice Time to say goodbye!
D Story I You're not a guy, you're a boy.

You're still just a kid. But maybe in ten years, I'll have something to look forward to!

D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Can you swim?
D++ Critical Attack Voice I'm only interested in playboys, period.
C Inner Voice I Found a real hottie!

Now I just have to reel him in and make him mine!

C+ Damaged Voice




C++ Death Cry


I wouldn't have lost if we'd been underwater!

B Story II Since you're younger than me, I never really saw you as a dating prospect.
B+ Battle Start Voice I'm warning you now,

I'll never let you go!

B++ Hot Spring Voice I probably should get back to prowling for playboys,

but this hot spring is kinda doing it for me right now.

A Inner Voice II Wait for me, my sweet prince!

I'm gonna catch you one of these days!

A+ Slide Skill Voice Gotcha!
A++ Victory Voice Time to go back on the playboy prowl!
S Story III Yeah, but...I guess you're...not as bad as I thought?


All Inner Voice III I gave it some thought, and...I don't think you're my type.

But you never know for sure, so I think I'll wait and see how things develop.

Story Dialogue[]

Awakening I : Ideal Fishing Method[]

[D-Grade Unlock]

[On the Road]
Naias Help me, Demooon!
Master's Mind

As the sun piercing rays make it too difficult to take a nap, I hear a voice crying for my help.

I really don't want to deal with that right now, so I'll just pretend I didn't hear anything.

Naias Hey! Don't you dare ignore me! I said help me, Demon!
Master *sigh* You don't have to yell in my ear. I can hear you just fine. What'd you want in the middle of this heatwave?
Naias I wanna practice!
Master Practice? Sorry but I'll pass on any physical exercise.
Naias Well... It might require SOME exercise.
Master Then there's no way I'm doing it. Anyway, I've gotta meet someone, so...
Naias Oooh, who're you meeting? Mona said you were toootally free!
Master's Mind Why can't you keep your big mouth shut, Mona?
Naias You don't look busy to me. So help me out!
Master's Mind Oh well, I'd rather not, but I never hear the end of it if I say no. I guess I'll help her out a little.
Master So? What in the world are you practicing?
Naias Hehe, I'm practicing fishing up playboys!
Master Uh, what?
Master's Mind Fishing up... playboys? Am I hearing you right?
Master Sooo... I'm suppose to help you practice fishing? There aren't any rivers or oceans around here, so I'd rather not...
Naias It's toootally fine! I'd love to go to the ocean, but I was planning on just going to the pool today! I hope it chock full of playboys.
Master So I didn't mishear that playboy part.
Master's Mind But how exactly is she going to "fish" for them?
[At the Pool, *ehem the background is actually Beach*, because it's... obviously it's Naias]
Naias Whoa! There're so many people! Oooh, my radar's found a playboy already!
Master's Mind Every time Naias finds a guy she likes, her eyes lit up.

So we made it to the pool, but what exactly do you want me to do?

I think you'd have an easier time hitting on guys without me around.

Naias I can't do it without you! I don't know how to talk to guys.
Master Um, I'm a guy too, you know.
Naias You're not a guy, you're a boy. You're still just a kid. But maybe in ten years, I'll have something to look forward to!
Master's Mind Well, excuuuse me for being young.
Naias Haha, don't be like that. I have a reaaally important job for you.
Master And what's that?
Naias Well, first of all, you've gotta stand over there!
Master Um... is here good?
Naias Yep, perfect!
Master's Mind Naias nods, the draws a beautiful arc as she doves into the pool. What in the world is she?


Master's Mind All of a sudden,  a hand darts out of the water and grabs my ankle. The next thing I know, I've been dragged into the pool.
Naias Yesss! I hooked one! Yaaay!
Master How is this "fishing"?! You got my clothes soaked! Just what are you going to do about this? It's all your fault!

No, it's your fault for not changing into a swimsuit.

Anyway, how was it? Was your heart racing?

Master I was scared out of my mind! If my pants weren't wet already...
Master's Mind I'm not dealing with anymore of this. I'm going home! I make up my mind, stealthily climbing out of the pool.
Naias Huh. That's weird. I thought for sure that'd make guys fall for me.
Master's Mind What kind of person would enjoy having that done to them?
Naias Okaaay! Then I'll just have to try making it even more extreme!
Master Whoaaa!
Naias Sooo? Have you fallem for me yet, demon?
Master As if! Just what're you trying to do?!
Naias Obviously, I'm practicing pulling playboys into the water. Duh.
Master No no no! Don't practice something like that! It's terrifiying!
Master's Mind Did you seriously bring me to the pool just to do this?
Master *sigh* Guess I'll at least change into my swimsuit.
Naias Okay, then this time I'll do it like a shark grabbing its prey!
Master Aaaaugh! *gurgle* *gurgle*
Master's Mind

The instant I get out of the pool, I'm dragged back in.

It's no use... I dealt with it before, but now my breath is...


Oooh, this is it, demon. Squeezing my prey and bringing them into the depths makes it feel like we're in our own world.

Thank you so much, demon! Oh, wait, can you not talk underwater?

Master's Mind ...
Naias Hmmm? What's wrong? You're going limp.
Master ...

Oh, did you fall asleep 'cause it's so quiet down here?

Oh well. You're still just a kid, after all. But as thanks for helping me with my practice, I'll let you take a nice long nap today! 

Awakening II : Lesson in Love[]

[B-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Room]
Naias Help me, Demooon!
Master I refuse!
Naias But I haven't even said what it is yet.
Master You don't have to. You're probably gonna try to drown me again!
Naias You're so mean! You went and drowned all on your own.
Master Except for the part where you held me underwater.
Naias C'mon, can't we just let bygones be bygones? Anyway, I wanna practice this next!
Master's Mind Naias points at the TV, which is showing a soap opera. A man and woman are kissing each other while whispering sweet nothings. I quickly turned back to Naias.
Master Y-You don't mean you want to practice a kissing scene?
Naias Nooo! I'd never ask you to do that! That's not what I was showing two seconds ago!
Master's Mind Of course, of course. Though to have her turn me down so emlhatically is a little depressing.
Naias Not a kiss; a date! I want to practice going on a date! You can play the role of the prince who is fated to sweep me off my feet one day.
Master No way!
Naias Ugh, can't you at least hear me out first?! You're the one who brought me into this world, so you've got no right to say no! Got it? 
Master *sigh* I've got no comeback for that.
Naias Hehe, good little boy, Then let's get this date started!
[At the fair]
Master's Mind Naias brings me to a fair. It's super crowded and a huge pain.
Naias OKay, demon. You'd better escort me like a proper guy.
Master Escort you? Uh... Then why don't we go to that ramen restaurant? Wait, why're you glaring at me?
Naias Am not! I was just realizing that you have no taste whatsoever! Oh, look, they're handing out balloons over there!
Master Balloons? Oh.
Justitia Okay! Line up nicely, everyone!
Master's Mind The one handing out balloon is a familiar looking girl dressed as a witch.
Master Wouldn't you rather go on the rides over there then get a balloon?
Naias What?! Why? I love balloons!
Master But if you get one now, it'll only get in the way. Come on, let's go over there.
Master's Mind If she sees me, she wouldn't shup up about trials and curses, so I pull Naias to some rides before she notices me.
[Some time later...]
Naias The sun's already setting. Did you have fun, demon?
Master Kind of... I guess.

Hehe, that's good. Since you're younger than me, I never really saw you as a dating prospect.

But I'm not really sure how dates are suppose to go either.

Oh! Demon! Want to ride that one last? It really looks like a date material!

Master Huh? Oh, the ferris wheel.
Naias Yeah! I bet we can watch the sun set from it. 
Master True. And I bet the line wouldn't be too long either. Let's go for it.
Master's Mind But apperently, we weren't the only ones thinking that. By the time we get to the ferris wheel, there are a lot more people in front of it.
Naias That was close! If we'd had to wait any longer, we would've missed the sunset.
Master's Mind When we finally get onto the ferris wheel, the sun has mostly set. I had no idea the like would be that long.
Naias Hehe, it's sooo pretty. It's like the world's on fire!
Master's Mind Fire, huh? Couldn't she compare it to something more gentle?
Master Hm? Naias? Is it just me, or is your face red too?
Naias I-Is it? Maybe I got a little carried away.
Master's Mind I'm not really sure what she means. As I'm wondering about that, she turns to look at me, clearly nervous.
Naias Hey, demon... want to practice that last thing?
Master's Mind What last thing? W-Wait, why're you getting so close to me?
Master Hey, if you move too quickly, the gondola will...
Naias Eek!
Master's Mind The gondola sways massively just as I'm about to warn her, She falls towards me.
Naias Owww... I fell. Oh! Your face is... really close.
Master's Mind Then get off me already.
Naias Oh... demon...
Master's Mind What's going on? She's closing her eyes. Is she sleepy or something?
??? Okay, that's it! Please watch your step as you get out.
Naias Wha-
Master's Mind Naias's eyes fly open in surprise. She does look pretty tired.
Master Wanna head home?
Naias Ngh...
Master Huh? What's wrong? I know you're sleepy, but you can at least make it back home, can't you? I'm tired too, you know.

Awakening III : Ideals really are...[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Room]
Naias ...
Master's Mind What the heck? Naias won't quit staring at me today. It's like... she's trying to challenge me to a duel or something.
Master Ugh, okay, fine! I'll take your challenge, so stop staring at me.
Naias Challenge? What're you talking about, demon?
Master's Mind Naias looks exasperated to hear the word "challenge." It's kinda embarrassing, actually.
Master Am I wrong? Then why're you staring at me so much?
Naias Actually... I'm kind of curious about you. So would you let me check something?
Master Check what?
Naias You'll just have to look forward to finding out once I'm finished! Anyway, to the pool!
Master The pool? I don't know about... Ah! Don't pull me! Whoa!
[At the Pool, *ehem the background is actually Beach* AGAIN, because it's... obviously it's Naias, AGAIN]
Naias Okay, demon. Stand right over there, and no running, got it?
Master's Mind All of my struggling was in vain. I ended up at the pool anyway.
Master This again? I thought you practiced this enough the other day?
Naias Special technique! Spectacle Playboy Fishing!

Wouldje listen to me for two seconds?! And what kind of name is that, anyway?


Master's Mind Before I can finish nitpicking, I find myself dragged into the pool once again.
Naias Hmmm. I thought so. Something's kinda different.
Master You thought so? If you already knew, then why'd you have to do it?
Master's Mind I predicted this would happen, si I changed out of my clothes.
Naias *sigh* Guess I was wrong after all.
Master Wrong about that?
Naias What?! I-Idiot! Don't ask me that!
Master's Mind Naias's face turns scarlet in anger. Was it really that bad of a question?
Naias Ugh, okay, time for step two!
Master What's step two?
Naias I'm talking about the fair, obviously!
[At the fair]
Master I'm exhausted. I never thought I'd end up bouncing between the pool and the fair like some kinda pinball.

Hey! You get worn out waaay too easily!

We're still got two hours, so hang in there!

Master's Mind Is something happening in two hours? Well, if I've come this far, I may as well stick it out until the end.
[Master's Room]
Mona Oh, my! ♥ First the pool and then the fair... And you rode the ferris wheel last. What a splendid date! ♥
Master It was a PRACTICE date! I never did figure out what she was trying to do, either.
Mona Oh, you never change, do you, little master? So, Naias, what were your feelings for hm in the end?
Naias Hmmm... It's hard to say, but I think I was all wrong! He isn't a playboy after all!
Mona Oh-ho-ho! ♥ I believe you've just been demped, little master ♥
Master Shut it. We were never together in the first place.
Master's Mind Though of all she wanted to do was check whether I'm a playboy or not, she didn't really have to drag me all over, did she?
Naias Yeah, true. But I guess he's not so bad. I can't really make up my mind.
Mona Oh, my ♥ Good for you, little master ♥
Master Uh, I guess that's a little better then her outright declaring that I'm not a playboy?
Naias Hey, demon. I need more time to make up my mind on this, so could we go...
Master No way!
Naias Awww, at least think it over first!
Master's Mind She might seriously end up drowning me this time.


5★ Child

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