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Worked to the bone by her siblings, a young girl made a wish: “Just once. If I cloud only treat my siblings as servants, just once…!

Thus was this naughty queen born of a girl who was once an ugly duckling. Adorned with a crown and speaking with the authority of royalty, she declared herself to be Myrina, after the Amazonia queen of legend. At first glance, she appears to be arrogant and ignorant in her youth, but she knows the weight of the crown she bears better than anyone else. She respects the Queen of Hearts from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.


Auto Attack: Water Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 100 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10 Deal 682 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)

Tap: Throne of Glory[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 385 Damage, Tap skill Damage +250 for 1 Water Type Ally (Highest ATK) for 8 seconds.
Rank 7/10 Deal 2514 Damage, Tap skill Damage +596 for 1 Water Type Ally (Highest ATK) for 8 seconds.

Slide: Royale Bleu[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 660 Damage, grant +1500 ATK for 3 Water Type Allies with the highest ATK for 14 seconds and Skill Gauge Charge +30% for 16 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 3913 Damage, grant +2108 ATK for 3 Water Type Allies with the highest ATK for 14 seconds and Skill Gauge Charge +49.4% for 16 seconds

Drive: Queen of Hearts[]

Level 1 Deal 1982 Damage to 3 random Enemies, 3 Allies (Priority: Highest ATK) have final Weak Point Skill Damage +20% for 18 seconds (in Raid up to 5 Water Type Allies have final Weak Point Skill Damage +30% for 18 seconds)
Level 60+6 Deal 6846 Damage to 3 random Enemies, 3 Allies (Priority: Highest ATK) have final Weak Point Skill Damage +20% for 18 seconds (in Raid up to 5 Water Type Allies have final Weak Point Skill Damage +30% for 18 seconds)

Leader Buff[]

Weak Point Skill Final Blow +8% for Water Type Alllies (in raids add an additional +8% )

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice The queen has spoken!
D Story I A queen has no use for friends.
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Don't make me laugh.
D++ Critical Attack Voice You're not worthy to face me.
C Inner Voice I You want to be the Archfiend? Can you truly bear the weight of the crown?
C+ Damaged Voice Why, you...



C++ Death Cry Aaah!

Nobody's here... Ngh!

B Story II It's a lovely day, isn't it? I do hope my pactmaker is all right.

She tends to run away when the weather is nice...

B+ Battle Start Voice Who dares interrupt my respite?
B++ Hot Spring Voice What kind of hot spring is this?

Nary a flower petal in sight...shameful.

A Inner Voice II Dignity is something you're born with. Like me.
A+ Slide Skill Voice Obey me!
A++ Victory Voice This is the power of the queen.
S Story III Surely you can see that if you do not quickly become the Archfiend, my standing also suffers.
All Inner Voice III Even the way you walk is undignified. Here: Do as I do.

Royalty must stride with the grace of a lion.

Story Dialogue[]

Awakening I : Archfiend Qualitifcations[]

[D-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Bathroom]
Master Aaah!
Lisa What is it now, Master?
Master No my cell phone!
Lisa Yes, I'm afraid it was dropped in the toilet. You should've been paying better attention.
Master Nooo! That cell phone was my only friend...
Lisa The Master will become an Archfiend in the future. You really should take this opportunity to cut yourself from bad relationships like this one with your cell phone.
Master This has nothing to do with me becoming the Archfiend!

No, no... It's just as your aide has said.

A queen has no use for friends.

Master Wait, what? Where did you pop out from?

I came to see what was causing such a commotion. But it seems it was just tears being shed for a cell phone.

Such a trifling thing. You are farm from Archfiend material.

Master Yeah, yeah... Believe me, I feel the same way.
[Master's Room]
Master Oh, one more thing, Lisa... Could you buy me another cell phone, pleeease.
Lisa Quit being a baby. You can beg all you like.
Master I'm not saying you haaave to... But without it, I'll be so lonely...
Lisa You can't be serious, Master. Do you really think of your cell phone as a friend?
Master What do you expect? The cell phone's the only one taht actually treats me like a Master.
Lisa But I treat Master like a Master!
Master Like hell you do...
Myrina Are you still grumbling about that phone? Oh relax, the sun will shine again.
Master What else can I do? Lisa has taken my wallet...

Even as their Master, your aides do not respect you. They're even taken a hold of your finances.

Imagining a man like this as Archfiend... It calls laughter to my lips!

Master I don't care! I didn't want to be Acrhfiend in the first place!
Lisa That again... Well, if that's how you want to be, then fine.

Huh? Thanks, I think... What are you intending to do?

Lisa Naturally, whan you are made Archfiend, I am taking all the credit.
Master Whaaa! Such a schemer!
Myrina Yes. Her talents are surely wasted on you. Be grateful.
Master I can't believe this. I'm sick of this succubus who won't even buy me a cell phone.

Awakening II : Bizarre Repeats[]

[B-Grade Unlock]

[Master's House, outside]

It's a lovely day, isn't it? I do hope my pactmaker is all right.

She tends to make off when the weather is nice...

Davi Dummy!
Miriya Misaki Wh-What?
Davi The pigeons are taking all your bread! Stuuupid!
Miriya Misaki Pretty sure you're the idiot here, They're not taking it. I'm giving it to them.
Davi Eh? If that's the case, then you're a bigger dummy than I thought!
Miriya Misaki

Stop saying that!

I'd rather share bread with these pigeons, than break bread with my siblings any day.

Davi You should just eat it yourself!
Miriya Misaki Don't be ridiculous. This is too far for me to eat.
Davi Well, then why'd you buy bread?
Miriya Misaki My siblings asked me to.
Davi Ehhh, so you did it as a favor, but the pigeons are taking it?
Miriya Misaki I'm giving it to them... It doesn't matter. They won't mind if I don't come home.
Davi ...You ran away again?
Miriya Misaki

Yep! And I'm not going back! I can't stand my brother and sister!

They're nothing but trouble! Bossing me around, picking on me...

I can't stand it! They were just born a little earlier is all!

Davi  You hate your brother and sister?
Miriya Misaki That's what I just said.
Davi Then you should try and get back at them!
Miriya Misaki G-Get back at them?
Davi Yeah! That's what Davi would do. When that stupid idiot picks on me, I get my sweet revenge!
Miriya Misaki Stupid idiot? Who do you mean?
Davi Eh, did you already forget? The dummy! Are all humans this forgetful?
Miriya Misaki

Cut it out. Everything you say is so weird.

Actually, thinking about it now... What was it you said before?

Davi Did you forget that, too? I knew it! Your head is duuumb.
Miriya Misaki Hey! Are you just leading me on with something you made up?
Davi No, really! I have proof!
Miriya Misaki Proof?
Davi Yeah! I'll just show you the idiot myself!
Miriya Misaki ...
Davi Come with me! I'll introduce you to the stupid idiot.
Miriya Misaki

This is really strange... Who is this stupid idiot? I'm sure we haven't met.

I feel like I've heard about him before, but why? 

Awakening III : Moody Queen[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Room]

Hehe, Master is such a leter sleeper.

Oh, Master! It's time to wake up~♥

Master Ugh, no... It's still way too early. How many times are we gonna go through this.

You're still oversleeping. It's a bit of chore isn't it. Maybe I should offer a little gift of encouragement?

Here you go!

Master Wh-Where are you touching!
Mona Just a friendly touch on your bum~♥ Think of it as a little present from me.
Master Th-that's sexual harassment! I'll sue!
Mona Well, it seems you're awake enough now. Let's get ready and go to work!
Master Agh... But the weather report said it's suppose to rain today...
Mona Oh, but how lovely the weather is today.
Master In my dream... there were swallows swooping low to the ground.

Is Master making a joke? Is it really supposed to rain?

But I've heard that excuse before, too. Indeed, how many times will we have to go through this.

Master Ugh...
Myrina Can't you just leave him here? It's the Childs that do the fighting anyway, right?
Master Don't just let yourself into my room...
Mona No, no, Master. This time the plan is for her to support us.
Master Give me a break! She doesn't listen to a word I say!
Myrina Relax, that's all in the apst. From now on, I will do my duty to the best of my ability. 
Master a queen could never follow orders of a would-be Archfiend."

I've not really changed my opinion about that.

However, looking to the future, I decided to adjust my temperament a mite.

Heaven knows why, but I did agree to become your Child, so...

Master's Mind Her face just now, was that not true disgust?

Surely you can see if you do not quickly become the Archfiend, my standing also suffers.


Master Oh, so I'm an Archfiend candidate, but your services are more than I deserve.

Oh, so you do understand.

I am willing to lend you my talents. Be grateful.

Master Of course, of course... Queen Myrina... The privilege is all mine.


5★ Child

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