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  • Dear Oskaloo,

    Hello, I'm sorry to notify you and I haven't asked for permission. ;;

    I was testing out the "Child Infobox Tab" by adding the "Availability" section to list whether a child can be obtained or not, and where. However, I accidentally published the unfinished draft and made some mistakes that messed the code so the Infobox doesn't show up on some pages.

    I'm sorry about that! I appreciate your help. Thank you!

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    • Oskaloo wrote:
      Long post incoming, apologies. :D

      Depending on what we want to achieve with this, we could potentially do the following:

      1. For summoning characters via the Summon screen we could add to the Availability space default tags i.e.,: Gold Summon, Blood Summon and Gem Summon (so that we don't have to go too deeply into Premium / Pick Up Summons as they change weekly) depending on ways to get the Childs. 

      This way, when:
      - the Ragna Break / World Boss event ends, we remove the no longer relevant tags aside from Blood Summon (for event bosses) or leave as is for 4 and 3 star Childs (since in most cases they are available everywhere after the event)
      - the Collaborations ends, we remove all tags and add event name i.e., Blazblue Collaboration (Limited)

      2. For getting the character costumes we could add to the Availability space tags like: Re-Birth Labyrinth, Devil Pass, Lan Fei's Shop Bundles, Para Dice depending on ways to get the Costume. 

      This way, when:
      - the Ragna Break / World Boss event ends, we just remove the tags and swap them to something like Ragna Break (Limited), Devil Pass (Limited), Lan Fei's Shop Bundles (Limited) until they appear in Re-Birth Labyrinth for grabs. 
      - the Collaborations ends, we remove everything and add event name i.e., Blazblue Collaboration (Limited) as they will never return

      3. Same could be applied for Soul Carta.

      P.S  Also, we might need to consider adding Availability to Infobox Costume tabs (just like we do with the Costume captions) when needed, as Costumes will in most cases be more limited than characters.

      This would more or less look like this: Availability would split into 2 

      - Costume Availability tied to Costume Tab i.e. (below/above caption or above the image)

      E & S-Rank -> Costume Availability: Always Available

      Pactmaker -> Costume Availability: Re-Birth Labyrinth / Event (Limited)

      Shop / Event ->  Costume Availability: Event (Limited)

      - Child Availability as is in the Thanatos test page and would focus on just the Child.

      Dear Oskaloo,
      I love your ideas about the possible new templates. I found some player asking about where they can obtain a certain childs. I think it will be very helpul to add them!

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    • アカオリ wrote:

      Also, here is another thing: What about moving the Soul Carta Category as a part of Item Category? Since they are considered as one in the game.

      Yes, all the soul carta should be considered an Item, either you or I can update each soul carta with the Item catergory. I'm planning on doing it over the weekend.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I made some adjustment to the info box on a test page, let me know what you think.

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    • I just learn git and was able to upload everything on to github:

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    • You are my HERO! :D

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, I'm an admin for the Destiny Child for Kakao Wiki community. Welcome and thank you for your edit to File:Roaring Melpomene.PNG!

    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs.

    Enjoy your time at Destiny Child for Kakao Wiki!

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    • Hi,

      I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to let you know, as you've already noticed, that I'm slowly overhauling the pages for the 4 Star characters currently (and then the rest at one point) so that they are all as consistent and clean as possible.

      I was thinking about preparing some kind of a template in the upcoming days that could be used for new Child pages (once I figure out where to put it in), as the new format I've made feels nicely ironed out for both Mobile and Desktop (at least with what I've managed to test).

      I most likely will add two things to the page at one point this week before preparing the template: a. Sum of onyx costs per skill to reach Max rank (so that you have at least total cost on the Child page for players to easily determine how much to save up) b. Some kind of 'General Tips' section which most likely would include matching Soul Carta, preferred equipment,viability for RB / WB / PVP / PVE etc., and, maybe even the some template for future character comparisons

      I know that some of the information added can be easily found in Reddit and other pages through Google Docs, but I'm hoping to bring that in (with proper credit given) at one point and make the Destiny Child fandom page pushed to the App (if that is even possible). Well, that's a long term plan, at a very least. 

      With the above I think we should have a 'final' page for the time being until new features are added in the game.

      I hope you'll find the changes meaningful and of use in the future.



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    • I took over this wiki about couple months ago because the original owner was no longer available to update the wiki. I'm very inexperience, so I'm unable to do much with the JavaScript or create fancy templates. I've tried to create an template but failed, so I just made a page where I could just copy and paste the source code.

      If you know how to create an actual template, I would be more than happy to use it. I've made you an admin, this should give you a lot permissions to make any necessary changes.

      As for "Sum of onyx costs per skill to reach Max rank" do you believe this should just be on its separate page and you can just reference it? It seem very redundant to have it for each 4* or 5* when the cost is the same. Same thing for the awakening cost.

      I guess we can create a general tip page. I'll try my best to help out.

      I'm currently working on updating all the soul carta, events, all the basic game-play features such as exploration, scenarios, and re:lab. My current long-term project is to update all the images with transparent backgrounds. I was going to use lokicoder (, however it uses KR's asset files. Using the source code / files I've already swapped out most of files with the global's assets files. I just need time to save each image, crop them, rename them and finally upload them here.

      Thank you very much for helping out! If there anything you need help with let me know.

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    • Cool, I'll try to help as much as possible. Will give it a go and try to prepare a template in the upcoming days which, hopefully, will work. Thanks for the admin rights.

      After re-thinking it, I agree with you: the costs are redundant so I'll remove the currently added ones and put them on a separate page most likely at some point tomorrow. Then we can just link it somewhere.

      The images with transparent background might work better as for the most part I just took screenshots off my phone.

      Will let you know when I got something ready. I just need to wrap my head around what we can and cannot do within Fandom wiki.

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    • I've updated the source code template for characters in case I fail to make a proper page template. Mainly added formatted tables, which should work with the infobox.

      For bolded coloured numbers in the skill descriptions I've chosen #87CEEB as a test but can be something else if hard to read / not good for the eyes. 

      It's not a mandatory change so if you don't feel positive about those changes, we can always move things around. I left out the onyx related things as that will go to a different page.

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