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1-2 Demeter I[]

The nurse, an angel in white... But what of Demeter?

Demeter I Intro[]

2017.11.25 Saturday

In the City - Home


Master Still no deposits, huh...
Master's Mind

I've been waiting all month, but my stipend from the Demonic Youth Fund just hasn't come through.

See, while the Archfiend throne in contested, the entire bank of Infernal Realm gets rationed off the Archfiend candidates.

It only works out to around 44,400 yen a month, but for someone who only works part-time? It's a lifesaver.

So, uh... I guess the fight for the throne has already started, then?

[Master's Kitchen]
Mona Master? You have no need for any of these comics anymore, yes?
Master Hey, wait a minute! Put those back!
Mona Oh, and these figurines too, Right in the trash they go! ♥
Master Uh, hello? I'm talking to you here!
Mona Eww, this room is just infested with filth from this world. Absolutely not fit for our future Archfiend, I tell you. Aren't you afraid others might actually mistake you for a human?
Master So what? I don't wanna be the Archfiend anyway!
Mona Oh, these anime DVDs have to go, too! ♥
Master Seriously, can you stop trashing all my stuff?
Mona Now, now, Master. I'm going to need you to put all these silly things behind you. Can you pull yourself together and be a big boy for me now? Hmm? ♥
Master I'll live the way I want, thank you very much! Aaagh! You just chucked my entire collection!
[Master's Room]

Phew! Now it's a bit roomy in here! ♥

Right then! I've got a little something just for you, my budding candidate master! Ta-da!

The teachings of the great scholar, Mona!

Master's Mind And with that, she pulled out a book, the cover read Archfiend Candidate Handbook...

Demons acquire human souls by fulfilling the desires of the humans who become their pactmakers.

And when we mix these human souls and demonic power together, we get...

Ta-da! A Child That is, a demonic servant who will obey your commands!

And every Child counts! All Archfiend candidates must thrive to collect as many as possible and build the most powerful army of all!

That's really the only rule there is! ♥ Simply the best, yes?

Master But, these humans who will be pactmakers or whatever - how am I suppose to find them? It's not like they're just ganna fall from the sky or sprout right up from the ground. ...Right?
Mona Oh, don't you fret! I've got everything taken care of for you. See? ♥
Master's Mind

She handed me a pretty sketchy-looking flyer. One with my phone number printed on it, I might add.


Only believers shall find redemption!

A rosy future awaits you!

Free yourself from your worldly desires with one simple pledge!


Uh, okay? A flyer?

What are you trying to pull here, Mona?

Mona I'm afraid that's a top secret information! ♥
Master Please don't tell me you want to make every human who responds to this a pactmaker...
Mona My, my! You pick things up fast, Master! As a matter of fact, you're got some requests coming in already ♥
Master Are you seriously telling me there are people out there who would respond to something like this...?
Mona Let's get right out there, form some pacts with these humans, and get you your very first Child! Once you get started, you're gonna wanna catch them all, I'm sure! ♥
Master Uh... Mona?
[At the train]

I'm tickled pink that you agreed to come along ♥

If you hadn't, well, I would whave needed to use some firm persuasion, you see ♥

Master Yikes! What were you gonna do?
Mona Oh, no good gal would ever tell! ♥ Now, then! Your first pactmaker awaits! Let's go have a chat, shall we?
Master Uh, oww? That hurts, y'know! You're gonna rip my arm right off!
Master's Mind I'm no fan of being spooked, and I'm definitely not a fan of pain. But at this rate, things are only looking to get worse.

Listen, I've seen well enough for myself how much trouble you're having getting by. Surely you must realize you need to step things up, yes?

Without payments coming through from the Infernal Realm, do you think you're going to survive on your little convenience store job alone? Hmm?

Master's Mind She's right... I somehow got myself signed up for all this, and I can't rely on money coming in from the Infernal Realm anymore. 


Okay, so there's definitely no way I'm just gonna scrape by like before, but... Man I REALLY don't want do this.

Mona Now, now. Let's get going! ♥
Master Gah! Fine! Just stop pulling me around like that! My hand know...bumping into certain parts it shouldn't, and...

Oh-ho-ho! My oh my, Master! ♥ I didn't think you'd get so excited! You're making a gal blush!

Right, then! Here we are!

Master Wait...Why are we at a hospital?

Well! It just so happens that our first client - or should I say, your first pactmaker - is a nurse here ♥

And according to her message, she should be right over... Ah! There she is!

??? Um...are you the ones from the flyer?
Mona Yes indeed! Sign a pact with this handsome young man right here, and he will make your dreams come true!
Master Uh... Yeah, hi.
Nurse I didn't think you'd be so...normal and pathetic-looking.

Now now, you should never judge a person by their appearance alone! ♥ ...Not that my master here is really a "person" at all, but...

(Black screen transition)

Now then, Master. Our new pactmaker here is exhausted by the overwhelming pressure that dominates her work life. What she wants from you is a a life of freedom bound by no restrains.

That is correct, yes?


Pretty much, yeah.

But, like, can I even do that? What is this "pact", anyway? What happens when I make it?

Master's Mind To be honest, even I don't really know...
Mona Now, Master : Just between you and me, a request like this is about as easy as it gets. All you have to do is tell her exactly what it says in this book, "How to Live Freely or Die Trying!" ♥
Master You want me to con this poor lady?!
Nurse S-So, um, can you actually do something for me?

Why, yes, of course! ♥ Once your pact with my master here is complete, a Child will be born from a part of your soul.

And once that's over, you will be left with a personality that allows you to live as freely as you wish! ♥


A piece of my sould is going to get turned into a "Child"? Um, that sounds pretty sketchy, to be honest...

Jeez, what was I thinking when I responded to that flyer? I'm losing it...

Mona Now, now, we don't accept cancellations! And we don't do refunds, either! ♥ So let's get this party - er, pact started!

Stage 1 Soul Dungeon[]

[Soul Dungeon]
Mona Oh! Is the dungeon open already? That's odd, seeing as we haven't finished our pact yet...
Master Eww, gross! What's with all the ooze? Aww, man... I got these shoes on sale for like 980 yen, but look at them now! Where even are we, anyway?

Welcome to your very first Soul Dungeon. Essentially, we are now inside that nurse's mind. We're deep within her psyche, if you want to think of it that way ♥

Our pact is now underway. Somewhere within this world, your new Child Demeter has already been born. 

Master Demeter? You mean like the Greek goddess?

Precisely! When a pact is formed, the resulting Child is christened with a new name.

This henceforth known as their dark baptismal name.

You must seek out Demeter and convince her to serve you. This is only the first step towards building you Child army ♥

Master Okay, so I've gotta find Demeter first, huh?

Exactly! ♥ Do be careful, though.

Your human pactmaker's psyche will do everything it can to eliminate you, the demon tresspassing within it. It's all totally unbeknownst ot the host, of course!

Master What do you mean by "eliminate"? I don't like the sound of that...
[Battle Victorious]
Strawberry Syringe

Why do they have to always pick on me, huh? Why?!

Grape Syringe It's always the same, day after day...Is this really what being a nurse is suppose to be like?!
Strawberry Syringe God, isn't there something more exciting out there?
Master Wait... Was THAT Demeter?

Oh, no. That little syringe was just the physical embodiment of the pactmaker's memories.

Behold, Master. That there is what you must now face: the inner workings of the human mind...

This is why she chose to make a pact with a demon like yourself... These are her true feelings and her purest desires

Don't hold it against her if they last out and attack you now, okay? Accepting everything about your pactmaker is teh duty of an Archfiend candidate like yourself! ♥ 


Not that I ever wanted to be on the running to become the Archfiend in the first place...

But hey, where is Demeter, anyway?


Oh, don't you worry. I'm sure you'll find her soon enough ♥

I mean... I hope so, at least! ♥

Stage 2 Poor Devil[]

[Soul Dungeon]
Master's Mind

Your battles in the Soul Dungeons will be against the inner workings of your pactmaker's mind.

So... There's no way to make a Child without fighting like this, is these?

Master Come on, Mona. Isn't there some shortcut or something to avoid all this?

Well, of course there is! If you were rich, money would basically solve all your problems. But tell me, Master: Do you have any money at all?

Master H-Hey now, I just like to avoid unnecessary expenses, that's all! No true demon cares about their finances anyway!
Mona Well, well, well! Aren't you just full of surprises? I must say, Master, you might be the very first demon in history to feel that way ♥
[Battle Victorious]
Strawberry Syringe I never really wanted to be a nurse anyway.
Grape Syringe That's not true. You wanted to help people, didn't you? Remember how you always used to play house?
Strawberry Syringe This isn't the kind of work I had in mind! All I do is listen to stupid stories day after day, doing nothing but pointless chores! I'm sick of it all!
Grape Syringe That's just part of the job!
Master What the heck? Why are her thoughts fighting wiht each other?
Mona The human mind is a melting pot of conflicting opinions like this, you see.
Master So both of those are how she actually feels, then? Wow, Iit must be rough to not even have the peace of mind to agree with yourself.
Mona Yes, but now why should that bother you, Master?
Master No, it doesn't, I just...
Mona Hmm... You know, Master, sometimes I begin to doubt if you're even a demon at all. You're much too kind. 

Stage 3 Archfiend Contest[]

2017.11.25 Saturday

Back to the Present


Master's Mind

The Soul Dungeon ran much deeper then I'd expected, and we never came across so much as a trace of Demeter.

I decided to pop back out to the real world for a break after searching around inside her mind for a while.

Master Hey, Mona. How's that nurse doing right now?
Mona Well, I would imagine she feels wild and free now that her wish has been fulfilled!
Master So she's happy, then?
Mona I would imagine so. When it comes to human emotion, happiness and despair are two sides of the same coin, after all ♥ 

I'm not really sure I like the way you say that... Whatever, though.

Okay, why don't you tell me more about this whole Archfiend Contest, then? To be totally honest with you, I'm not sure I even get what it's all about.

Mona I thought you'd never ask! ♥ Do I take that as you're finally ready to get serious? 
Master Nah, I was just thinking maybe if I knew more about it, I'd know how to cheat the system a but and make things easier. 
Mona Now then, before we begin, are you sure you understand how a pactmaker and a Child are connected?
Master Uh...

Pactmakers are what we call humans who make a pact with a demon in exchange for a piece of their soul ♥

Now, here's a question for you! What do you get when you combine demonic power with a human soul?

Master A new Child, right?

Bingo! ♥ And the demon who stops at nothing to build the biggest Child army gets to be the next Archfiend!

Let me clear, though. The Child born between you and the pactmaker is not actually "born" as a "child" in the conventional sense. As such, these pacts do NOT include whatever you might be imagining, I'm afraid ♥

Master Hey! Don't go playing me off as some sorta creep!
Mona Each Child has its own personality and intelect. What we need from you, Master, is for you to understand and work with each of them ♥
Master Okay! Fine! Whatever! Now tell me, how do I go about withdrawing from the contest completely?
Mona Oh my! ♥ I'm sorry, but that simply isn't an option!
Master Figures...
Mona Now then! Let's pull ourselves together and go find Demeter, shall we? ♥
[Battle Victorious]
Master But hey, why was Demeter's dungeon open in the first place? That girl and I hadn't even made our pact yet.
Mona That, you see, is probably because she has already made a pact with another demon! ♥
Master What? Is that even, like, legit?
Mona Human desires areally know no bounds, you see. They have plenty to go around.

Jeez, humans are really something else, huh?

Hey, though, is it just me, or it has gotten super cold all of a sudden? C'mon Mona, let's get outta here!

Stage 4 Bluffing Demeter[]


I come out to see what all the ruckus is, and look what I find...

Might I suggest you turn yourselves around and make your way out before it's too later, hmm?

Mona Well, hello, Demeter, my sweetie! My, my! You're certainly a bit sexier than I remember! ♥
Bluffing Demeter Did you come all the way out here just to poke fun at me?!
Mona Oh, I would never! You do know why we're really here, yes?
Bluffing Demeter Let me guess. Your little boy there wants a Child?
Mona Bingo! Oh i knew you'd understand. You're such a sweetie! ♥
Bluffing Demeter

I'll be your Child, if that's what you want. But on one condition.

I want you to make me really enjoy this first! I'm in no mood for monotory! Ah-hah-hah-hah!

[Battle Victorious]
Demeter Oh, you're so much better than I expected, darling 
Master "D-Darling?"

You know what? I think I'm starting to like you! ♥

Buuut! We wouldn't want to end things here, now would we? We need to have ourselves a bit more fun! ♥ Come find mw when you're ready! 

  • runs off screen*

What? Hey, wait!

Did she just straight up disappear?

Mona Oh, my. It looks like she rang off. Adorable, isn't she? The way she plays all hard to get like that? ♥
Master So, did we, y'know...form our pact or whatever?

1-4 Demeter II[]

Uh-oh! How's this nurse so strong?

Demeter II Intro[]

[Soul Dungeon]
Master's Mind Phew... It looks like we managed to secure our first pact, but Demeter ran off anyway. That leaves us pretty much in the same state as before... So, uh, what was the point of this pact again?

What is this place? A train station or something?

Wait, where the ehck are we? Where did Demeter run off to?!

Mona Oh, Master, just relax ♥ Take a look at this here. You do know what this means, yes?

"Exit 11 and 3/4..." Wait a minute!

Like, seriously? Is this where we catch a train to magic school?!

Will an owl come and drop off my new student ID if I wait right here?


Oh master, of course not! You silly thing, you ♥

This here is Downtown Station Exit 11. Our next spot

Master I feel so cheated! Give me back that innocent moment of excitement I just had! But hey, what does this spot have to do with Demeter?

My, what an excellent question! ♥ Well, spots like this, you see...

These are places where human lusts and desires tend to congregate.

The humans call these "power spots" and claim they have some spritiual significance. 

But we keep things simple and just call them spots. And I imagine Demeter is probably somewhere right around here! ♥

Master Wait, "probably"? Do we have to track her down again? Jeez...
Mona Now, now. Let's not give up before we start. Spots like these tend to draw in fragments of human souls, so you'll find them to be a lot like Soul Dungeons ♥
Master Oh great, even more dungeons...
Mona Well, come on, then! I do looove to see you at work, you know! ♥

Stage 1 The Succubus' True Colors[]

[Soul Dungeon]

Say, Mona. Why did you come to me for the Archfiend Contest, anyway?

I'm not exactly a force to be reckoned with, and I didn't even want to be Archfiend in the first place.

I'm pretty sure you don't believe I actually have what it takes either, right?

Mona Whoever said that? No, Master, I think you are just chock full of potential! ♥
Master Seriously? You're not jus trying to pull one over on me? 
Mona My, my! I don't know why you would ever doubt me. I speak nothing but unvarnished truth, I'll have you know. 

Stage 2 Millenial Demon[]

[Soul Dungeon]

Okay, listen. I've said before, but the whole reason I came to this realm was because I was sick of things back in Infernal Realm.

I just wanted to enjoy all the games, anime, and manga that the Mortal Realm has to offer...

But look at me now! Tricked into signing up ad Archfiend candidate! I never wanted any of this!

Mona Now, now. I know things aren't always easy as a candidate. Especially not when your very first Child runs off on you...
Master Way to rub it in! That's just the pep talk I needed...
Mona But don't worry, Master. I am here for you! Only believers will find redemption! ♥
Master I'm pretty sure that sort of talk isn't suppose to work on demons...

Stage 3 Human Desires[]


I was hoping the world would end before I had to live through another Monday. Gah, couldn't an alien invasion or something happened over the weekend?

What's the point in me even being around at all? It's not like the would would stop if I wasn't here... Agh! I can't take it anymore! Someone save me from all of this!

Mona Oh, is that Demeter's pactmaker there? She certainly seems to be in a bit of a mood, doesn't she?
Master Why doesn she seem so gloomy? She made a pact with me, so she should have gotten exactly what she wanted, right?
Mona Oh yes, she certainly got exactly what she wished for. She is now perfectly liberated from the chains that bound her.
Master Why does she still seem so unhappy, then?
Mona Well, maybe she feels isolated at work now that no one wants to deal with her new self-indulgent ways...
Master Wait, what?

Stage 4 Longing and Regret[]

Master So she got her wish, but lost all her friends? That's awful!
Mona Oh yes, quite. She certainly has a bad case of Mondays ahead of her.
Demeter Can you believe this stupid girl?!
Master Jeez! Where the heck did you just pop out from? I thought you ran away.

Oh, Master! You might not have noticed, but your Child here has been with is this whole time! ♥

Hello again, Demeter, sweetie! ♥ He's been looking everywhere for you, you know!



What's her deal, anyway? If she's got something on her mind, why not just let it all out?

But no, she's just gonna sit around all indecisive and regretting every minute! Ugh, how was I ever born from someone like that?

Master ...
Mona Well! Now that you seem to have gotten that off your chest, let me tell you how glad I am to have you back again ♥
[Battle Victorious]
Master Hey, Mona. What's gonna happen to that girl now? Is this really what she wanted out of her pact with me?

I certainly can't tell you what will become of her now, but she does seem to regret it, doesn't she?

If onlt she would just put the needs of others before her own like she used to, she would probably be much better off.

Master You mean the way she was before she came to us? What was the point of our pact if it didn't even help her?
Mona Now, now, that doesn't not concern us one bit. All we need to know is that we made a pact and got the Child we wanted! ♥
Master Don't you think that's kind of unfair?

Humans want to forget their pacts altogether or even convince themselves they dreamed up the whole thing.

I doubt she even considered for a second that your pact was behind her troubles.

Master That's awful, though...
Demeter Oh, darilng! ♥
Master Jeez! Give me a warning or something before you pop out of nowhere!
Demeter And why should I have to do that? Tell me, though: Do you seriously feel bad for my human companion there?
Master N-N-No! Of course not! No evil demon like myself would get so sentimental!
Demeter Really, now! I still think I sensed something faint in there, my sweet little darling! ♥
Master Hmph...Gah! Shoot! I need to get to work! I'm gonna be late!
Demeter Ah-hah-hah... Oh, you are just adorable ♥

1-6 Delicious Food[]

Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. Keep your sins in your wallet!

Delicious Food Intro:[]


This is sort of place where human desires tend to swell, and the perfect place to find your next pactmaker...

Now then, pop quiz! ♥ What do we call places like this?

Master Spots, right?
Mona My, my! You got one right for a change! ♥

Did you really think I would forget an easy name like that?

Is a plain ol' restaurant like this really one of these spots, though?

Mona Why, yes, of course. And it's not as strange as you may think. Humans, you see, have a natural craving for nourishment ♥
Master Huh. Yeah, I guess that makes sense. So does that mean every popular restaurant around is a spot, then? 
Mona Oh no no no, of course not! Not at all of them, no. Just a few special ones, you see ♥

Stage 1 Diligent Demon[]


Now, I'm sure you have realized this by now, but what pactmakers want is to have their desires fulfilled. 

So when you find plenty of people willing to make a pact to do just that! ♥

Of course, some of these spots are not the most pleasant of places, but everyone will surely feel better once you handle things, Master! ♥ 

Master Oh yeah, great! Meanwhile, I'm forced into visiting places I don't wanna be either!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Isn't that right, Master? You can't be afraid to get some dirt under your nails! ♥

Now, then. Let's resume our search, shall we? ♥

Master Man... What I would do to just get my old, boring life back...
[Battle Victorious] [Soul Dungeon]
Master You know, I was kind of thinking...
Mona Yes? About what, exactly?
Master Do you think most successful restaurant owners are pactmakers?
Mona Oh no, certainly not. It's the pactmakers who are the successful owners ♥
Master Uh, isn't that the exact same thing?
Mona Absolutely not, no! Oh, I can hardly believe a demon would say something so ridiculous!
Master Well, hey, after they give up part of their soul, most of them forget about it anyway, so it's not like we could ever really check and find out.
Mona Some of the people you know might even be pactmakers! ♥

Stage 2 Disqualified Devil[]

[Soul Dungeon]
Master So basically, we just need to give people whatever they wish for?
Mona Yes, precisely! ♥
Master Sounds like angels and demons aren't really all that different then, huh...
Mona Excuse me?

Stage 3 Repeated Blunder[]

Mona Now, Master, I'll have you know there are certain things you CANNOT go around saying!
Master Whoa, jeez! What's the big deal all of a sudden?
Mona Oh Master, you truly are something else... You don't even see a silver of a demon in yourself, do you?
Master H-Hey, did I say something wrong, or...?

Stage 4 True Wish[]

Mona "Sounds like angles and demons aren't really all that different then, huh..." Those were your exact words, weren't they?
Master Yeah, so? Don't we both just give humans what they want?
Mona No. We do not. Not at all.
Master What's so different, then?

Oh, my... Fine, yes. Let me explain it to you.

You see, Master... we do indeed grant humans what they want, yes. But not in the way you seem to be imagining.

Master What do you mean?

Humans have no idea what it is they truly want, see?

What we do for them is grant them the superficial things they desire. That's all we need for a piece of their soul. THAT is what makes us different from angels.

Master I still don't really get it...
Mona And that's quite fine. You will learn as we go.
[Battle Victorious]
Master Wait, so even when these humans sign pacts, they still don't know what they truly want?

Yes indeed. It's probably because they have such big, complicated, and mysterious souls that they themselves cannot even fully understand them.

Humans seem to have puzzled over this conundrum of their for some three thousand years already, but have yet to find an answer.

Master Maybe they just need to keep at it for four thousand?

Well, is time would solve all of their problems, we demons never would have come into the picture, now would we?

And if they ever do solve this problem of theirs, well, what would we do with ourselves then?

Demeter Hah! Well, I know exactly what this girl wants!

Aaagh! I thought I told you to stop popping up out of thin air!

Jeez. You don't know how to listen, do you?

Demeter Listen, though! You wanna know what I desire? For you to fix me up with every last drop of your love, darling!
Master Wh-What?! D-Demons don't "love!"
Demeter Oh, you're so adorable when you're all embarrassed! ♥
Master Cut it out! And I'm not embarrassed!

Anyway! I never expected you to take all of this in at once anyway, Master.

But humans all live out their lives playing little roles they make for themselves. And since they don't know which one of those roles in their true self, well, it only makes sense thet they don't know what they truly desire...

1-8 Mammon[]

What does every capable man need? A bag. Specifically, a Clutch Bag. Don't have one? Get one! 

Mammon Intro[]

Stage 1 Golden King Unveiled[]

Stage 4 Kingly Outing[]

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2-2 Firo[]

Making its fabulous debut: my body!

Firo Intro[]

Stage 1 Ordinary Boy[]

Stage 2 Hot-Blood VS. Lazybones[]

Stage 3 Champion's Generosity[]

Stage 4 Fiery Firo[]

2-4 Cu Sith[]

...Lives a wild bird who always goes for the tail.

Cu Sith Intro[]

Stage 1 Devil Hunter[]

Stage 2 Proud Fangs[]

Stage 3 Summoner's War[]

Stage 4 Neighborhood Rival[]

2-7 Freyja I[]

The adorable cat ran away! The wrath of heaven upon you! Get ready to experience hell!

Freyja I Intro[]

Stage 1 Injured Cat[]

Stage 2 Weirdo[]

Stage 3 Uninvited Guest[]

Stage 4 Runaway Cat[]

2-8 Freyja II[]

Freyjaaa, it was all master's fault. Say, who are you? Frej?

Freyja II Intro[]

Stage 1 Timid Cat[]

Stage 2 Wild Cat[]

Stage 3 Purring Cat[]

Stage 4 A Cat's Feelings[]

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3-2 Hecate[]

It's unwise to judge anyone, human or demon, by their appearance...

Hecate Intro[]

Stage 1 Low-Spec Devil[]

Stage 2 Mild-Mannered Devil[]

Stage 3 Aide Preferences[]

Stage 4 Witch's Heart[]

3-4 Convenience Store[]

A microcosm within the city known as "the convenience store."

Convenience Store Intro[]

Stage 1 Convenience Store Devil[]

Stage 2 Rice Ball[]

Stage 3 What It Means To Be Master[]

Stage 4 Day at the Convenience Store[]

3-7 Jeanne d'Arc I[]

Is that God reflected in the lost priest's eyes, or a demon?

Jeanne d'Arc I Intro[]

Stage 1 Frej's Counterattack[]

Stage 2 Like Repels Like[]

Stage 3 The Goddess Descends[]

Stage 4 Document Attack[]

3-8 Jeanne d'Arc II[]

Prayers go unheard in the presence of a demon...

Jeanne d'Arc II Intro[]

Stage 1 Frontal Assault[]

Stage 2 Pact Hint[]

Stage 3 Skillful Doctrine[]

Stage 4 Cowardly Devil[]

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4-2 Apollo[]

In the flower language, sunflowers means "adoration."

Apollo Intro[]

Stage 1 Birth[]

Stage 2 The Worshipped I[]

Stage 4 Mutual Trust[]

4-4 OB/GYN[]

Kids are our hope for the future!

OB/GYN Intro[]

Stage 1 Bliss[]

Stage 2 Devil's Excuse[]

Stage 3 Stop it![]

Stage 4 Unfinished Vessel[]

4-6 Neamhain I[]

I thought Frej might actually be a good guy... But I was wrong.

Neamhain I Intro[]

Stage 1 True Feelings[]

Stage 2 Concrete Blunder[]

Stage 3 Secret of Deep Sleeping[]

Stage 4 Devil's Exorcism[]

4-7 Neamhain II[]

Frej, are your Childs okay?

Neamhain II Intro[]

Stage 1 Negotiation Breakdown[]

Stage 2 Infernal Realm Woman Troubles[]

Stage 3 Order of Fury[]

Stage 4 In One Ear and Out the Other[]

4-8 Neamhain III[]

If I had to sum him up in one line, it'd be "If I never see that jerk again, it'll still be too soon!"

Neamhain III Intro[]

Stage 1 Full Power[]

Stage 2 Bluff or Tactic[]

Stage 3 Besieged[]

Stage 4 True Beginning[]

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5-2 Diana[]

The second succubus was really strong... Mona, help me...

Diana Intro[]

Stage 1 A Girl's First Love[]

Stage 2 Rational Method[]

Stage 3 One-Way Trip[]

Stage 4 A For Effort[]

5-3 Elementary School[]

In practice, I don't worry about kids.

Elementary School Intro[]

Stage 1 Rising Star[]

Stage 2 Tiny Bride[]

Stage 3 Matters of Concern[]

Stage 4 Devil Vocabulary[]

5-5 Europa I[]

A faint aroma wafts from the entrance. Where am I?

Europa I Intro[]

Stage 1 Truant[]

Stage 2 Delinquent[]

Stage 3 Abandoned Child[]

Stage 4 Young Girl Equation[]

5-8 Neith []

I can feel someone watching me... What do you want, anyway?

Neith Intro[]

Stage 1 Class Time[]

Stage 2 Tailed[]

Stage 3 Rebellious Youth[]

Stage 4 Family Bonds[]

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6-2 Legend I[]

The pursued and the pursuer.

Legend I Intro[]

Stage 1 Abandoned Young Girl[]

Stage 2 Mysterious Super Rookie[]

Stage 3 Bad Boy and Tyrant[]

Stage 4 Davi is Here![]

6-3 Legend II[]

A ninja's Soul Dungeon is a booby-trapped mansion?

Legend II Intro[]

Stage 1 Davi's Allure Technique[]

Stage 2 A Ninja Must Endure[]

Stage 3 Old Fashioned Custom[]

Stage 4 Heroic Legend[]

6-5 Law Firm []

It's better if the courts and hospitals don't know about this.

Law Firm Intro[]

Stage 1 Lawless Devil[]

Stage 2 Emotional Guardian[]

Stage 3 Devil's Worries[]

Stage 4 No Questions Allowed[]

6-6 Cathedral []

Watch out for the holy rain.

Cathedral Intro[]

Stage 1 Wordplay[]

Stage 2 Danger Detected[]

Stage 3 Safety First[]

Stage 4 Small Concern[]

6-8 Europa II[]

Love comes like stalker looking in from the window. Love and peace!

Europa II Intro[]

Stage 1 Anxiety[]

Stage 2 Path to Professional Devil[]

Stage 3 Attendant[]

Stage 4 Flower and Bee[]

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7-2 Chainkiller[]

Who said there was nothing to eat at the supposed party?

Chainkiller Intro[]

Stage 1 Wandering Devil[]

Stage 2 Chaser[]

Stage 3 Pursuit of Excellence[]

Stage 4 Decent Guy[]

7-4 Downtown Apartments[]

The pursued and the pursuer.

Downtown Apartments Intro[]

Stage 1 Compassionate Devil[]

Stage 2 Disqualified Devil[]

Stage 3 Life Planning[]

Stage 4 Wise Archfiend[]

7-6 Calchas I[]

I found the most evil way I could think of to overturn fate.

Calchas I Intro[]

Stage 1 Archfiend 666[]

Stage 2 Declaration of Running Away[]

Stage 3 Critical Moment[]

Stage 4 Prophet[]

7-8 Calchas II[]

Intuition can, at times, prevent disaster. There is a reason as to why.

Calchas II Intro[]

Stage 1 Archfiend 666[]

Stage 2 Declaration of Running Away[]

Stage 3 Critical Moment[]

Stage 4 Prophet[]

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8-1 Congested Zone[]

Buses cause congestion when they stop.

Stage 1 Self-Defense[]

Stage 2 Disappearing Candidate[]

Stage 3 Devil Alarm[]

Stage 4 Variable[]

8-2 Terminal[]

There are so many traffic lights near the express bus terminal.

Stage 1 Terminal[]

Stage 2 Terminal[]

Stage 3 Terminal[]

Stage 4 Terminal[]

8-3 Cram School[]

Cram School is difficult in both the Infernal and Mortal Realmns. Good luck, stalwart youth!

Stage 1 Finding Frej[]

Stage 2 Opponent[]

Stage 3 Negotiations[]

Stage 4 Mona's Idea[]

8-4 Terminal[]

I can't breathe from all the smog near the express bus terminal.

Stage 1 Terminal[]

Stage 2 Terminal[]

Stage 3 Terminal[]

Stage 4 Terminal[]

8-5 Frej[]

The Archfiend Contest, hotter than the midsummer heat.

Stage 1 Improvised Companion[]

Stage 2 Demonic Devil[]

Stage 3 Safety Numb[]

Stage 4 Demonic Trump Card[]

8-6 Terminal[]

Watch out for all the accidents near the express bus terminal.

Stage 1 Terminal[]

Stage 2 Terminal[]

Stage 3 Terminal[]

Stage 4 Terminal[]

8-7 Rufus I[]

I meet Rufus, the Archfiend heir.

Stage 1 Breakout Devil[]

Stage 2 Critical Mission[]

Stage 3 Childhood Friend[]

Stage 4 Memories[]

8-8 Rufus II[]

The nobleman of the Infernal Realm awaits you.

Stage 1 Doll Fight[]

Stage 2 Strategy[]

Stage 3 According to Plan[]

Stage 4 Rufus the Heir[]


1-1 Holy Michael[]

An ethics teacher preaches about love and compassion.

Stage 1 All Girl School[]

Stage 2 All Girls School[]

Stage 3 All Girls School[]

Stage 4 All Girls School[]

1-2 Gomorrah []

A beast who wears the name of a ruined city.

Stage 1 Broken Soul[]

Stage 2 Broken Soul[]

Stage 3 Broken Soul[]

Stage 4 Broken Soul[]

1-3 Hydra[]

An odious shadow that covers the holy land.

Stage 1 Chaotic Monster[]

Stage 2 Chaotic Monster[]

Stage 3 Chaotic Monster[]

Stage 4 Chaotic Monster[]

1-4 Bathory I[]

You are my flower, my companion.

Stage 1 Forever Companion[]

Stage 2 Forever Companion[]

Stage 3 Forever Companion[]

Stage 4 Forever Companion[]

2-1 The Shadow of the All Girls School[]

Where did the girl who went into the shadow go?

Stage 1 Forever Companion[]

Stage 2 Forever Companion[]

Stage 3 Forever Companion[]

Stage 4 Forever Companion[]

2-2 Asagiri Theresa[]

God, take pity.

Stage 1 The Fuzzy Dream[]

Stage 2 The Fuzzy Dream[]

Stage 3 The Fuzzy Dream[]

Stage 4 The Fuzzy Dream[]

2-3 Unknown[]

The cradle of the dreaming Child stands still.

Stage 1 The Dreaming, Living Dead[]

Stage 2 The Dreaming, Living Dead[]

Stage 3 The Dreaming, Living Dead[]

Stage 4 The Dreaming, Living Dead[]

2-4 Father Babila[]

The scheming demon awakens from their slumber.

Stage 1 The Designer[]

Stage 2 The Designer[]

Stage 3 The Designer[]

Stage 4 The Designer[]

3-1 Babel[]

It's so nice out. Another day with perfect weather.

Stage 1 The Soul's Destination[]

Stage 2 The Soul's Destination[]

Stage 3 The Soul's Destination[]

Stage 4 The Soul's Destination[]

3-2 Bathory II[]

Before I knew it, I'd stumbled into the battlefield in the dead of night.

Stage 1 Kind Demon of Nobility[]

Stage 2 Kind Demon of Nobility[]

Stage 3 Kind Demon of Nobility[]

Stage 4 Kind Demon of Nobility[]

3-3 Empty Cradle[]

Uninvited guests gathered in a godless sanctum.

Stage 1 Desolated Classroom[]

Stage 2 Desolated Classroom[]

Stage 3 Desolated Classroom[]

Stage 4 Desolated Classroom[]

3-4 Creature[]

Nameless monster brought forth from darkness.

Stage 1 From Darkness, a Scream[]

Stage 2 From Darkness, a Scream[]

Stage 3 From Darkness, a Scream[]

Stage 4 From Darkness, a Scream[]

4-1 Vengeful Kubaba[]

The Holy Land At Last

Stage 1 An Ebony Cradle[]

Stage 2 An Ebony Cradle[]

Stage 3 An Ebony Cradle[]

Stage 4 An Ebony Cradle[]

4-2 A Veteran's Strategy[]

An undefeated veteran stands in the shadows of the misty holy land.

4-3 Demonic Desires[]

The flames of malice will never be quenched.

4-4 Last Holy Day[]

You are my flower. We are companions.

Intermission-1 The Loneliness in Darkness[]

Intermission-2 Love and Hate Davi[]

Intermission-3 The Black Prince's Trick[]

Intermission-4 Wailing Black[]