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Werewolf drifted here and there, drawn always by moonlight. One day she stumbled upon a small village's shrine, met a young man and learned of his earnest wish. With a growing interest in the young man's story, she assumed the form of a shrine maiden in order to fulfill it. "I'm not a real shrine maiden, but I can at least tell a New Year's fortune."

Living is one of two things, either good or bad. Which it is depends entirely on you! The shrine maiden of the moonlit night can only observe.


Auto Attack : Light Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 101 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10 Deal 689 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)

Tap : Howling Beast[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 391 Damage, Tap skill DEF -400 for 8 seconds. For World Bosses only, 75% chance to remove Enrage buff
Rank 7/10 Deal 2,560 Damage, Tap skill DEF -815 for 8 seconds. For World Bosses only, 90.20% chance to remove Enrage buff.

Slide : Werewolf's fang[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 660 damage to 2 random Enemies, deal 600 Ignore DEF Damage, Slide Skill DEF -500 for 12 seconds. For World Bosses only, Skill Damage DEF -500 for 12 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 3,963 damage to 2 random Enemies, deal 1,056 Ignore DEF Damage, Slide Skill DEF -1260 for 12 seconds. For World Bosses only, Skill Damage DEF -1,122 for 12 seconds.

Drive : Chasing Wolves[]

Level 1 Deal 2001 Damage to 3 random Enemies, Debuff EVA -30% for 16 seconds, Skill Damage DEF -30%
Level 60+6 Deal 7,065 Damage to 3 random Enemies, Debuff EVA -30% for 16 seconds, Skill Damage DEF -30%

Leader Buff[]

DEF -15% for Dark Type Enemies (on World Bosses, Weak Point DEF -10% added)

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:



Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
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Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice Can you come with me?
D Story I Heehee. How about we put this good luck of yours to the test, Kitty?
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Awooo!
D++ Critical Attack Voice I'll bite you!
C Inner Voice I Ah! Did I scare you? Hehe, I did it! Oh? You're not mad, are you? Aw, come on, you gotta understand. This is all Master's fault. It's cause of him I was born with this personality.
C+ Damaged Voice
  • Amazing!
  • Yikes!
  • That's okay!
C++ Death Cry
  • Let's meet again, Kitty.
  • I did not foresee this.
B Story II Hi there, everyone! I've got some great news for each and every one of you! I have with me here a selection of Wolf Talismans at special New Year's prices that are sure to turn your life around!
B+ Battle Start Voice Just trust me and follow along!
B++ Hot Spring Voice Hurry up! I was waiting for you, Kitty!
A Inner Voice II Don't be surprised if I just up and disappear, okay? I mean, we met suddenly, too. Even if we go our separate ways, we'll meet again someday. Hehehe.
A+ Slide Skill Voice *nibble*! I'm just play-biting.
A++ Victory Voice See? A full moon! Awooo!
S Story III Ahahaha! You have no sense of humor at all, do you, KItty? Maybe that's why it's so much fun to tease you!
All Inner Voice III Hahah! It's been a while since I last heard a compliment!

Story Dialogue[]

Awakening I : New Year's Fortunes[]

[D-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Room]
Werewolf (Moonlight outfit) Hey, Kitty, did you know that humans like to have their fortune told at the start of a new year?
Master Uh, yes? I've only been living here for several years.
Werewolf (Moonlight outfit) Good, that'll save me some time. Here: I'll tell you your fortune for this year myself.
Master Huh? Since when can you tell fortunes?
Werewolf (Moonlight outfit) Oh? You don't believe I can do it, do you?


Master Ah!
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Check it out! Shrine Maiden Werewolf, at your service!
Master Man, you startled me. I almost thought I was going to start the new year with a heart attack.
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) As a shrine maiden, I can tell you New Year's fortune for you. What do you think? Pretty convincing in the getup, right?
Master How'd you even get that outfit, anyway?
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Oh, what difference does THAT make?
Master You DO know I'm your master here, right?
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Aaanyway, are you gonna let me do this, or not?
Master Okay, okay, you win. I guess there are worse ways to kill a little time.
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Okay, here goes! Come one, come all, and let us see! What will Kitty's fortune be?


Master What? What is it?
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) This, my little Kitty, is a fortune I hand-picked specifically with you in mind!
Master Why, you-! Where the hell did you get that?! Ah, whatever. I bet it's all made up nonsense anyway.
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) See for yourself. Who knows? Maybe you'll like what it has to say!
Master Yeaaah, that's...not reassuring.

Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit)

Oh, come ON! You're the one who said it wouldn't be a bad way to kill some time, Kitty!
Master Okay, okay! Lay off already! I'll read it!

Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit)

Master Man, she played me like a fiddle again. Well, whatever. As long as it doesn't insult me, I don't care what this fortune says.

Let's see... Hm? Hang on...

Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit)

Ahaha! Congratulations, Kitty! You're gonna have a great luck this year!
Master R-R-Really?

Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit)

Check it out! "Like happening across hidden treasure inside a rock, you shall encounter good luck in places you never expected."
Master I, uh, I see...

Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit)

Good luck in places you never expected, huh? Hmm... Aha! I know that it's talking about!
Master Well? Don't keep me in suspense!

Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit)

Heehee. How about we put this good luck of yours to the test, Kitty?
[In the middle of Downtown]
Master Why are we out looking for pacts now?
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) It said "happening across hidden treasure inside a rock," right? It means you're going to get lucky and run into a pactmaker!
Master *sigh* You have an answer for everything, don't you?
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Ooh, how about her?! I 100% guarantee you she'll say yes!
Master How can you be so sure?
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) I've just got a good feeling about this! Come on, have some faith in yourself! You're gonna have great luck this year, remember?

It's not everyday people get great good luck fortunes like that, you know.

Master Well... I guess not...
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Hey there, pretty lady! How would you like New Year's fortune told?
Master H-Hey! What do you think you're doing?! I don't even know you!
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Since it's a brand new year and all, I'll tell your fortune for free!
Woman Whoa, really?
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Of course! But first, would you mind signing this pact?
Master When did you even get your hands on that?
Woman Huh?! What is this, some kind of scam? You're just trying to steal my info and sell it to some shady ad agency or something, aren't you?

Stay away from me, you lowlife!

Master Aah! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Hey! Where're you going?!
[Downtown, Parking Lot]
Master How is any of this "great luck"?! I KNEW that fortune of yours was a load of bull.
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Hey, it's not fake! I kept you in my mind the whole time I was getting it at the shrine!

The again, it's true I'm not a REAL shrine maiden, so maybe it didn't count!

Master I knew I shouldn't have believe you. I'm such an idiot.
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Can't disagree with you there, Kitty! Ahahaha!

Awakening II : Shrine Maiden Werewolf[]

[B-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Room]
Lisa Hmm... This IS the season.
Master Huh? What do you mean?
Lisa New Year's is a time that has many different meaning for humans.
Master Huh, really? Can't see why. It's not like the year ticking over changes anything besides the number on the calendar. Right, Mona?
Mona Teehee. Oh, my adorable little Master ♥

Sometimes I just want to pinch those cherry-red lips of yours ♥

Master Urk!
Lisa We should go. We must hurry if we are to be on time for the festival parade.
Master For the what, now?
Lisa A parade to celebrate the new year.
Master Maaan... I'd really rather not go anywhere too crowded.
Mona Oh, Master, what ARE we going to do with you? Aren't you too old to be whining like that?

A crowd means lots of targets for potential pactmakers! All you have to do is cast your net, and you're sure to bring in a big haul.

Master But I don't WANT to bring in a big haul...
Lisa Having many targets to choose from will ensure a swift end to your work for the day. I trust that would be more to your liking, Master?
Master Well, sure, but-
Mona Then what are we waiting for? We don't have time for idle chit-chat ♥
Master Huh?! H-Hey, no pushing!
[Entrance to the Shrine] (assuming)
Mona Teehee ♥ If we leave now, Master, you can have your pick of the litter ♥
Master Easier said than done...
Lisa There is an especially intriguing target over there.
Master Hm?
Lisa But unfortunately, she is not one we can make a pact with.
Master Huh? What're you talking abou- Wait, SERIOUSLY?!
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Hi there, everyone! I've got some great news for each and every one of you!

I have with me here a selection of Wolf Talismans at special New Year's prices are sure to turn your life around!

Master More like WEREwolf Talismans! What do you think you're doing?!
Mona Why, that's easy, Master. She dressed as a shrine maiden and selling talismans. Gracious, you have the most interesting friends ♥
Master Hey! Werewolf! I still haven't gotten over what you put me through the last time you wore that outfit! Get over here!
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Hm! Is it just me, or is someone calling my name?

Oh, it's Kitty! you could use one of these talismans more than anyone, huh, Kitty?

I'm afraid they don't work on demons, though. Sorry about that!

Master NOW what're you on about?! Never mind. Just hurry up and get over here, Werewolf!
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Hmph, how am I suppose to do business like this? Hmm...
Lisa Your voice is being drowned out by the crowd, Master. It would be faster for you to go to Werewolf yourself.
Master And make my way through all those people?! I'd be trampled to death!
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Attention, everyone! my fortune tells me that there is a noble to be found out east!

If you're lucky enough to meet them, you'll have great luck for the whole rest of the year!

BUT! Only the lucky few who arrive first shall whet their appetites on this buffet of fortune! SO don't delay; head right that way!

Mona My, my... Speaking of "east"...
Master Huh? Mona? Lisa? Why're you backing away all of the sudd-

Aaaaah! Heeelp! M-My ribs! I jsut heard my ribs crack! I'm gonna diiie!

Lisa It would seem he was swept up in the crowd.
Mona Well played, Werewolf. Well played.
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Now that that's taken care of, I can get back to business!
Lisa I admit, I am curious as to what exactly Werewolf is doing here.

We came to this tiny village specifically to avoid other demons. I never expected to see her, of all Childs.

On top of that, she's selling talismans to humans... Albeit ones she made herself that have no mystical power whatsoever.

Still, Werewolf always was a bit...unhinged. I doubt she would tell us her true reasons, even if we asked.

And while I've been talking, Master has been carried quite far away. Even his trademark is only barely standing out now.

Mona Teehee. Oh that boy ♥ Lisa, would you mond looking after Werewolf while I go help Master?
Lisa Very well.
Mona Okay, then I'll see you later. Phew... I can see today's going to be challenging day!

Awakening III : Lucky Succubus?[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Room]
Davi Oh, Maaasteeeer ♥ Can I have my New Year's money now, please?
Master Huh? I think you're a little mixed-up there, Davi. It's the oldest person in the house who gives out New Year's money.
Davi The oldest person in the house? Who's that?
Master Mona, of course. She's the oldest person here, so she's the one you should be asking for New Year's money.

And don't forget to greet her with "Happy New Year" first.

Davi Happy New Year? Why should I say that?
Master It's just what people say on the first day of a new year. It's a special sort of greeting.
Davi But what's so happy about the year being new?
Mona Goodness, it's you, Davi. Happy New Year!
Davi Mona! Happy New Year!
Mona Teehee. What a lovely greeting that was, Davi. You're such a good girl ♥

And good girls deserve to get New Year's money.

Davi Heh heh heh ♪
Mona You don't need any New Year's money, right, Master? I'm sure you're too old for that sort of thing now.
Master The hell I'm not. I'm still totally good for it.
Mona Oh, very well then, Master. ...Ah, Werewolf, you're here too.
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Hello, Kitty.
Master You're STILL wearing that outfit?
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) What's the problem? It's pretty, and it looks good on me, don't you think?
Master That's not- The point is, it's weird for a Child to be dressed like a shrine maiden.
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Ahahaha! You have no sense of humor at all, do you, Kitty? Maybe that's why it's too much fun to tease you!

Davi, since you're the cutest and smallest out of all of us, I'll give YOU some New Year's money instead of helpless old Kitty here ♪

Master Eavesdropping right off the bat this year, huh? Be honest: you were just waiting for the right time to prank me, weren't you?
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about. Anyway, here you go ♪
Davi Yaaay, I'm rolling in New Year's dough! Thanks, Werewolf!
Master's Mind The pouch of money Werewolf handed to Davi had a picture of a cute boar on it.
Master Where'd you get that money, anyway?
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) ...And what are you implying, hm? Tsk, tsk. You're gonna get smote for your disrespect, Kitty. Anyway, I'll have you know I proudly-
Master Proudly what?
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) -okay, QUIETLY took this money from other people's wallet!
Master How's thievery something to be proud of?!
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Or maybe...I actually quietly took it from the bank!
Master Should've known you wouldn't give me a straight answer.
Davi Heehee! I'm gonna use this money to buy me some cocoa ♪

Wait! Waaah! This money isn't real!

Mona Oh, my. It looks like this is merely toy money. For children.
Davi I can't buy cocoa with this!
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Wow, I totally thought you would fall for it. You're smarter than I thought.
Davi You were pranking me?
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Now, now. don't be mad. Take a loot at the back of that pouch.
Davi The back?
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) It has your fortune for the year on it, doesn't it?

Who knows? Maybe it says that you'll become the happiest succubus in the world this year!

Davi Ooh, I want that! I wanna live with Mona, in a world without stupid Master!
Master Hey! Why does your fantasy have involve me vanishing from the world?!
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Go on, take a look at the back.
Davi Okay!

Hmm... What's this say? I don't know this character...

Master's Mind Davi held up the bag, showing a great big "凶", or "kyou": the character for bad luck and misfortune.
Master Uh, that says-
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Aww, too bad! Your fortune for the year says you'll become the saddest succubus in the world!
Davi You're kidding! Wait a second... I wasn't born during a year of the boar! This can't be my fortune!
Werewolf (Shrine Maiden outfit) Is that so? Well, think what you want. It's not like I'm a real shrine maiden anyway.
Master You're just gonna peace out now?! After everything you've put us through?!
Davi *sniff* ...Waaah! Monaaa! D-Does this mean I won't get to live with you?
Mona Oh, of course it doesn't, sweetie.
Davi Waaah! It's all YOUR fault I got such a bad fortune, stupid rooster hear Master!
Master Wait, what?! How is this MY fault?!


5★ Child

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