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Seeking peace of mind, a girl sought succor in devout prayer to God. But at the church where she went to pray, she met a demon instead.

Born from a wish to meet the Absolute, this Child chose the name Maat, after the goddess who ruled all of creation.

She is happy to spread the gospel whenever and wherever she goes, even though she does not actually know what kind of god she worships. She also has a bad habit of running off to cathedrals whenever she gets a chance, which is admittedly not the kind of place one would expect to see a demon kicking back.


Autoattack: Light Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 95 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10 Deal 656 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)

Tap: Daybreak[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 330 damage, remove freeze and petrify from 1 ally
Rank 7/10 Deal 2293 damage, remove freeze and petrify from 1 ally

Slide: Eternal Peace[]

Rank 1/1 Regen 146 HP (once per 2 seconds) for all allies for 20 seconds.
Rank 7/10 Regen 387 HP (once per 2 seconds) for all allies for 20 seconds

Drive: I'll Save This Soul[]

Level 1 One dead ally is revived at 1000 HP, and 3 allies (priority: lowest HP) each have regen of 300 (once every 2 seconds) for 15 seconds.
Level 60+6 One dead ally is revived at 1000 HP, and 3 allies (priority: lowest HP) each have regen of 381 (once every 2 seconds) for 16 seconds.

Leader Buff[]

Recovery Amount (regen, heal) +5% for Light type allies

General Tips[]

Pros Maat is currently one of two healers who can revive a fallen Child.
Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Cute Broom

Fake Scimitar

Increases the chance of a critical heal, which means allies will heal and regen more health than a non-critical heal.


Healers have high base hp, so its better to balance it with DEF stats.

Vampire Exorcism Kit

Increases the chance of a critical heal, which means allies will heal and regen more health than a non-critical heal.

Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice God has descended from on high!
D Story I Aaah, just the thought of it makes my body grow warm... Aaah!
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Judgment!
D++ Critical Attack Voice The light of God will rain down upon thee.
C Inner Voice I Peace... It would seem that eternal not to be found within this bucket.
C+ Damaged Voice Ooof...



C++ Death Cry Peace at last...

My lord...thank you for welcoming this poor lamb back to your flock...

B Story II My life is as empty as the passing mist. Where should I turn?
B+ Battle Start Voice I hereby declare holy war in God's name!
B++ Hot Spring Voice Aaah... This, too, helps me feel at peace...
A Inner Voice II I cannot hope to attain anything from demons. Where must I go to find peace?
A+ Slide Skill Voice Rest in peace!
A++ Victory Voice My lord, were you watching over me in my moment of triumph?
S Story III After all, the truth only reveals itself to those who seek it.
All Inner Voice III I will not give up hope. I shall place my faith in you, demon.

Story Dialog[]

Awakening I: Rest for a Demon[]

[D-Grade Unlock]

Maat All-knowing, almighty god of deep foresight...Oh, Jesus!
Master Wait a sec...what's going on now?
Maat As magnificent as you are, you have forgotten God's divine revelation? I see. Perhaps you forgot when you fell from the Celestial Realm? I shall enlighten you. The ever marvelous God has kindly revealed that he has sent a messenger to me!
Master Wait...a messenger of God...You mean an angel?! Seriously?!
Maat Ooh, simply remembering it has my blood racing through my veins. Aaah! Now, messenger of God who rules o'er all! Bestow unto me good news! Give me your blessing! I beg you!
Master H-Hold up! What're you suddenly attacking me for?! I'm your master, you know! We're on the same side here! And anyway, you're talking about some kind of angel, right? So why're you staring at me all teary-eyed?
Mona Oh, my! Have you not noticed? Based on the flow of the conversation, the "messenger" is clearly you, Master.
Master What?! But I'm a full-fledged demon. I'm not an angel!
Mona This is about the only time you ever act like a demon, though.
Maat A demon? What is the meaning of this? Do not make light of something so serious. Our lives are but dust in the wind compared to the creator of all things.
Master I told you to quit trying to corner me!
Mona Oh, dear...Don't you remember Maat's wish, Master? You remember when you formed the pact with her, don't you?
Master Uh...Well, I went to the church to make a pact with Jeanne, and...that's where I met her.
Mona Yes, aaand? You met her...and what did she ask for?
Master I met her, and then-- Why're you looking at me like that? What're yoi trying to say?
Mona What was Maat's pactmaker's wish again? You heard it, didn't you?
Maat Peace of mind. Rest for one who is lost and exhausted by a dreadful burden. Respite... for my soul
Master Y-Yeah, that was it! Peace! She said she wanted that, and then signed the pact.
Master I totally remember
Mona Of course. you are the wisest, most intelligent, most discerning--
Master Yeah, yeah, that's enough of that.
Maat Now, messenger of the all-knowing and almighty God!. Your humble servant is ready! Bestow onto me respite for the soul! I beg you!
Master I'm not God! I'm a demon! I can't do stuff like that! So just quiet down. If you don't shut up, I'm gonna do this!
Maat Ple-- Mmmrrrgh
Mona Master, it isn't proper to violently gag a young maiden like that ♥
Mona Oh, you're just out of control ♥
Master You keep going on about "peace" and "rest," but I'm the one who needs the most rest after dealing with a situation like this!

Awakening II: Prayer for Rest[]

[B-Grade Unlock]


Mmmrrrf... Phew! I am the sole devout believer chosen by the holy god. Could you not treat me with a little more courtesy?!
Master Uh, sorry to break this to you, but you were chosen by a demon.
Mona Well, to be more precise, you were the one that chose Master ♥
Master Huh? I was chosen?
Mona Why, yes. Maat's pactmaker approached you first, after all ♥
Maat I see, then I the sole devout believer who chose the demon god for myself. Then let us hold a ceremony of resurrection for the devil! The entire town shall be engulfed by our demonic ritual!
Master Do whatever you want. I don't care. It doesn't matter whether I did the choosing or not.
Mona Either way, luck was on your side. All right, that's enough talk about that!
Maat I cannot allow that. The truth must be clearly defined in black and white. You must decide. Did you choose, or were you chosen?!
Master I really have no idea what you've been blabbering on about. Could you just shut your trap for two seconds?!
Maat Eek! I have invoked the wrath of the demon god's messanger. It seems the time has come to draw shut the curtains on my worthless life.
Master Shut the curtains on your life?! Who told you to do that?! If you say that again, I'm really gonna get mad!
*Scene Change*
Maat ... *sniff* I sought divinity in order to obtain peace, but my prayers went unanswered. I grew impatient in the end and offered myself up to a demon.
Maat Yes, I will admit it. I sold my soul to the devil, yet my wish remains ungranted, and I can no longer return to God's side. My heart is naught but a raging whirlwind
Maat My life is as empty as the passing mist. Where should I turn?
Master You gonna run away again?
Maat ...
Master *sigh* Of all the places in the world, why're you at a church inhabited by demons? Well, I guess this kinda place suits you.
Master But isn't it kinda awkward for an upright woman like you and a demon like me to meet in a place like this? There's gotta be somewhere better...
Maat Wait, could it be?! Did the almighty God send this person to me in order to give me a trial? Is that why you swooped down and searched for me?!
Master "Swooped down"? I was just running around in a sweatshirt. Ugh, arguing about that point's not gonna solve anything. Quit running off on your own and follow me.
Master We're going back home.
Maat ... I still have not found the place where my heart might find rest. But if it is the all-seeing God's desire that I search for it with you, then that is what I shall do!

Awakening III: Truth Seeker[]

[S-Grade Unlock]


O God! I have received your oracle! The holy God has descended upon the divine mountain! Let us create an altar!
Master Huh? What happened? Your clothes are all torn, and you're covered in leaves.
Master Your face is all scratched up, too. You're spouting a load of nonsense as usual, but what were you up to this time?
Lisa I detained her as she was roaming around the nearby mountain.
Master *sigh* So what's this about a divine mountain? Did you meet God or whatever there?
Maat Regrettably, I did not catch a glimpse of him. But I have received a divine revelation from the all-knowing God!
Lisa Apparently, she found a man carrying down water from the mountain spring and convinced him to let her have a drink. She has been like this ever since.
Master So, uh...God rules over springwater now?
Maat Yes. My magnificent God had the benevolence to bestow upon me a sip of the water of eternal life just as I was growing thirsty.
Master Ugh, would you just quit your yapping already?!
Master Gimme a break. Is this gonna keep going on until you meet this "God"? You don't even know if he exists.
Master You serve a demon, you know. If you ran into God now, hed probably just treat you like a traitor and smite you with divine flames, or something.
Maat That is true.
Master Wait, what? Something's off. Usually, you'd be all like "Even so, God would understand that his sheep had been led astray and offer a hand of salvation!' or something.
Lisa Master, for once in your life, you've said too much.
Master I was just kidding.
Maat ...
Lisa No matter what your intentions were, it seems she will not speak again for a while, as you wished.
Master I feel kinda bad.
*Scene Change*
Master I thought you'd be here.
Maat To think a filthy demon would dare enter a divine place protected by the holy God.
Master Yeah, well, I don't wanna be here, trust me. But I don't have much of a choice when I've got a delinquent child who keeps running away from home.
Maat A demon is my master. Why did I ever stoop so low as to become a demon's servant?
Master 'Cause your pactmaker entrusted me with her wish. To grant her "peace," or whatever...
Master Just so you know, I warned her. I told her she shouldn't ask a demon to grant her wish. But she wanted to form a pact, so there was nothing I could do.
Maat You can be rather...kind, for a demon.
Master Kind? I dunno about that.
Maat But that does not mean I can trust a demon like you. When the magnificent God soother me... When I am showered in that light, the only divine light, my heart will find peace.
Maat I have been searching only for that light... for years on end. I have prayed so hard, and yet I remain in the darkness. And what's more, I have fallen into deeper, darker pit!
Master You know, talking to a demon about this isn't gonna help. And companing to a God who only ever ignores you probably isn't gonna do much, either.
Master But there might be one solution. You might not like it, but why don't you help me become the ruler of all demons, who even God can't ignore? Or uh, something like that.
Master Oh, don't get me wrong.I'm not telling you to get your hands dirty. I won't make you do anything you don't wanna do.
Maat Ugh...To serve a demon, the enemy of the gentle and honest God... But it seems I can trust you.
Master Seriously?!
Maat I will do my best. After all, the truth only reveals itself to those who seek it.


5★ Child

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