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A Child named for the woman who reportedly possessed such beauty that even Zeus was captivated by her irresistible charms. Leda was known to look down on others from the highest of high horses, and this trait remains fully intact as a Child.

That said, she is also a surprisingly good listener, and will readily help anyone who comes to her for advice (though she grumbles constantly about it).

Since her pactmaker was starving at the time she formed the pact, she ended up as something of a glutton, always hungry for more food.


Autoattack: Light Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 73 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10 Deal 562 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)

Tap: Light Energy II[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 229 Damage, grant Barrier (absorbs +250 damage before HP is affected) on 1 random Ally for 8 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 2135 Damage, grant Barrier (absorbs +492 damage before HP is affected) on 1 random Ally for 8 seconds

Slide: Baptismal Sanctuary[]

Rank 1/1 Regen Amount +30% for all Allies and Regen 60 HP (once per 2 seconds) for 2 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP) for 16 seconds
Rank 7/10 Regen Amount +52.8% for all Allies and Regen 304 HP (once per 2 seconds) for 2 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP) for 16 seconds

Drive: Parody []

Level 1 Deal 1108 Damage to 2 random Enemies, grant Vampirism (recover 20% HP on attack) to 2 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP) for 20 seconds
Level 60+6 Deal 5732 Damage to 2 random Enemies, grant Vampirism (recover 20% HP on attack) to 2 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP) for 20 seconds

Leader Buff[]

Recovery Amount (Regen, Heal) +2.5% for all Allies

General Tips[]


Even though a Supporter type, she is one of the best healers and a must during Ragna Breaks / World Boss battles

When paired either with Maat or any of the CRT buffer Childs (Pantheon or Melpomene) the amount of healing is very high

Cons Not as good against high burst team compositions
Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice You shall pay for your insolence with your life!
D Story I For a lowly servant to request something of his princess takes courage. I commend you for that.
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Stay back!
D++ Critical Attack Voice Move!
C Inner Voice I That's Princess Leda to you. And don't forget my three meals per day!
C+ Damaged Voice Aaah!

Somebody, protect me! Owww!

C++ Death Cry Hahaha... so this is it...

I should have tried sweet-and-sour pork... while I still had the chance...

B Story II ... cheapskate.
B+ Battle Start Voice I see my beauty has captivated you!
B++ Hot Spring Voice Ahh, that feels good ♥ H-Hey, what do you think you're doing here?! Only princes are fit to faze upon me!
A Inner Voice II As my servant, it is your duty to serve me. Rejoice, for I shall also bestow upon you the honor of preparing my meals.
A+ Slide Skill Voice How dare you!
A++ Victory Voice All thanks to me! Now bow down and offer your gratitude!
S Story III Don't get so angry. I was just making a joke! But, thank you. Demon.
All Inner Voice III I expect your undivided attention from here on out. And make sure to answer me when I speak to you. Understood?

Story Dialog[]

Awakening I: Make Breakfast![]

[D-Grade Unlock]


Servant! I bestow on you the honor of preparing my breakfast. Today, I would like grilled fish over rice.
Master Fine, fine. I don't mind what little it takes to make your meal, but could you at least not call me that?
Leda Oh, but I am a princess. Those who see to my needs are therefore servants, no?
Master Who is it you remind me of...
Leda Am I wrong? My pactmaker being the way she is... It seems only natural I am as I am.
Well, she's quite self-assured!
Leda Now, hurry along with dining preparations. I will not wait another wasted second!
Master I've got microwave curry. I'll just nuke it real quick. Just wait... Three minutes and fifty nine seconds.
Leda What chicanery is this! Did you not hear me? I requested grilled fish. 
Master Do you hear yourself? I made the rice. Now, if you want something more, you could try asking politely. 
Leda And here I thought fortune has smiled upon me, and I would receive a free meal every day. But apparently I'm going to have to make it myself.
Her pactmaker was down for her last hundred yen, but felt she was too good to work and save money.
Master The Child was born because of a 10,000 yen bill.
Leda Gah...
Leda came into the world when her pactmaker wished for 10,100 yen. Her wish fulfilled, the pactmaker now had 10,100 yen.
Leda D-Don't say such things! I heard you! Saying my worth is only 10,000 yen... Don't make me sound so pathetic.
Master Well, to me 10,000 yen is quite a bit. At my crappy job, it takes a lot of hours to make that much.
Leda ...Could it be? Were you the one who prepared the funds my pactmaker found?
Master I just barely had it. Had it not been right after payday, I probably would've had to throw in the towel. Heh, I was lucky she didn't ask for all that much.
Leda Stop saying it that way! You make it seem like I'm not worth all that much. You're far too arrogant for a proper servant!
Master I see. So your pride probably won't let you accept food from a servant like me. I guess I'll have to eat the curry.
Leda Tighten your reins! I suppose I cannot hope for better at present. Since you seem to want me to try it, I'll eat the curry.
Master Yeah, yeah, have at it. Can you throw mine in the microwave with yours?
Leda You expect me to do it? Some servant seems to have a high opinion of himself!
Master I'm not your servant. Just how long do you intend to keep this princess act up?
Leda ...
Master Hmmm?
Leda I, uh, the microwave...
Master Huh?
Leda I don't know how... to use the microwave.
Master Really?
You just set the time and press the start button. Just how oblivious is that pactmaker.
Master If you ask nicely, I will help you with the microwave, and anything else you would like.
Leda Hmph! You leave me no choice. Now, I wouldn't say this to just anyone. So be sure to listen carefully!
Master Fine, fine. Get on with it then.
Leda For a lowly servant to request something of his princess is quite the courage. I will commend you for that.
Master Was that supposed to be a compliment? No part of that sounded like something I'd enjoy hearing. 
Leda What! I'm going to eat this bizarre food you put in front of me for you! You should be crying tears of joy!
Master I get it. You don't want the food.
Leda I didn't say that! Threatening to take away sustenance like that is just downright mean!
Master You say that, yet you still have no idea how to ask for something. 
Leda I have to ask you for it? Why? Why is that necessary?
Master That's just normal. And well, you were really rude about it before. Even if you can just say "please" I'd take that.
Leda Fine, I will allow you to heat my curry! Show me gratitude! Please!
Master This seems to only be getting worse.
Leda Quite a selfish servant... I understand. I will do this just for you!
Master Could you hurry it up? This conversation has gone on long enough already. Ready... go!
Leda C-Could you... Could you, um... Heat the curry... please.
Master Very good. If you had just said that from the start, I would've helped you. And so would everyone else. Okay, now let me show you how to use the microwave. 
Leda So that's what you wanted me to say... Does this mean I also have to use the microwave myself from now on?
Master Of course. I don't want to go through this every morning.
She might not be very competent or know much about the world, but if taught it seems she'll try to learn. Maybe she isn't a purely selfish princess after all.
Master If you learn to use the microwave, I promise to buy even more delicious microwave meals tomorrow.
Leda Truly? I don't like cheap food. So for next time... I'll have sweet-and-sour pork with fried ride! 
Could that be what she considers fine dining?
Leda Now please teach me how to do this! Be a good servant and hurry up!
Master Fine, fine. I'm starving now, too, so let's eat. 

Awakening II: Get Lunch![]

[B-Grade Unlock]

Leda Oh, Servant! I'm permitting you to make lunch for me today! T-Today... You promised.
Master Right... Was it sweet-and-sour pork with fried rice? But first...
Leda Of course, I have to ask, right? Okay, my servant! Make me sweet-and-sour pork with fried rice, please!
Master That's very good. Also, I wish you'd please stop treating me as your servant. 
Leda Oh, but I simply must. I mean, your face does not exactly exemplify master status.
Master ...You just want to say I'm not good looking enough. No one can change the face they were born with. So no one here is to be looked down at. Everybody here is equal. 
Leda In the guise a demon, you say things as though you're some respected human. You're far too cocky. If you were hoping for praise, you won't get it from me. Demon.
Master Hmmm... Something about that doesn't sit right. 
Leda You said I can't treat you as a servant, so I called you Demon. Does that suit, you Demon?
I get it now. Her talent is provoking people... even when it serves no purpose. 
Master Well, if you're going to be like that, then I'm not giving you any pork or rice. 
Leda Oh, great, Mr. Demon! I would like to eat Chinese, please ♥
She'll really do anything if it's for the food.
Leda See, wasn't that an adorable request? Now, I'll call the Chinese place, and place the order.
She's ordering it from a restaurant?! Of course she has no idea how to cook Chinese food...
Leda Fried rice! Sweet-and-sour pork! ♥ Oh, this is going to be good ♥
If it makes her this happy... I can't very well tell her "no." I'll just go get the food from the restaurant. 
Leda Oh, my! What beautiful food ♥ We can eat now, right? Let's dig in!
Master Hold it.
Leda What now! Why are you giving commands like I'm a pet poodle!
Master Before we eat, let's make something clear. 
Leda Is this going to be something like "do you like this pineapple?" I'm not that picky an eater!
Master Yeah, I don't really like warm pineapple... Is not what I was going to say! In exchange for this meal, I need you to stop looking down on and insulting others. So what do you say?
Leda I'm just... so hungry... Fine! I will, from now on, always call you Demon.
Master Oh, that's not all I expect you to do. What'd I say? You can't look down on or insult others. 
Leda Hmph. Picky men are never popular. Fine. Allow me to correct my words. From now on, right this instant, you are my equal. 
Master I wonder if you really think so.
Leda I do! I do! ...So I can eat this too, right? I'll microwave it ♪
Master You don't need to because it's takeout. You can see the steam. 
Leda Really? Let's just do takeout from now on ♪ Doesn't that sound fun ♪
Master I mean, if you're willing to pay for it. 
Leda ...cheapskate. 
Because her pactmaker also needed money, she seems to avoid talking about it. 
Leda Well, then shall we? I mean... I can eat now, right?
Master Yay! Go ahead! Sorry I made you wait.
Leda Hehehe ♥
Whenever there's food involved she becomes real humble... I wonder if this could cure her of some of that arrogance?
Master Does it taste good?
Leda So good ♥♥♥
Master If from now on your promise to look after yourself and see to your own needs. I'll treat you to this again.
Leda Seriously?
Master Seriously.
Leda I promise. Pinky swear! If you don't hold up your end... You owe me 10,000 yen.
Master Wha...
Leda You pinky swore! You can't back out now. We have a pact.
Well, now that Leda seems to be on a good path, I think I'll have some lunch... What the?!
Master Wh-Where'd it all go? D-did the pork evaporate? Was there some kinda time limit? 
Leda You need to pay attention. This is battle. While you were talking. I cleared the table!
Master How did you... That was so fast!
I-I'm not buying you lunch again!

Awakening III: Minor Evening Chitchat[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

Leda Servant! It's dinner time! So what will I let you make for me today?
Master Huh? Leda did you forget your promise?
Leda Oh, um... Demon! Dinner time! So, what will I let you make for me today?
All she changed was what she calls me...
Master You really do like eating. You always come exactly at meal time.
Leda My pactmaker was always starving to avoid spending her last hundred yen, and that had a big impact on me.
Master So the memory of hunger so great you'd cling to a demon, is where that attitude of yours come from.
Leda But more than that, she wants to be a princess. And men that will bring her food, waiting for her hand and foot, like you, Servant.
Master I'm not a servant. Remember how your promised to look after your own needs?
Leda In my idea of an ideal life... It's fine if you're not my servant, so let's have a delicious dinner!
Master In the it's always food with you. But we won't be getting takeout today. 
Leda Eh?
Master Money doesn't grow on trees you know. You can't just go out and pick it like fruit. Today's dinner is... whatever we have laying around. 
Leda Is it three minutes and fifty nine second curry?
Master No, today is four minute 1 second hayashi rice. 
Leda Why do you always go down to the exact second?
Master You need to be precise if you want it to be perfect! Now we also need to make some rice. 
Leda Okay! Today I'll learn how to make rice. Um, please teach me. 
Yes! All this work with her seems to be paying off! She asked me nicely without any prompting. 
Master Okay, how about I make it today. Consider it reward since you're making progress. 
Leda ...Really?
Master Really.
Leda So are you returning to your primary duties as a servant? Will my life as a princess be restored?
Master I didn't say all that! And my job is not to be your servant.
Leda Don't get so angry. I was just making a joke! But, thank you, Demon.
I think that's the first time I've heard her say thank you unprompted, too!
Master Wait just a bit for me to make the rice. Where is the rice?
Leda Um, Demon...
Master Huh? What's up?
Leda You're a...good demon. You've taught me so many different things. Why is that?
It's nothing. This just ends up making my life easier.
Leda You're always thinking about me. And scolding me. You're a...nice demon, aren't you?
No, like I said, this just makes my life easier. 
Leda Since I don't really have anything to repay you with, from now I'm going to fight my hardest!
Master I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you. I'll be counting on you.
Leda You bet! And I'll even listen to what you ask me to do.
I can't believe she said that! All this effort really hasn't been a waste. I am such a great strategist.
Master I've been looking for the rice, but I can't find it. 
Leda What?
Master I can't believe this! We're out! And we don't really have any money... I'm sorry, Leda. Have some candy and snacks. Eat as much as you want.
Leda Are you saying instead of dinner, I am to eat sweets?! I take back everything I just said! What a horrible servant you are!
Master Gah! I think I just got demoted.
Leda This shouldn't be hard to fix. Go to the ATM!
Master I am...
Leda One more thing! As punishment for attempting to substitute sweets for my lovely dinner, go get fried chicken! If you do not, I will forever call you "servant"!
Master I got it. I got it. I'm going. I'll get the chicken. 
Leda Hmph! Be quick about it! I can't believe this demon!
Well, this pattern seems familiar. I guess I better go get the rest of dinner and some fried chicken. 


5★ Child

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