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Known to the local populace as "Blackstar" to signify her presence as the undying light of Harlem Street, Lan Fei's name also means "mist".

The undisputed queen of Darktown, she is ruthless when it comes to excising dead weight, and if necessary, will even use demons as a means to an end.

Be careful not to get swept up in trouble when dealing with her; in many ways, she dances to the beat of her own drum...


Auto Attack: Dark Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 101 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10 Deal 687 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)

Tap: Dark Trap[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 387 Damage, Target's ATK -700 for 10 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 2547 Damage, Target's ATK -1290 for 10 seconds

Slide: Witch's Playtime[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 608 Damage to 2 Enemies (Priority: Highest ATK). 500 of Ignore DEF Damage, targets' Drive Gauge -8%
Rank 7/10 Deal 3899 Damage to 2 Enemies (Priority: Highest ATK). 956 of Ignore DEF Damage, targets' Drive Gauge -19.8%

Drive: Black Lotus[]

Level 1 Deal 2012 Damage to 3 Enemies (Priority: Highest DEF), remove 1 Buff and Enemies' Drive Gauge is -10%
Level 60+6 Deal 7043 Damage to 3 Enemies (Priority: Highest DEF), remove 1 Buff and Enemies' Drive Gauge is -10%

Leader Buff[]

ATK -15% for Light Type Enemies

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

Voice List
E Drive Skill Voice Such pretension is necessary...
D Story I Welcome my precious customer... Oh, I am surprised you came.
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Aren’t you a nasty one?
D++ Critical Attack Voice That’s enough. Playtime is over.
C Inner Voice I Leading a group of businesspeople is no easy task...
C+ Damaged Voice 1. How careless.

2. Well, now...

3. Ugh...

C++ Death Cry 1. I guess this is it...

2. No...

B Story II Rotten branches will be swiftly pruned...
B+ Battle Start Voice Get back to your post...
B++ Hot Spring Voice This sort of thing can be nice from time to time...
A Inner Voice II Those with ambition are far more attractive than those

without. In that sense, sir. I’m afraid you come up short...

A+ Slide Skill Voice Welcome to the Night World.
A++ Victory Voice Satisfied?
S Story III Never avoid that which is difficult. Say your arm is broken

and your head Split open... Only those who endure the hardship will survive.

All Inner Voice III I know why you refuse us. By all means, do what you think is best. In the meantime, we remain here, as close to you as possible...

Story Dialog[]

Awakening I: Unfamiliar Guest[]

[D-Grade Unlock]

Lan Fei

Oh, Darling~ How long has it been? Are you well?
Frej I'm well enough. How about you, Lan Fei?
Lan Fei I've been doing okay. I run a tea shop on the edge of the city.
Frej Hah! 'Edge of the World Tea'?

Rumour has it you're doing quite well. Thanks in part to Archfiend candidates unfamiliar with the world, I imagine.

Lan Fei Speak softer. We don't want people hearing you.
Lan Fei Did you just come here to bother me? Or perhaps you're trying to keep me all to yourself... Sooner or later your greed will get you into trouble. Heaven's judgment will rain down upon you.
Frej Heaven's judgment? Sounds fun.

Now can you give me what I asked for? You didn't forget, did you?

Lan Fei Oh, I acquired it.

I cannot read the writing of the Infernal Realm, which made it rather difficult to get.

Frej You are a real blessing.

Living in this strange place fosters a longing for things of the Infernal Realm.

Frej I'm leaving half with you to give to Ode later. He also has a fondness for this.

Much obliged, Sweetheart.

Neamhain Player... Philanderer... Go to hell...
*Scene Change*
Od Lan Fei...
Lan Fei Welcome, Ode
Od Yes.
Lan Fei ...
Od ...
Lan Fei If you just stare, we're never going to get anywhere.

You've come to collect what Frej left with me, have you not?

Od He insisted I come to get it.
Lan Fei Heh... I'd heard you were also fond of this. Go ahead.

Have the water of the Infernal Realm.

Lan Fei I cannot read the directions written in the language of the Infernal Realm, so I've not stored in any special way, but...
Od It's fine.
Lan Fei I'd also heard that that wannabe demon had encountered a bit of trouble...
Od So he did. But I don't think that the story would entertain you all that much.

I'm done here.

Lan Fei Heh...heh...Stubborn devil...
*Scene Change*
Lan Fei Welcome my precious customer... Oh, I am surprised you came.
Master Eeep!
Lan Fei Now, now... It's impolite to scream when you see someone's face.
Master Hmph! I've no interest in getting to know you in an impolite way or otherwise.
Lan Fei Heh heh, how cute... Do you not know how to treat an adult woman?

Or perhaps you're just playing hard to get?

Lan Fei But what road shall we walk together...My heart wishes only to serve and see your desires fulfilled. You may do with my body and heart as you please...
Master Stop saying strange things!

If someone else heard you, they'd definitely get the wrong idea.

Lan Fei You needn't be so flustered. No one will hear us...

So what service can I perform for you today?

Master S-Service? Hey now, stay back! You are creeping me out.
Lan Fei Creepy? Oh my, are you blushing? You really are a cutie.

Awakening II: Black Sheep[]

[B-Grade Unlock]

Lan Fei

Welcome, my precious customer!
Master Eeek!
Lan Fei Are we to go through this every time? Think of me like a big sister.

Come closer. Open yourself up to me.

Master The thought alone gives me shivers.

But more importantly, there's something I want to ask you. Did you see Ode recently?

Lan Fei Oh my, I forgot I have a matter of urgent business.

Perhaps my sweet, we can continue this conversation next time?

Master This won't take much of your time. I'll be brief.
Lan Fei My apologies! Good-bye!
Master Huh? Lan Fei, wait a second!
*Scene Change*
??? Good day, Lan Fei! It has been a long time since you graced my door.
Lan Fei Yes...
??? Hello, Miss! What can I do for you today?
Lan Fei A lot actually... Thank you all for your hard work.
??? If you had let us know, we could have come and picked you up! What happened today?
Lan Fei Don't worry about me. I just came to see how things were.
??? Guys! The lady is here!
Lan Fei You needn't go so far as all that. Everyone, return to your places.

I'm glad to receive such appreciation, however, going so far as to stop working won't do.

Lan Fei Before I forget... There were a number of concealed individuals observing me.

Let us swiftly prune those rotten branches.

*Scene Change*
Lisa Master was adamant that Lan Fei was up to something, so I was tasked to follow her...

But it seems she's just scouting her territory.

Master She went to check on something, she'd rather we didn't know about. I'm certain of that.
Lisa How to proceed... With Lan Fei, this is a most delicate position.

She is dealing with a demon, so it is only natural she would be cautious.

Lisa I cannot say for certain what her plans are, but if Lan Fei is acting like things are normal, then she's getting ready to spring a trap on someone...or someones.
Lisa She's probably looking to find the suspicious one from within her ranks to dispose of.

A smart move. The signs of a capable leader.

Lisa Perhaps, Master could take a page from out of her book.
Master Yes, yes... I am your dumb leader...

Awakening III: Contest[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

Lan Fei What brings you here at this hour? I was sleeping until you came pounding on my door.

Could it really not wait? Has the battle begun?

??? Lan Fei, please hurry! We need weapons! Dammit! They took us by surprise!
Lan Fei You ask for weapons, but there are many kinds. I could list them out...
??? We need the kind you don't use to fight humans. Our target is a demon!
Lan Fei ...? I've never said that my weapons cannot be used on humans... I can bring you the weapon you seek. However, since this is outside usual business hours there will be an additional fee.
Lan Fei Is that clear?
??? Lan Fei have we not known each other long enough? Please hurry! I will get you the money after!
Lan Fei It's because we've known each other so long that I'm asking about payment upfront. You've not been a trustworthy customer.
??? Dammit!
Lan Fei That's quite a glare that you got... But I'm used to dealing with people that look at me like that...
Lan Fei So, what do you say, oh customer of mine?
Lan Fei If you've no interest in my proposal, then I propose you leave. To come calling upon a woman at this late hour? Surely such behavior will invite terrible rumors.
??? Fine! I will pay your prescribed price. Bring a selection of weapons that may be of use.

I need them by Monday!

Lan Fei It shall be done.
*Scene Change*
Ryohei Kirihara Phew! I tried to think of why you suddenly pretended to be asleep, and have to wonder if there was an ulterior motive?
Lan Fei Oh my, are you trying to insinuate something scandalous? This was just business.

Customers who demand the impossible just because they're regulars must be dealt with properly.

Ryohei Kirihara What will you do? There's isn't much time until Monday.
Lan Fei If there aren't enough people or time... Then I shall handle it myself.
Lan Fei This world is made up of money and trust. And results are everything. You too live in this world, so you would do well to remember: not all things thought valuable by some lead to success.
Lan Fei Especially for those of us who live in the Night World, who have to do business with demons.

Never avoid that which is difficult. Say your arm is broken and your head split open...

only those who endure the hardships will survive.

Ryohei Kirihara Hmmm... You are a master of words. I cannot believe you were so panicked about spilling water on my computer.
Lan Fei Heh... Well, even I, Lan Fei, can be a bit human at times.


5★ Child

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