An apprentice maiko who also trains in Bajiquan martial arts. She slipped away from her training in order to com here on vacation.

Rarity ★★★
Stats Base Max Lv Max Lv & Uncaps
ATK 265
DEF 245
Enchantments Passive
Base Increase Final CRT by 100
+1 Increase Final CRT by 150
+2 Increase Final CRT by 200
+3 Increase Final CRT by 250
Soul Carta
5★ Cards
Seventh Time Running Away Icon
Forbidden Fruit Icon
Afternoon Nap Icon
Summer Festival Night Icon
Relaxing at the Beach Icon
Dominus Duo Icon
Best Friend Trio Icon
Central Fiction Icon
Seaside Goddess Icon
Wandering Doryeong Icon
Ayane Icon
Tamaki Icon
A Promise Under Wisteria Icon
A Subaquatic Date Icon
Midnight Partners Icon
S.T.F. Icon
Demon-Hunter Demon Icon
The Power of a Smile Icon
Pride That Pierces the Heavens Icon
With a Certain Priestess Icon
4★ Cards
Nyotengu Icon
Luna Icon
A Castle of Pleasure Icon
The Dream Team Icon
Strategist's Night Icon
High Jump Icon
Time's Up! Icon
Baptism of the Goddess Icon
Today I'm Nice Moa Icon
3★ Cards
Misaki Icon
Kokoro Icon
An Eager Employee Icon
A Little Looter Icon
Afternoon Train Icon
Secret Date Icon
The Sweetest Proposal Icon
Nautical Pop Star Icon
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