Profile[edit | edit source]

A demon who inherited the Bride's Ring, a family heirloom, from her father, and joined the Archfiend Contest to fulfill her mission of marrying the finest bride.

She suppresses her otherwise violent nature, assuming a more gentlemanly manner.

However, she's known to let her instincts slip through before Pomona, thanks to whom she was able to overcome her complexes.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Auto attack : Dark Attack[edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 102 Auto Attack Damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10 Deal 690 Auto Attack Damage to the target (Automatic)

Tap : Debutante's Stage [edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 393 Damage, Debuff EVA -15% for 10 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 2569 Damage, Debuff EVA -27.5% for 10 seconds

Slide : Mechanical Romance[edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 662 Damage to 2 Enemies with Lowest HP, Damage Resonance (Also deal 20% of the Damage done to target up to 2 Enemies with Lowest HP other than target) for 12 seconds & 70% chance to remove one Buff
Rank 7/10 Deal 3972 Damage to 2 Enemies with Lowest HP, Damage Resonance (Also deal 40% of the Damage done to target up to 2 Enemies with Lowest HP other than target) for 12 seconds & 90.1% chance to remove one Buff

Drive : Closing Rondo[edit | edit source]

Level 1 Deal 2005 Damage to 3 random Enemies, Damage Resonance (Also Deal 35% of the Damage done to target up to 2 Enemies with Lowest HP other than target) for 16 seconds.
Level 60+6 Deal 7086 Damage to 3 random Enemies, Damage Resonance (Also Deal 35% of the Damage done to target up to 2 Enemies with Lowest HP other than target) for 16 seconds.

Leader Buff[edit | edit source]

Debuff EVA -12% for all Enemies

General Tips[edit | edit source]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:

Awakening[edit | edit source]

Voice List[edit | edit source]

E Drive Skill Voice Leave your fate in my hands!
D Story I It's nor as if I'm asking her to marry me this instant. I'm willing to wait 1,000- or even 2,000- years until she's ready.
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice I shall protect you.
D++ Critical Attack Voice The time for games has ended!
C Inner Voice I I don't mind if you playfull call me Ippy or something like that. After all, you're one of my fated bride candidates, are you not?
C+ Damaged Voice
  • Is that all?
  • Ugh!
  • Why, you...
C++ Death Cry
  • Just one more time... here...
  • I let you see... a most disgraceful display.
B Story II I'm not praticularly fixated on finding a female partner. Even you would do. What do you say, will you marry me?
B+ Battle Start Voice I vow my eternal love for you.
B++ Hot Spring Voice Trying to shake off those marriage blues, hmm? Makes sense. I was just thinking I needed some time off, myself.
A Inner Voice II I haven't seen my father since my infancy, nor have I any such interest. He's surely off enjoying his life somewhere.
A+ Slide Skill Voice Focus on me!
A++ Victory Voice I dedicated this victory to you.
S Story III Let me just say this: I am not so foolish as to let a blue bird twice from my grasp.
All Inner Voice III Since coming here I've come to realize what a persistent personality I possess. And you, Pomona, have the worst luck. Hahaha. You think me strange, too, don't you?

Story Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Awakening I : Pomona's Ordeal[edit | edit source]

[D-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Bedroom]
Master's Mind

Life can be pretty weird sometimes.

Like, for example...

Iphis Pomona, you are my sun.
Master's Mind When demons burst into my place uninvited, spouting things like "you are my sun" unironically.
Pomona Huh? Oooh, you're such a meanie!
Master's Mind Not to mention that the "sun" in question happens to be none other than a Child of mine.
Iphis Oh, bother. She's run off again. What to do?
Master Oh, I dunno, how about not dropping by here all the time? What are you tryin' to do?
Iphis My apologies. I should've told you in advance.
Master Okay, yes, but you should probably apologize to Pomona, too.
Iphis Indeed. I cannot apologize enough. For some reason, she's become ill at ease around me.
Master Well, she's always been a bit slow opening up to people. Also...
Iphis Also?
Master Running away seems like a pretty normal response to having a wedding ring shoved in your face at every turn.
Iphis Are you saying I'm troubling her?

I mean... why are you going after her in the first place? Didn't you like Hildr?

I guess you moved on pretty fast.


Hahaha. I'd be hard pressed to deny it. It's true that I once thought to take Hildr as my bride the same way I now pursue Pomona.

However, It is all due to inextricable relationship with a little thing called "destiny." Surely you understand.

Master Well, I get how you feel, but still...

Yes, even then, Pomona must think me the pushiest demon of all. It's truly quite saddening.

Could the Bride's Ring be the problem, perhaps? It's less a symbol of the vow of marriage than a wish to bring the bride joy.

It also represent "something old," symbolizing the connection between the past and the future. Hence it being a family heirloom for generations.

Master Hold up! A family heirloom? How do you think it feels to receive something like that? It's a huge deal.

Hmmm. So the value of the ring is making it too weighty of a gift to accept, then?

It is true my family is faily renowned in the Infernal Realm. An heirloom such as Bride's Ring is priceless, to say the least. But the matters not.


The problem isn't the ring's value or price or whatever. All the "bride" talk, plus the way you're chasing her... it's kind of a lot, don't you think?

She keeps avoiding you because you think she's your bride.

Iphis I know that's why she's doing it, but... I just can't accept it.
Master Why?! What part can you not accept?!

It is not as if I'm asking her to marry me this instant. I'm willing to wait 1,000 - or even 2,000 - years until she's ready.

And what demon could make her happier than me? Let her search. She won't find anyone better. Don't you agree?



Mona! A little help here! I can't deal with this! SHe's gonna make my head explode.

Mona Hmm. They do say love is blind. If it was anything else, we could talk it out, but when it comes to Pomona, she can't think straight.
Lisa One must almost admire her unfathomable tenacity. I imagine Pomona's going to have it rough for a while.

Awakening II : Pomona's Feelings[edit | edit source]

[B-Grade Unlock]

[at Café]
Hildr Isn;t it just awful? All I did was show a tiny bit of love, and the little customer was screeching like a banshee.
Iphis It certainly would hurt for a lover to react in such a way,
Hildr Right? I knew you'd understand, Iphis ♥
Iphis I'm happy you thought so. Even more so if I was of any help.
Master Gwaaah! Hold it right there, Iphis! Are you trying to make Hildr your bride this time?!
Iphis Oh, no, don't misunderstand. I merely ran into an old friend and was having a nice chat.
Master Since when is Hildr your "old friend"?

Alas, you continue to misunderstand. Let me make one thing perfectly clear.

I'm not particularly fixated on finding a female partner. Even you would do. What do you say? Will you marry me?

Master (Bridal Outfit)



Don't just put a ring on whoever you want!

Iphis You seemed to be jealous of Hildr and myself. I figured it was becaouse you'd become interested in me. Was I mistaken?
Hildr No way! Little customer, were you totally jealous? Eeek! That's so cute! ♥
Master (Bridal Outift)

I wasn't!

  • Turn back to his original outfit* You were just chatting, weren't you? Who cares, then? Ack, Hildr! Let go! You freakin' powerhouse!
Hildr What's the matter, little customer? Do I make your heart fo boom boom when I hold you?
Master Argh. No, you make my bones go crack crack!


You two get along so well. It's hard not to envy you.

Master What is there to envy, exactly?!
Iphis Actually, I've got business with you. It's why I'm here.
Master N-Not the face! Can we talk it out?!
Iphis No need to be so frightened. I'm not here for a fight. I just...
Master Just what?
Iphis Pomona seems interested in you. I just wanted to ask you why.

Pomona again? Didn't we beat that horse to death already?

Since Pomona isn't in love with anyone, putting the ring on didn't change anything.

So whoever she DOES like, it's not me!

Iphis And yet, if she simply hasn't come to terms with her true feelings, then something could still happen. Like with you the other day.
Master What do you mean?
Pomona Iphis!
Iphis Oh! My sun, where were you?
Pomona You... You jerk! You big meanie!
Iphis Hit me all you want. Those cute, dainty hand of yours can do me no har - Ow, hey! Why are you so angry?
Pomona What do you mean "why"? You jerk-face!
Iphis Pomona! If I've done anything wrong, please just tell me!

Awakening III : Message for Pomona[edit | edit source]

[S-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Bedroom, at night]
Master's Mind

During the Bride's Ring kerfuffle, or whatever you wanna call it, the demon Iphis took Hildr away to be her bride. We weren't sure what would happen.

But we saved Hildr, Pomona talked Iphis down, and that was that. By the end, they had both absorbed some Iphis's magic and gotten stronger.


Pomona Master! Help me!
Master What's wrong?!
Pomona It's Iphis! She-
Master Of course. She's after you again, huh? You know, I don't think you have to hide from her so much. She's really not that bad.
Pomona But...
Master All right, all right. Hide here.
Iphis Pomona! ...Oh, it's you. Do you know if Pomona was here?
Master Hey, Iphis, just out of curiousity: What's your stance on people dropping by others' houses without warning?
Iphis Oh dear. I'm at it again, aren't I? A thousand aoplogies. I was just so intently searching for Pomona, you see.

That again, huh? Anyway, what do you want?

If it's nothing in particular, maybe you should go home, yeah?

I'm a little busy right now. Gotta head over to my job soon.

Iphis A job? At this hour?
Master Y-Yeah, I had to pick up a nighttime job for, uh, life reasons! A noble among nobles like you wouldn't understand.
Iphis Even I'm not so ignorant of the Mortal Realm's social mores. But is it not odd? You're supposed to be a young man. You shouldn't be allowed to work at this hour.
Pomona *In the distance, still hiding* ...
Iphis In any case, rest assured I understand.
Master Well, that saves me some trouble. Anyway, I'm not sure what you're here for, but let's take it outside.
[Park Fountain at Night]
Pomona *In the distance, still hiding* ...
Iphis Hmmm. Curious indeed. I felt her presence around thses parts, but no matter how hard I search, I can't seems to find her.
Master Y-Yeah? Well, that's Pomona for ya. She can be kinda...elusive like that.
Iphis She can, can she? How unexpected. I always took her to be more of a daydreamer, quick to get lost in thought.
Master That's her, all right. Haha!

But now, thanks to my persistence, I've gone and scared her off.

I wanted to get an apology in before I went back home, but for all my calling, she's nowhere to be found.

Master Home? Like, "home" home?
Iphis I haven't returned to my domain in a good amount of time. Not since coming here.
Master It all seems so sudden.

Well, I'd be remiss to trespass in some other Candidate's domain and start a fight. And I certainly wouldn't want to losa mine, either.

I hate leaving behind a bad impression. However, it seems I've little say in the matter.

Master Hmmm. Pomona's always been a quiet one, and crazy shy to boot. That's not to say she's a coward, though.

Indeed. She may not say much, and she may come across as a pushover, but her convictions are strong indeed.

Hence my concern. I was much to hasty. She's just such a good girl that I wanted to get to her before anyone else did.

Of course, that all but demonstrate my egoism. What a bird willingly flies into its own cage?


I think she'd open up to you if you reeled it in a bit. Maybe try being a little less aggressive in your approach.

Whether or not she becomes your ideal bride would be a different story.


I can imagine nothing greater. However, that is more than I'm really wishing for.

And yet...

Let me just say this: I am not so foolish as to let a bluebird twice slip from my grasp.

Master Huh? Who are you telling that to?

My feelings are always beside you. I'll come for you whenever you're ready.

...Would you tell that to Pomona?

A lot has happened, but thanks to you, I enjoyed a rather pleasant dream. Don't hesitate to call if anything comes up.



5★ Child

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