Profile[edit | edit source]

A wish for peace brought about a miracle! HATSUNE MIKU is a digital diva summoned from another world.

Said to possess the voice of an angel, her songs can soothe even the most twisted of demonic souls. Her music resounds throughout the world even now, imparting a sense of peace and respite to the weary candidates of the Archfiend Contest.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Autoattack: Water Attack[edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 100 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10

Tap: Ultrasonic Attack[edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 396 Damage, Recovery Amount (Regen, Heal) +30% for 3 Water Type Ailles for 10 seconds
Rank 7/10

Slide: Hummingbird[edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 605 Damage to Enemis, and grant ATK +1200 to 3 Allies (Priority: Highest ATK) for 16 seconds and has a 70% chance to grant Aid (Weak Point Skill damage +15%, ATK increased in proportion to current numnber of buffs) for 14 seconds Water Type Allies (Max 5)
Rank 7/10

Drive: Angel Voice[edit | edit source]

Level 1 Deal 1719 Damage to 2 random Enemies, Drive Skill Damage +50% for up to 5 Water Type Allies and Drive Gauge +300 for ally for 33 seconds
Level 60+6

Leader Buff[edit | edit source]

Tap Skill Damage +10% (in raid +10% added) for water Type Allies

General Tips[edit | edit source]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:

Awakening[edit | edit source]

Voice List[edit | edit source]

E Drive Skill Voice This is the power digital song ♪
D Story I My heart is pounding.. It makes me want to sing too.
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Sol La Ti Do ♪
D++ Critical Attack Voice Awesome rhythm!
C Inner Voice I Let me sing when you make your big debut!
C+ Damaged Voice

1 : Ow! 2 : Aaah!

3 : Ouch!

C++ Death Cry 1 : Error... Error...

2 : I still want to sing...

B Story II I always put my soul into my singing! I'm sure your heart is bursting with the same emotion!
B+ Battle Start Voice I'd like to sing for you now!
B++ Hot Spring Voice Ah... A fine hot bath ♪
A Inner Voice II Next time, it'll be my turn to be master.
A+ Slide Skill Voice Fortissimo!
A++ Victory Voice Let me sing another song!
S Story III Thank you all for listening!
All Inner Voice III Master, We'll always be together, okay?

Story Dialog[edit | edit source]

Awakening I: Song For Who[edit | edit source]

[D-Grade Unlock]

Aria Well then, I'm off, Master ♪
Master Okay, say hi to Miku.

This is something from me. Hang on a second.

Master You guys really seem to have a lot of fun.

Can I tag along next time?

Siren If an Archfiend candidate goes out, then other demons might see where he goes, so you can't go meet Miku. Isn't that what you said Mr. Demon?
Master I guess, I did.
Muse I'll tell you what happens, so just wait here.

Ok, let's go.

Aria Roger that.
Siren Well, we'll be back later.
Melpomene ...
Master Is Melpomene not going?
Melpomene I'm not interested in people not into rock.
Master Didn't you watch Miku's TV broadcast?

Well, whatever...

HATSUNE MIKU Oh, thank you all for coming!
Aria Hi, Miku-chan!
Siren Mr. Demon wanted us to give this to you.
HATSUNE MIKU Oh, that's so nice of him.

I want to meet him, too.

Muse I have a feeling he'll be overjoyed to hear that.
Aria Master was really worried about Miku~
Aria But I've been wondering when Master would take more of an interest in idols.

I'm starting to lose confidence.

HATSUNE MIKU It'll be okay! Stay confident! I'm certain your efforts will be rewarded Aria. Your practice song and dance were excellent!
Aria What! You saw my practice?!
HATSUNE MIKU Yep! The performance was absolutely wonderful!

It really felt like you were up on a stage.

Aria A compliment like that from Miku...

I'm blushing.

Siren Yeah, it was great!

Stay confident!

Muse Yes, you've steadily been growing.

The rest of us need to try harder, too.

HATSUNE MIKU It's not just Aria.

I love Siren's songs and Muse's songs, too.

HATSUNE MIKU But I've only been able to see you sing.

I'd love to sing with you.

HATSUNE MIKU My heart gets pumping.

And I just want to start singing.

HATSUNE MIKU It would be nice to have another chance to stand on stage in front of everyone and sing.

Awakening II: Session[edit | edit source]

[B-Grade Unlock]

Muse You really want to get back out on stage, huh.
HATSUNE MIKU I'm sorry. It's not that I'm dissatisfied now.

I just... miss it a little.

Aria You're an idol.

It's natural you don't like being shut away from the world.

Siren But if Miku-chan goes and performs, it'll just end up like last time.
Muse Yeah...

If you do a solo live show, the scramble for tickets would be as crazy as the Archfiend Contest.

Aria But what if she just jumped in and joined a performance?
Siren You mean crash someone's performance?
Aria Exactly!

And Siren and Muse have a live session coming up!

Aria Since it's mostly low key, Miku showing up shouldn't be a problem!

I don't want to inconvenience you...

Aria You guys don't think it's any trouble, right?
Siren No way!

It'll be awesome!

Muse I also don't mind.

It's just a small show to kill some time.

Muse If you join, it might open some pretty interesting new possibilities.

Will you join us?

Aria Well, let's have a practice session then!

We don't have much time until the show!

Melpomene You guys were gone a long time, so I came to see what was up.
Melpomene I mean... It's not like I was worried.

I was just curious to see if Muse was causing some trouble is all.

~♪ ~♪
Melpomene Huh? Music?
HATSUNE MIKU Lala~ Lalala~♪
Muse Oh, Melpomene, you came!
Melpomene Muse!

Why are you practicing with Miku?

Muse We constructed a plan for her to join Siren and I for a special session.
Melpomene What?
HATSUNE MIKU Isn't this great!

Oh, Melpomene?

Aria I thought you said you weren't interested.

Why'd you come?

Aria Did you end up taking an interest in Miku?
Melpomene I just came here because I was worried about Muse!

I don't have time for idols and music that isn't rock 'n roll.

Aria What's with you!
HATSUNE MIKU I like rock music, too...
Melpomene Some prissy angel diva can't possibly understand the soul of rock.

But I know music is in my soul. And my desire to sing for others must be the same as yours!

Melpomene Maybe...

Well, do whatever you want. It's none of my concern.

HATSUNE MIKU Melpomene...
Muse Yeah, yeah, we get it.

You're a real rebel.

Awakening III:To Hear That Voice Once Again[edit | edit source]

[S-Grade Unlock]

Master I wonder what the session with Miku will be like.
Davi Is it really okay for this rooster head to escort you to the venue?
HATSUNE MIKU He's the human... I mean demon I can most rely on.
Master Davi! Did you hear that?

She knows me so well.

Master All right! Ms. Miku, I will see you to the performance and guard you with my life!

It's okay if you don't risk your life.

Hoodlum Demon A Oh my god! It's really her!
Hoodlum Demon B Come out of the church, we're out here!

Miku-chan! Let your music heal us!

Davi They sure found us fast.

Master, it's time to start the show!

Master I know!

Everyone! Miku is going to...

Hoodlum Demon A Get rid of the shrimp!
Master Excuse me?!
Davi This is getting bad fast!

You are completely unreliable!

Master M-Miku leave me behind!


Davi As nice it'd be to abandon you...

Other demons are gathering.

Hoodlum Demon C It's her!

This is so much better than seeing her on TV!

Master Don't you dare touch Miku!
??? Hey! I can't see!
Hoodlum Demon A Agh!
Melpomene This is the problem with prissy idols!

You said you're gonna deliver a song. This is your stage, so don't just stand on it!

Master Melpomene! I didn't see you there!
Hoodlum Demon B Who the hell are you! Give us Miku!
Melpomene Shove it!

You pretend you really like Miku, but you sick animals are rotten to the core.

Melpomene Real fans don't act this way!
Melpomene Don't just stand there!

Let's go! I'll lead the way!

HATSUNE MIKU Wait, what?
Melpomene You're going to sing for them right?

Show them what you got in your soul!

Master It looks like it might be okay.
Melpomene Oh, you finally got here.

Don't worry I took care of it. It'll be fine.

Master Hah... thanks, Melpomene.

You do kinda like Miku, don't you.

Melpomene It ain't like that!

I just see she's got music in her soul!

Master Yeah, yeah...

I really wanted to see her perform, too.


Thank you for coming here to hear me sing!


5★ Child

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