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A young and gifted exorcist scouted by the Exorcists of Asia. She deserted almost immediately after joining, and uses her powers now to gain vast riches. Because of this, the more devout exorcists who prescribe more closely to their commandments treat her as a heretic--a maverick. Several exorcists pursue the traitorous Ganesha now, but Ganesha herself thinks nothing of them, haphazardly avoiding them, and pursuing nothing but personal pleasure.


Auto attack : Fire Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 100 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10 Deal 683 Auto Attack Damage to the target (Automatic)

Tap : World Traveler[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 383, EVA% +15% to 2 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP) for 10 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 2518, EVA% +32.3% to 2 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP) for 10 seconds

Slide : Amusement for the Masses[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 675 Damage, DEF +1000 for all Childs in the front row & grant CRT rate +43% to 2 Allies (priority: Highest ATK) for 16 seconds (on World Bosses, CRT rate +43% & CRT Damage +25% for 5 Fire Type Allies (Priority: Highest ATK) for 16 seconds)
Rank 7/10 Deal 3963 Damage, DEF +1732 for all Childs in the front row & grant CRT rate +65.1% to 2 Allies (priority: Highest ATK) for 16 seconds (on World Bosses, CRT rate +65.1% & CRT Damage +50.6% for 5 Fire Type Allies (Priority: Highest ATK) for 16 seconds)

Drive : The Great Nandikesvara[]

Level 1 Deal 1764 Damage to 3 random Enemies, ATK +40% for up to 5 Fire Type Allies (Priority: Highest ATK) for 20 seconds; on World Bosses, grant Offensive Stance (only Child with this can use Fever attacks in Fever Mode) to up to 5 Fire Type Allies (Priority: Highest ATK)
Level 60+6 Deal 6636 Damage to 3 random Enemies, ATK +40% for up to 5 Fire Type Allies (Priority: Highest ATK) for 20 seconds; on World Bosses, grant Offensive Stance (only Child with this can use Fever attacks in Fever Mode) to up to 5 Fire Type Allies (Priority: Highest ATK)

Leader Buff[]

CRT rate +15% for Fire Type Allies (on World Bosses, Added CRT Damage +30%)

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice High risk, high reward!
D Story I Light eating, self-control, and restraint. These are the things that make a real girl. Bahaha! I bet you fell for it, didn't ya? You won't find anyone with better acting chops than my holy self!
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice I've got just what you need!
D++ Critical Attack Voice Smile now! Smile!
C Inner Voice I Hey, settle down now, rooster-hair. I'm not looking to pick a fight with you. There'd be nothing in it for me, anyway.
C+ Damaged Voice
  • Meanie!
  • Lighten up!
  • Ah-ha-ha!
C++ Death Cry
  • Hmph...
  • Wohoho! No need to get all mad!
B Story II What are you so mad about? I bet the head exorcists just have the wrong idea! Nothing good is ever gonna come of anything this masochistic!
B+ Battle Start Voice All right, you can place your bets on me!
B++ Hot Spring Voice Ahhh, this is true bliss!
A Inner Voice II Cha-CHING! Wahahaha! Wanna know why I'm having so much fun? Well, me too, to be honest!
A+ Slide Skill Voice Live a little!
A++ Victory Voice Another astonishing victory for Ganesha! Joy be to all!
S Story III Pretty much every last exorcist is a masochist. Gives you the chills, right? That's why they're no fun to hang around with. Wahahaha!
All Inner Voice III I'm so glad I got to be an exorcist! Wahahaha! The one who scouted me, though? Looks like they're having a tough time. But hey, anyone would have fallen for class acting like mine!

Story Dialogue[]

Awakening I : Exorcist Ganesha is here to get started![]

[D-Grade Unlock]

[Flashed from Master's Residence > Master's Bedroom]
Mona Oh, Maaaster! Are you feeling all right?
Master I'm okay, I guess. But wait, why are you even asking?
Lisa Is it not the job of any good aide to look after their master's well-being?
Master Is it? Why do you both seem so completely insincere, then? I can't even remember the last time anyone said something legit nice to me.
Mona Goodness, but I could've sworn I heard a complaint just now...
Master N-No, ma'am...
Lisa It would appear he's his regular, ordinary self, then.
Mona Good. Let's get going then, shall we?
Master Yeah, yeah. What's the rush today, though? We're just after another pactmaker like usual, right?
Mona Oh-ho-ho! ♥ You just make sure you're ready.
Master Wait, so something IS different? You're freaking me out here.
Lisa Time to move, Master.
Mona Hurry along, now.
Master Huh? Wait, though! What's the rush?
[Somewhere In Night World]
Master Can you just fess up and tell me what's going on already? Are we out here to make a pact a demon follower or something?
Mona Oh, goodness! ♥ It's much better than that. You just get yourself ready and sit tight! ♥
Master Geez... So, what, it's some kind surprise, then? Are you really enjoying this THAT much?
Lisa I have to agree, Mona. I understand how you feel, but it's about time we tell him.
Mona Goodness! You're no fun! ♥ He was so cute all flustered like that! ♥
Master Uh-huh. Yup. Whatever.
Lisa We're been informed there is an exorcist frequenting Harlem Street lately.

An exorcist? On Harlem Street? Isn't that bad news?

Like, the sort of news that should have us running with our tails between our legs?

If you two are really supposed to be my aides, you shouldn't be dragging me straight into a den of vipers like this!

Lisa Could you quit panicking, please?
Master Let me guess: you want me to take this exorcist as one of my Childs?
Mona Well, we certainly wouldn't bring you to see an exorcist for any other reason, now would we?
Master I should've known...
??? Hay there! ♥
Master Uh, Who are you?
??? My name's Maimi Kanazawa. Just yout average, everyday, run-of-the-mill super-faithful demon follower.
Master You? A demon follower?
Mona My, my, and what a polite girl you are! ♥
??? Hey, so... You sure look like you're in a pinch. I could help you out, if you want.
Master Yeah, uhhh, no thanks...
Lisa By all means, please. We've heard rumor of an exorcist sighted around here. Do you think you might help us find them?

Wow! Exorcist and demons are, like, mortal enemies, right? You sure have guts, going after them like this!

Oh, wait! You're going to take them down, aren't you?

It's because of great demons like you that people like me get to liveour lives here in peace.

So, ask and you shall receive! I'll gladly go search for this exorcist if you need me to.

This place is my home turf, so you just leave eeeverything to me.

Lisa How reassuring.
Mona We really couldn't ask for things to go any more smoothly than that, now could we? ♥
Master That's exactly what worries me the most...
[Some time later...]
Master Come on, already... How long are we just gonna be wandering around out here?
??? That's so weird... How come we haven't found this exorcist yet?

I'd like to ask the very same thing.

Look, Lisa, whatever rumors you heard about exorcists around here were probably just a buncha BS. Can we leave now?

Lisa No, my intel is accurate. Don't you worry.
??? Yeah, come on! It's too early to call off all bets!
Master Can you at least take this more seriously, then? My feet are beat from all this aimless wandering, okay?

No way! You're giving up already? You really are as wimpy as you look, huh?

You've got "World's Lamest Demon" pretty much written on the puerile babyface of yours.

Master Where do you get off laying into me like that, huh? All I said was that my feet were tired, geez. Meanie...
Lisa So are we done with this little charade, then?
Mona I'm impressed, really, that you can stand here before a demon and his succubi, and reamin completely composed.
??? Huh? Now wait a minute. I was pretty sure U was putting up a good act. What gave me away?

Your reputation precedes you, you see. Though I'll admit, you did have me questioning myself at the start ♥

I never would have pictured an exorcist living among the demons to look anything like you.

Master Wait, what? Her? She's the exorcist we're after? There are seriously exorcists like HER?

Light eating, self-control, and restraint. These are the things that make a real girl...

Bahaha! I bet you fell for it, didn't ya? You won't find anyone with better acting chops than yours truly! I'm one holy hoodwinker!

Master Who the heck are you, then? Are you really the exorcist Lisa and Mona has been kicking around here lately?
??? > Ganesha

See, this is what's wrong with you demons. You really shouldn't judge exorcist so lightly!

Now listen up, because I'll only say this once. I am the exorcist Ganesha, though I go by the human name Maimi Kanazawa here.

Lisa Thank you for clearing that up for us. I take it that's why you've been wandering around here lately?
Ganesha Yup. And now you know. So shall we just settle out debts here and move along?
Master What debts?
Ganesha Uh, the fee you owe me for showing you around, duh! You asked me to help you find an exorcist, and, well, here I am.
Master ...?!
Lisa Lost for words at the ridiculousness of it all?
Master Do you even think for a second that I'd pay you for this?!
Mona Oh, now that's more like it ♥
Master You were just conning us from the start! And who ever said anything about a "fee" anyway, you wicked demon of a girl?!

Where do you get off calling someone a demon, demon? Watch that mouth of yours.

But let me tell you something, you miserable excuse for a demon ♥ Do you want to know what the most foolish word of all is?

It's the word "free." You might say it's one of the undeniable laws of the universe! Honestly, I wish I could meet whoever invented the word ♥

Master What are we gonna do now?! Things are getting out of hand here!
Lisa She leaves us no choice. Time to return to our original plan. Let's make a pact.
Master Is that really the only way outta this?
Mona The one and only. I mean, look at the predicament we're in already.
Master Yeah yeah, fine. Your wish is my command, Oh great Mona...

Awakening II : Exorcist-in-training Virupa has arrived![]

[B-Grade Unlock]

[Somewhere in Downtown]

Word has it lately you-know-who's been loitering around here lately, but how come I haven't even caught so much as a glimpse yet?

Was it all some baseless rumor? No, it's too early to throw in the towel! If you want to hide, then I've got a plan of my own! Just wait!

I need to prove myself, and quickly - otherwise I'm going to be stuck as a trainee forever...

I've just gotta stick it out! The deserter is here somewhere!

Time to get my head back in the game. I'd better go ask around some more!


Hmmm... What's this girlie up to? I'd really rather not get caught up in any trouble, but... Meh. She'll probably give up in a day or two.

No reason to stick around if she has no luck finding me, right?

I sure wish she'd just get it faster, though! How am I supposed to get anything done now?

Virupa Heeeey!
Ganesha Oh, great. Fine, I guess this means it's time for a little game of chase!
Virupa Hold it right there!
[Somewhere in Downtown, near the Shopping Area]
Ganesha Wahahaha! You're never gonna get your hands on me!
Virupa I said stop right there!
Ganesha Baahaha!
Virupa You're in for it when I finally nab you!
Ganesha Oh, and I suppose that's supposed to make me want to stop running, is it?
[at the Bridge, at night]
Virupa Haaah... Phew... Y-You're... You... Gaaah...
Ganesha Might want to catch your breath a bit before you say another word.
Virupa You're...haaah...the exorcist Ganesha, right?

Are you telling me you've been tailing me without even knowing that much? You're one weird girlie. But allow me to answer you anyway.

Ding-ding-ding! You are correct!


I can already tell I'm not going to like you.

There's a wicked aura oozing out of you!


You'd better watch your words, you know. But I'd say you're just imagining things.

We all have tendency to see what want to see and believe what we want to believe, right?


What's that supposed to mean? Please tell me you're not trying to scrape together an excuse for your actions now.

I know everything there is to know about you. How you abandoned your mission as an exorcist, ran off in blind greed, and deserted us all.


It wasn't quite in that order, but... sure, you're not wrong.

I was never intereseted in restraint, or fasting, or any of that from the start.

I simply didn't want these abilities of mine to go to waster because I know they could make me rich.

Virupa Wha--?! You're truly unbelievable!

Can't understand how someone like me became an exorcist, huh? It was easy, really.

With a little effort and perseverance, you be anything you want to be.

I truly wanted to become an exorcist, so I trained long and hard, and: ta-daaa! In the end, it all worked out. That's all it took.

Virupa You think you can trick me with your lies? What do you take the Exorcist Society for, huh?
Ganesha I mean, I had you fooled just now, didn't I?

You're really infuriating, you know that? More devious and far more horrid than any demon.

I can't believe the likes of you could ever become an exorcist! I'd have an easier time accepting that you're a demon parading as one.


Wahaha! You've got quite a temper, huh? You and all the rest of your exorcist cohorts.

Doesn't living like that just feel so suffocating? I don't get it.


That's enough badmouthing the Society from you. I won't have another word.

Now prepare yourself, because I'm about to make sure nothing ever spills out of that awful mouth of yours again.

Ganesha Uuugh... I really don't want to do this, but fine!
Virupa Now, you're MINE!
[Somewhere in Downtown, at night]
Virupa *huff* *huff*
Ganesha Wahahaha! All bark and no bite, is it?
Virupa Shut up! I can more than handle the likes of you!
Ganesha Yeaaah, sure you can. Tell me: do you even believe the words coming out of your mouth?
Virupa You act tough now, but you're the one who's been on the run.

And you're the one who's hardly able to stand anymore but still tries to sound all tough. I'll tell you what, though: I'm pretty tough myself!

I really did train hard, you know. You'd be surprised.


Hahaha! ANd how would a heretic like uou ever hope to surprise the likes of me?

If you've still got enough life left in you to prattle on like this, why don't you just use it to surrender, hmmm?

Ganesha Wahahaha! You're a fun one, I'll give you that.
[Sone tine later... They probably fought...]
Virupa Urgh...! How can the heavens let a heretic like you be this strong?
Ganesha The heavens have nothing to do with this.

Someone like you, who fled from penance only for personal gain, and to sat your own desires.

Losing to the likes of you is the greatest shame an exorcist could ever know.

Ganesha What are you so mad about? I bet the lead exorcsit just ahve the wrong idea! Nothing good is ever gonna come of anything this masochistic!
Virupa That's not true! There is enlightment to be foind in controlling your desired and seeking penance!

So you say, but it doesn't look like you've found much of anything.

You've held yourself back and self-flagellated into a frenzy, but now you're here all teary-eyed, beaten by a so-called "heretic"!

Virupa I...
Ganesha Haven't you had enough already? Can't we just end this here and make a peace? I'm pretty sure that'd be better for the both of us.
Virupa Don't go thinking you'll get away with this, you...

I really did put some thought into how exactly I was toying around with her, but I wonder if the other exorcists will pick up on it?

Hmmm... I really do wanna settle things here before they get out of hand, though...

Oh, woe is the life of the famous!

Awakening III : Counselor[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Residence]
Master Listen, I've said this a milion times already, but-
Mona Nirrti! Look at you! ♥
Master - are you even listening? This is all way too much!
Mona Oh, why start complaining now?
Master What do you mean "start"?! I've been complaining forever, and you'd have to be evil or just oblivious to get used to stuff like this!
Nirrti ...
Mona Oh, Master. You're always so uptight about these things ♥ Every battle has its victims, yes?
Master We're not talking "battle" so much as, like, "terrorist attack" here...

Boy... Life itself is but a byway to death. All that exist is already consigned to oblivion.

You must not grow fixated on life itself.

Master Could ya at least differentiate between friend and foe, though? At this rate, you\re gonna wipe out everything and everyone but yourself.
Nirrti I, too, will one day meet my demise.
Master How can you even say stuff like that with a straight face? I swear, I'm never gonna get used to hearing that.
[Master's Bedroom]
Master At this rate, there's no telling when we're REALLY gonna be in trouble.

Are you still all worked up about Nirrti? Can't you just accept her for who she is?

Childs each have their own personalities, you know.

Master Maybe I'm being close-minded, but I really don't feel ready for Nirrti;s... we'll say "quirks" ... just yet.
Mona And just how long are you going to mope around because of it, hmmm?
Master Come on, though! How am I supposed to ever get the guts to take her with me when she's always like that?
Mona *sigh* You really should have done exactly what I instructed you to do from the start.

Oh great, heeere we go again. Listen, I really didn't have much choice in the matter, okay?

You expected me to just look the other way after stumbling upon someone half-dead?

Hey! Know what? I think I get it now!

It's stress!

Mona Hmmm?

It makes sense, really. Anyone who had to endure something like that would be stressed out.

That's why she goes all crazy and starts destroying everything.

It must all be weighing down pretty heavily on her.

Mona Perhaps, but I have a feeling something else is a bit off here.
[In Night World]
Ganesha And so you want me to give her counseling, then?
Master Exactly.
Ganesha I mean, I can, I suppose.
Master Really? Awesome, you're a lifesaver.
Ganesha But just be ready to pay up for my services, okay? ♥
Master It always comes down to money with you, doesn't it?
Ganesha Of course it does! You won't find the phrase "free labor" anywhere in the dictionary of Ganesha.
Master You're so greedy...
Ganesha I take it that's the end of this conversation, then? You're off to find some other couselor who will work pro bono?
Master Can you at least give me the friends and fimly rate...?
Ganesha I suppose I could give you a five persent off rate, but...Nah. Forget it.
Master You're a real witch, you know that? Here I am, struggling to get by, and you're the only one I know who can deal with Nirrti.
Ganesha And that's exactly why I get to charge a fair rate!
Master Fine! Whatever! I'll pay! Just get it done. Gah, I fell like you just wheedled me into something I'm seriously gonna regret agreeing to...

Wahaha! Pleasure doing business! ♥ Now, just to be clear, I fled the second I finished training, so I don't know much about the exorcists at all.

I'll make sure to work to earn my pay, though!

Master I really would've liked to have known that from the get-go...
[Somewhere at the Stairway]
Nirrti ...
Ganesha Hey there.
Nirrti You. What do you make of karma?
Ganesha Huh? Where's this coming from all of the sudden?
Master I tegged along because I was worried, but this is already going down the toilet in a hurry...
Nirrti You who have swayed from the path of purity to give in to temptation. Do you know the dishonor you bring to your name?

What dishonor? Ganesha is a bona fide, real-deal exorcist name!

And where do youget off talking about the "path of purity" as the Child of a demon, anyway?

Whoopsie, let's just stop right there. I'm not here to fight. Sorry 'bout that! Let's take it from the top, shall we?

You're not acting normal. Something has got to have you all down, depressed, and stressed like this. Mind telling me all about it?

Nirrti Do you truly believe someone like myself is troubled by something as trivial as stress?

A certain spiky-haired someone does, as least. He believes it is pent-up stress that has you lashing out at everything and everyone.

Hey, I know! You remember this line, right?

Cast aside all your anger. Put aside your pride. Rise from the fetters of worldly desire.


Those who dwell not on matter of material or heart, those who have nothing - they will know not anguish, but freedom.

Have you not yet found enlightment?


Wahahaha! Who even cares about stuff like that? I'm a heretic, okay? A maverick!

I don't care about those teachings, or your "enlightment," or any of it. It's all pointless, anyway!

But it's still important to you, right? So go on. Tell me about it. I'll hear you out.

I'm your counselor for today, after all.

Nirrti You, oh foolish one, fixated upon that without meaning: allow me to bring you to your demise before your sins consume you whole.
Master Whooooa now! That's enough! Stop! STOP!
Ganesha What?! But my counseling session isn't finished yet.
Master It is now!
Ganesha Uh, okaaay... But I'll still be collecting my fee just the same.
Master Regh... Okay, yeah, fine.
Nirrti You who bears the name of a god: do you turn now from the Way of live a life of a sin as a demon...?
[At the Park]
Master Where do you get off making your counseling patient so mad?
Ganesha What? I was doing my very best, okay? They just weren't playing along with me!
Master It was stupid of me to even ask you for help int he first place...
Ganesha The faster you forget your mistakes, the happier the life you'll live, you know.
Master So says YOU, but Nirrti is still my CHild, so I need to find some way to get to know her.

Hmmm. In what capacity do you want to "understand" her, though?

Pretty much every exorcist is a real masochist. It's really twisted, I tell you. That's what makes them no fun to be around. Wahahahaha!

Master Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Or prayer beads.
Ganesha What? Come on, now. I'm pretty normal, aren't I?
Master In your friggin' dreams!


5★ Child

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