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"I can protect myself!"

A Child born from a pactmaker who traveled far and wide seeking revenge on the ex-boyfriend who betrayed her. Although Frigga is named for the goddess of love and marriage, she doesn't much seem to care about either.

Despite her warrior's demeanor and rough manner of speech, she's deathly afraid of gross things like bugs thanks to her pactmaker's influence.

Skills Edit

Autoattack: Light AttackEdit

Rank 1/1 Deal 68 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10

Tap: MoonlightEdit

Rank 1/1 Deal 194 Damage, gain DEF +530 for 10 seconds
Rank 7/10

Slide: Ether EffectEdit

Rank 1/1 Deal 357 Damage, gain Barrier (absorbs +1000 damage before HP is affected) and Taunt (84% chance to activate) for 10 seconds
Rank 7/10

Drive: Divine Sword Edit

Level 1 Deal 820 Damage to 2 random Enemies, gain Enrage (stores up to 100% of damage taken and retaliates with it once)
Level 60+6

Leader BuffEdit

EVA +10% for Light Type Allies

General Tips Edit

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:

Awakening Edit

Voice List Edit

E Drive Skill Voice Let's hurry up and end this!
D Story I Love is just your hormones messing with you.

After a while, they won't even want to see your face.

D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Move!
D++ Critical Attack Voice Skinny twerp...
C Inner Voice I If you can't stand to lose, then work harder!
C+ Damaged Voice Ugh...


You jerk!

C++ Death Cry No! I can't die here!


B Story II How long're you gonna use your Childs as shields?

Defend yourself for once.

B+ Battle Start Voice This should make a good warm-up.
B++ Hot Spring Voice It's time to begin your training!
A Inner Voice II You can't trust anyone to protect you but yourself...
A+ Slide Skill Voice Now!
A++ Victory Voice Now this is a battle!
S Story III Let us test our skills against each other.

I feel like I will learn something once you and I cross swords.

All Inner Voice III You ARE technically my master...

It behooves me to see what you're capable of. I'll take your aide's advice and stick around to find out.


Story Dialog Edit

Awakening I: Edit

[D-Grade Unlock]

Calypso The Master and I are bound by the red thread of fate.

Do you know what that is?

Frigga It means you're destined to be together, right?
Calypso That's right. So I'll never hand the master over to you!
Frigga What?
Helena You are Frigga?
Frigga Who're you?
Helena I'm Helena
Frigga What d'you want?
Helena You're an eyesore.
Frigga What?
Helena I particularly hate how much time you spend with the master.
Frigga What, you too?
Helena Did someone else say that?
Frigga Yeah, some chick named Calypso.
Helena Calypso, you say?!
Frigga Ugh... One right after the other.
Master Hey, Frigga. How're you doing?
Frigga Get away from me.
Master That's the first thing outta your mouth as soon as you see me?!

Do you hate me that much?

Frigga I don't hate you. It's just a precaution. Anyway, stay away from me.
Master What's going on? Tell me.
Frigga There's nothing to tell. What do they even see in this kid?

Are you from a rich family or something?

Master Huh? What's this now?
Frigga No... You;re a demon,

so you probably gave them some kind of drug.

Master Hold up. What're you talking about?
Frigga The chicks who like you won't leave me alone.

They told me to stay away from you.

Master The heck?
Frigga You're pretty popular. I'm jealous.
Master Jealous? Hahaha...
Frigga I don't care who you go out with.

Just don't do anything stupid.

Master Such as?
Frigga Such as making all the girls fight over you. I'm sick and tired of that crap.

Love is just your hormones messing with you. After a while, they won't even want to see your face.

Master I think you've got the wrong idea.

I don't have any girlfriends.

Frigga Really, now?
Master That's not why I'm here.
Frigga Fine. Whatever. Just make sure to tell them...

If they have time to be chasing after guys, they should focus on cleaning up their acts.

Ha. Never thought I'd hear her talking about someone "cleaning up their act."
Master So what should they be doing instead, for example?
Frigga Jogging or skipping rope...
Master That's "cleaning up your act"?

I would've thought you meant going to a beauty parlor or something.

Frigga A beauty parlor? How are they supposed to get strong at one of those?

Ugh, women...

Master Uh, you're a women too, you know.


Awakening II: Edit

[B-Grade Unlock]


Awakening III: Edit

[S-Grade Unlock]

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