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What is the fastest way to level up a child?[edit source]

Below is a list of the best locations to grind exp or look at this Story Mode EXP & Drop Table

The best time to grind exp is during Hot Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) when the exp rate is doubled.

Make sure you also take into consideration on how many Childs you can bring. For example, Chapter two, you have to bring 2 fully level units and 3 weaker units that you plan on leveling, while on Chapter one, you can bring 1 fully level unit and 4 weaker units.

Location Difficulty Exp per Stamina Notes
Chapter 1 - 1-8-# Normal 4.7
Chapter 1 - 2-8-# Normal 5
Chapter 1 - 3-7-# Normal 6.3
Chapter 1 - 4-6-# Normal 8.4 Decent location for 2☆ fodder farming
Chapter 1 - 5-8-# Normal 9
Chapter 1 - 6-2-# Normal 9.5 Ideal location for 3☆ Armor farming
Chapter 1 - 6-8-# Normal 10.3
Chapter 1 - 7-8-# Normal 12.8
Chapter 1 - 8-5-# Normal 12.6 Ideal location for 3☆ Weapon farming
Chapter 1 - 8-8-# Normal 13.35
Chapter 2 - 1-4-# Normal 14.04
Chapter 2 - 2-2-3 Normal 15.64 Able to farm 4☆ Armor
Chapter 2 - 2-4-# Normal 15.88
Chapter 2 - 3-2-3 Normal 15.24 Able to farm 4☆ Armor
Chapter 2 - 4-1-# Normal 15.84
Chapter 2 - 4-2-3 Normal 16.04 Able to farm 4☆ Armor
Chapter 2 - 4-3-# Normal 16.24
Chapter 2 - 4-4-# Normal 18.08 Highest Exp to stamina ratio
Chapter 2 - Int. Ch. 1 IV-7 Normal 16.44 Able to farm 4☆ Armor

What is the best place to farm 2☆ fodders?[edit source]

This is based on my own experience.

  • Chapter One Map 4-6-# - You get a 2☆ fodder every 45 stamina.
  • Chapter Two Maps - You get a 2☆ fodder every 35 stamina, but occasionally gives 3☆ or 4☆ fodders.

Which Child should I prioritize to get to 6☆?[edit source]

Ideally, it would be an attacker or the Child that needs more sustainability.

The order would be Attackers > Healers > Debuffers > Supporters > Tanks

What should be my priority with my Gold & Onyx?[edit source]

Prioritize focusing one unit at a time, maxing all their skills and awaken them first before moving to the next S rank. It is far more worth than a bunch of lower ranks put together. Ideally, it would be an attacker or the Child that needs more sustainability.

What should be my priority with my Blood Gems?[edit source]

Spending your blood gems is very subjective. Some people use them on costumes, while others use them in Hall of Reincarnation (Restoration). If you plan on using HoR's restoration, ideally you should wait for a double mileage event.

What should be my priority with my crystals?[edit source]

Save them for events, costumes, and specialize banners and expanding your Child storage.

Where to get more evolution materials?[edit source]

Please look at this guide on where to farm evolution materials: LINK

You can purchase evolution materials in Devil Rumble (PvP) shop. 4* materials give you the best value for your Rumble Coins. You can also forge them, its a 3 to 1 ratio.

Please also note the Event dungeon schedule which also gives evolution materials:

  • Monday – Light Enhancement Dungeon
  • Tuesday – Fire Enhancement Dungeon
  • Wednesday – Water Enhancement Dungeon
  • Thursday – Wood Enhancement Dungeon
  • Friday – Dark Enhancement Dungeon
  • Saturday – Fire/Water/Wood Enhancement Dungeon
  • Sunday – Light/Dark Enhancement Dungeon

Why does my fever end early?[edit source]

It ends early because you've reached the max amount of hits, which is 70 combos.

How is fever damage calculated?[edit source]

Fever damage is base on tap skill. During fever time its 60% of a Single hit plus any bonus damage. Here's a more detail explantion

How do I select which Child can help assist my friends?[edit source]

On the Child page, click the heart icon to change him/her as the shared unit.

What time does the daily missions/events reset?[edit source]

4 AM UTC+0

Please note there are countdown timers on most of the missions to let you know how much time is left before the reset.

What is the different animation for a 3☆ summon or a 4/5☆ summon?[edit source]

3☆ will have yellow/orange sparks around the star where-as a 4/5☆ will have blue sparks.

Exp gained by the max level Child goes to the other Child?[edit source]

The exp gained by the max level child is forfeited and doesn't go to the other Child.

Does buffs or debuffs stack?[edit source]

Most buffs and debuffs don't stack. Buffs and debuffs does have priorities. Drive skill buffs will supersede slide skill buffs. Slide skill buffs will supersede tap skill buffs.

Example #1, Eve's slide skill causes the enemy to be poisoned if Buster Lisa uses her tap skill which also has a poison debuff. this effect will not replace Eve's poison. Example #2: Leda's tap skill gives an ally a barrier, if Dana uses her slide skill which also has a barrier, it will replace Leda's barrier.

The only (de)buff that stacks are health regen and DoT (expect for vemon and poison).

Destiny Child icon on the bottom left corner on the profile page?[edit source]

They are Child(s) that's part of this particular Child's story.

Can I sign-in or play on multiple devices?[edit source]

Yes, you can sign-in on multiple devices such as a smartphone, tablet, and computer, but you can't play simultaneously. It will automatically disconnect you.

Can you play on your computer?[edit source]

Yes, but you will need an android emulator. For example, BlueStack, Nox, and LD Player.

*Notes: If it runs really slow, you may need going into your motherboard's BOIS, enable virtualization.

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Re-roll Priority[edit source]

Try to get Water Supporter named Chang'e or Thisbe.

Other great units to get are Wood Debuffer Bathory, Light Healer Maat, Light Healer Pomona, Wood Supporter Newbie Mona, Light Supporter Neptune.

For Android Devices[edit source]

Create/use a useless Gmail account, add it to the Google Play Games App. You may also use the iOS method below as well.

  1. Link your google account
  2. Get your first 5* from the tutorial.
  3. Get your second 5* from the mailbox
  4. Get your third 5* from the tutorial in "Your Room"
  5. Spend 2,700 crystals on 10x summon.
  6. Go to the Google Play Games App > Settings (3 dots in the top right corner) > Delete Play Games Data > Delete profile.
  7. Generate a new profile, and repeat from step one.

For Android Devices 2nd method[edit source]

  1. Download Destiny Child Tap Tap version
  2. Sign in with a guest account
  3. Get your first 5* from the tutorial.
  4. Get your second 5* from the mailbox
  5. Get your third 5* from the tutorial in "Your Room"
  6. Spend 2,700 crystals on 10x summon.
  7. Delete guest_info.sav file located in "android\data\com.linegames.dcglobal.xsolla\files"
  8. Repeat Steps 2 - 7

*Note: Destiny Child Tap Tap (Chinese third-party app store) is a less censored version of the Destiny Child Global (from Google Play Store). You can switch between the two versions since the progress with synchronize / link with one another.

For iOS Devices[edit source]

Download Line (messenger app)

  1. Create and link your Line account.
  2. Get your first 5* from the tutorial.
  3. Get your second 5* from mailbox
  4. Get your third 5* from the tutorial in "Your Room"
  5. Spend 2,700 crystals on 10x summon.
  6. Go to the Line app > Settings > Delete account
  7. Open Destiny > Click link Line (it will be automatically unlinked)}}

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How to apply English Translation Patch?[edit source]

Huge credit goes to Destiny Child International Discord, please visit their discord if you have any questions or need additional help.

NSFW - How to apply Uncensored Files[edit source]

WARNING Do this at your own risk, you are modifying the game's files, which can cause your account to get ban.

Where to get the files?[edit source]

You can download the files from the following locations:

General Information[edit source]

If you want the original Korean uncensored artwork, use Vanilla's folder. If you want user modded artwork use Anubis's folder which is a global All-In-One collection of mods. If you want to view the different modded characters or want to pick and choose, use Phasma or Arsylk's website. Community Mods Folder is mostly mods for the Korean/JP version so you might not be able to use them on the global version unless you convert it.

Always backup your original pck files before modding. Once you have your pck files place them in android\data\com.linegames.dcglobal\files\assets\character, it will ask you if you want to overwrite these files, press/click Yes. Restart the game and you are finished.

If you need help visit either discord servers.

Video guides to applying uncensored Files[edit source]

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