Event Dungeon is unlocked when candidate reaches level 7. Normally you could see three different daily dungeons every day which are Evolution material dungeon, Enhancement material dungeon, and Gold dungeon. Each dungeons can be attempted three times a day. You may spend crystals on resetting the attempt count.

Entering dungeons with higher difficulties the rarities of the materials you earn also increases.

Evolution Material Dungeon Edit

You can get various evolution materials in this place. Use evolution materials to evolve your Childs. Earn higher-grade rewards for more difficult dungeon levels. Different types of material dungeon open daily.

Enhancement Material Dungeon Edit

Stronger as your Child’s level gets higher! Enhancement Childs grant lots of EXP when you combine them with other Childs. Whenever you are in need of some EXPs, head to the Enhancement Child dungeons for the type you need.

Gold Dungeon Edit

Get lots of Gold in the Gold dungeon. You can earn plenty of Gold in the Gold dungeon, with even greater spoils for the more difficult dungeon levels.

Narrative Dungeon Edit

It's a special dungeon that opens up during an event. Narrative Dungeon has 8 stages with two difficulties, normal and hard mode. Note that you need to clear Stage 8 in normal mode first to unlock hard mode. Since the dungeon progress is shared between hard mode and normal mode, you can switch to a different difficulties if the stages either becomes too easy or too hard.

Clearing each stage rewards you will a small amount of event currencies. At the end of each stage, you can earn some additional rewards by flipping cards. The amount of cards you can flip depends the amount of stars you received. You can also draw an additional card if you spend 30 crystals.

You have a chance to reset the dungeon every 12 hours for free. In-between each free reset, you can reset it two more times, however it will cost 380 crystals per reset.

Sometimes you will get a chance to partner up with Event Child, she will take up the first Child Slot on your team.

Daily Dungeon Schedule Edit


Evolution/Enchancement Type

Gold Dungeon

Monday Light Opens every day.
Tuesday Fire Opens every day.
Wednesday Water Opens every day.
Thurday Wood Opens every day.
Friday Dark Opens every day.
Saturday Fire Water Wood Opens every day.
Sunday Light Dark Opens every day.
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