Profile[edit | edit source]

One of the most promising candidates in the Archfiend Contest, she has been so far unable to deliver on her promise due to her horrendous sense of direction.

Eve is named for the very first woman, and, coincidentally, is also the very first female demon who the young master meets in the course of this adventure.

Though she often seems one step behind everyone else, she's also quite ruthless and not someone to be trifled with.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Auto Attack: Water Attack[edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 113 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic).
Rank 7/10 Deal 747 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic).

Tap: Dark Mist[edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 485 Damage to 1 Enemy (Lowest DEF), on Fire Type targets deal 250 bonus Damage.
Rank 7/10 Deal 3021 Damage to 1 Enemy (Lowest DEF), on Fire Type targets deal 755 bonus Damage.

Slide: Raindrop[edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 855 Damage to 2 Enemies (Priority: Lowest HP) and deal 450 Bonus Damage, inflict Poison (causes 450 damage each time a target acts or takes damage) for 3 turns.
Rank 7/10 Deal 4495 Damage to 2 Enemies (Priority: Lowest HP) and deal 900 Bonus Damage, inflict Poison (causes 1532 damage each time a target acts or takes damage) for 3 turns.

Drive: Paradise Lost[edit | edit source]

Level 1 Deal 2437 Damage to all Enemies.
Level 60+6 Deal 8271 Damage to all Enemies.

Leader Buff[edit | edit source]

Drive Skill Damage +10% for Water Type Allies

General Tips[edit | edit source]

Pros Best Water attacker in the game.

Combined with Swimsuit Davi's buffs does insane damage during World Boss events. Must have if you want to be competitive in PVP.

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Fake Scimitar

Cute Broom
ATK and CRT for more damage.
Wedding dress
HP over DEF for extra DoT survival.
Vampire Exorcism Kit
ATK and CRT for more damage.
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented: ATK and CRT for even more damage.

HP and ATK for extra survival while keeping the damage high.

Awakening[edit | edit source]

Voice List[edit | edit source]

Voice List
E Drive Skill Voice I shall risk my life for you...
D Story I If there's something on your mind, say it.
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Don't touch me...
D++ Critical Attack Voice Sorry, I'm not messing around.
C Inner Voice I I don't get why you ignore your demonic impulses...

You baffle me sometimes.

C+ Damaged Voice I haven't felt pain in some time...


C++ Death Cry How could I let this happen?

I-i failed?

B Story II Me? You're depending on me?

You're more foolish than you look.

B+ Battle Start Voice Let's just take it nice and easy.
B++ Hot Spring Voice It feels like my body is burning up...

I don't really care for heat...

A Inner Voice II This place is nothing but a headache. But I suppose the nights are loverly...
A+ Slide Skill Voice I'll make sure you never forget this.
A++ Victory Voice Thanks.
S Story III And as long as I finish off every last one of you, who's going to be around to complain, hm?
All Inner Voice III You could stand to make better use of other people.

Doubt, suspicion, guarding yourself against betrayal... I don't know what it is you believe in, but if you don't watch yourself, you're going to end up hurt.

Story Dialog[edit | edit source]

Awakening I: Whimsy[edit | edit source]

[D-Grade Unlock]


Hey, what's up? I, um, brought you a present.
Master What? You didn't have to do that. Wait, what's this?
Eve "The Contemplative Bodhisattva"...
Master Is this the real thing?! Someone call the police! We've got a thief!
Eve It's a replica. No demon could even lay a finger on the real thing.
Master Did you go on a temple tour or something?
Eve Something like that, yeah.

(In his mind)

This is Eve.

She's got the sort of bad luck that's on par with, or maybe even worse than, my own.

Her enemies have given her a hard time, and she's been left to just sort of wander around the country ever since.


(In his mind)

Ode says that despite how she looks and behaves, she's actually one of the strongest demons around, and she's never lost a battle.

But he also took joy in telling me that while she might be willing to help out now I'd better keep my eye on her.

Master ... So, what went down this time?
Eve Hm? Oh, I just ran into a troublesome bunch from the Infernal Realm. And since they just wouldn't leave me be, well...
Master It's tough being so popular, huh? Everything okay now, though?
Eve Huh? Oh, yeah. They're all out of commission now.
Master Ah--
Eve Something the matter?
Master Wait, you didn't... kill them, did you?
Eve I wanted to, honestly. But no, they're quite alive. They all dropped out of the contest before I finished them off.
Master ...
Eve Is something bothering you?
Master No...

(In his mind)

To each their own, I guess. I shouldn't expect her to copy my style, even if she's acting as my Child. She's more of a demon than I am, anyway.
Eve If there's something on your mind, say it.
Master N-Nah, its nothing! Sorry to bother you!
Eve You're overthinking things again, aren't you? Listen. Like I told you. I'm not helping you because I believe in whatever cause it is you think you're fighting for.
Eve I needed you, and in return for what I've gotten from you, I am helping you out. That's the only reason I'm here. We'll be even when this is all over. Win-win.
Eve But, let me just tell you this: You're never going to get anywhere by worrying too much over your enemies.

I think you've got the wrong idea about what makes a good leader. You aren't here to make friends.

Eve Honestly, I can't imagine what would happen to the Infernal Realm if you ended up as the Archfiend.

Awakening II: Original Sin[edit | edit source]

[B-Grade Unlock]


... Wanna stop snooping around and show yourself already?
??? Hmph. Long-time no see, Eve.
Eve And you are?
??? Did you really forget who I am?
Eve How could I forget you if I never knew you in the first place?
??? You do know me, though! Jeez, you really can be a ditz, huh?
Eve Listen, I only responded because you called out to me. I haven't the slightest idea who you might be.
??? Gimme a break! I let you off the hook because you were headed out to join the Archfiend Contest!
??? You know what? Forget it! When I become Archfiend, I'm going to make you one of my concubines!

About my 100th one, no less! You'll be lucky if you get to see my face every three months or so!

Eve Really, now? That's your plan?
??? Huh?
Eve That's the dullest form of revenge imaginable. You know what I would do?
Eve I would lock you up in restraints so tight you couldn't even move. And then I would pour a neverending torrent of water onto you, one droplet at a time.
Eve And I would leave you there until the day my time as Archfiend came to an end.

You know what? I think I'll remember that face of yours from here on out.

Master That's not a side of Eve I wanted to see!
Eve Oh? And what brings you here?
Master I was worried 'cause it seemed like you might be caught up in a fight or something!

I definitely wasn't prepared for what I just saw, though...

Eve And why were you worried?
Master W-Well, I mean, we're supposed to be allies now, right? I thought maybe you might need help.
Eve Do you honestly think I am so weak that I would need help from YOU?

Do those aides of yours not teach you anything?

Master No, I mean, they've told me plenty about you. How strong you are and all.

But that's not the point. I just thought you might be in trouble, you know?

Master I didn't want to risk losing one of my most dependable allies.
Eve Me? You're depending on me? You're more foolish than you look. Do you think that nonsense pact of yours is enough to forge an honest alliance?
Master Wait! Are you planning on double-crossing me?! Jeez, and I thought you girls from the Infernal Realm couldn't get any scarier. You're not even trying to hide it, are you?
Master You're really something, picking on a poor, sweet, innocent demon like me.
Eve ... You and Frej don't get along, do you? I bet you started fighting the moment you met.
Master How did you know? Were you watching us, then?
Eve Of course not. But Frej hates people like himself. And you're the spitting image of him.
Master What? No way. I'm nothing like that creep. Why would you even think that?
Eve Because it's true. Anyway, I've had enough of this. I'll be going.
Master Okay, sure. Get some rest. Oh, and if you run into any other candidates...
Eve I will eliminate anyone who gets in my way.
Master Could you, y'know not talk like that? Hey! Are you even listening?!

Awakening III: Paradise Lost[edit | edit source]

[S-Grade Unlock]


Hi there! It's me, your midnight partner, A.I! This report is brought to you by Channel Evil, your number one source for live combat action!
A.I And boy, have I got something for you today! Let's call in today's guest, shall we?
A.I You all know this demon, because she's the talk of the town these days! Iiit's Eve!
A.I Welcome! Thanks for joining us, Eve! It's an honor to have you here!
Eve Yeah, sure. I didn't want to be here, but you threw a tantrum and started following me around everywhere I went, so...
A.I Haha! I'll tell you, you were a tough nut to crack! It took basically a whole month of stalking you everywhere you went!
A.I I really embarrassed myself on camera more than a few times along the way, you know!

I hope you're ready to make amends once we're off the air! ✰

A.I I'll chase you to the ends of the Infernal Realm if I have to! ✰ But anyway! It's question time, Eve!
A.I Tell us, are the rumors about you working with a sorry excuse for a demon true?
Eve ...
A.I Eve?
Eve I expected things would go this way, A.I. This is what Channel Evil wants, hm? You lot want to pick a fight with us demons?

Or maybe you don't take us seriously enough because you've got him working behind you?

Eve I let it slide before, but you're starting to be more trouble than you're worth, Channel Evil.

I don't care what role you think it is you play in this Archfiend Contest...

Eve I hope you're ready to get what's coming to you, A.I.
A.I Oh, you! Could you be any cooler? ♥

I'd be happy to take whatever you're ready to dish out, Eve! ✰

Eve Oh, how I wish I could act on that right here and now. But here, I'll tell you what you probably wanted to hear.
Eve When push comes to shove, I'm ready to give everything to protect that "sorry excuse for a demon."
A.I Whoa-ho-ho! Did you hear that, viewers? Talk about a HOT scoop! But what happens when you two make it to the end of the contest?
Eve Then we fight until one of us emerges victorious. Our little alliance won't mean anything then. And as long as I finish off every last one of you, who's going to be around to complain, hm?
*Scene Change*
Mona Well, there you have it, Master. Oh? Are you feeling unwell?
Master Y-You Infernal Realm girls are really something.


5★ Child

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