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A quintessential warrior, Durandal is a veteran swordsman who always aims for his enemy's vitals. In the past, he was defeated by a then-youthful Rufus, and has been serving as his guard ever since. His personal history remains unknown, likely because he has intentionally kept his secrets close to his chest. He has been under Rufus's command for quite a while now, and is one of the few demons Rufus actually trusts. Thanks to Rufus's influence, he exhibits gentlemanly conduct unbecoming of a demon. He apparently used to be an extremely ferocious warrior, but when confronted about that rumor, he simply laughs it off.


Autoattack: Dark Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 100 Auto Attack damage
Rank 7/10

Tap: Scream of Delusion[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 380 Damage, CRT Rate +30% for self and 1 Attacker Ally for 10 seconds
Rank 7/10

Slide: Hollow Edge[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 860 Damage to 2 random Enemies, Skill Gauge Charge Amount of +35% and Slide Skill Damage +1200 for 3 Allies (Priority: Dark Type Attackers) for 15 seconds
Rank 7/10

Drive: Spectral Demon Blade []

Level 1 Deal 2032 Damage to 3 Enemies (Priority: Light Type), inflict Blind (decrease Attack ACC 60%) for 25 seconds, and ATK +30% for 3 Allies (Priority: Highest ATK) for 25 seconds
Level 60+6

Leader Buff[]

CRT Rate +15% for Allies (During Devil Rumble, Critical Damage +20%)

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice Taste my undying blade!
D Story I We will make Sir Rufus into the Archfiend. That is our duty and the meaning of our existence.
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Out of the way!
D++ Critical Attack Voice Watch closely.
C Inner Voice I If necessary, I can even make you Archfiend. If Sir Rufus orders it, that is.
C+ Damaged Voice



I let down my guard.

C++ Death Cry

Guh... Ngh... My sword...has broken?

B Story II Listen, you're in the thick of the Archfiend Contest right now. You must never forget that.
B+ Battle Start Voice Understood. I'll stand on the front lines.
B++ Hot Spring Voice *sigh* If you're free, join me.
A Inner Voice II Luin may seem strict, but she's very kind. It's rather fun to tease her.
A+ Slide Skill Voice Don't underestimate me!
A++ Victory Voice I've returned.
S Story III So for now, I must focus carefully on cultivating everything in my purview, from the roots to the branches.
All Inner Voice III The Mortal Realm is a bore, but it is a good environment in which to enjoy bonsai.

Story Dialog[]

Awakening I: Durandal's True Feelings[]

[D-Grade Unlock]

Durandal ...
Master ......!
Durandal When you tail someone with your back to the sun, your shadow gets longer. Don't you know that?
Davi I think he spotted us, Master.
Master Quiet!
Davi Being quiet's not gonna help. He already knows we're here.
Master Hey! I just told you to shut up!
Durandal Ugh, what a pain. Why are you following me?
Durandal I don't like people sneaking around behind me. May I consider this an assault?
Davi Oh dang, he's furious! You'd better get down on your knees and grovel, Master!
Davi Come on, Durandal! We don't wanna fight! We really just—
Master Davi! What're you doing?! Don't you have any pride?!
Davi Pride doesn't mean anything if you're dead!
Master Don't assume we're gonna die!
Davi Durandal, don't kill usss!
Durandal I'm not actually planning on killing you. What do you need?
Durandal I sincerely doubt you're following me because you want to be friends.
Master Uh, well...we're not really following you, per se... It's more like we just happened to be going down the same road!
Davi Just be honest, Master. You were watching him 'cause you can't figure out what's going through his head.
Master Davi! Ugh, there you go again, you blabbermouth...
Durandal I see. So you were wondering if I'd betray you. I believe I told you that you didn't need to worry about that.
Master Yeah, you did,'s just, uh...
Durandal *sigh* I hate it when people beat around the bush. Out with it already.
Master's not that I'm not debating whether or not to trust you, or that I don't want to believe you...
Durandal ...
Master Okay, okay! I'll say it! I wasn't sure how honest you were being, so I followed you to keep an eye on you!
Durandal Hmph. Your fear is unfounded. We would never disobey Sir Rufus.
Durandal Sir Rufus has recognized you as the Archfiend's successor and has ordered a ceasefire. So we will respect his decision.
Durandal But if you doubt Sir Rufus's true motives... I cannot allow that to continue.
Master You seem pretty strong yourself, so why aren't you trying to be the Archfiend?
Master You could probably even beat Rufus.
Durandal Ha!
He laughs scornfully.
Durandal You know nothing of Lord Rufus's true power. Your hopeless optimism is clouding your eyes.
Durandal The Archfiend Contest is meaningless. Sir Rufus will reign over the Infernal Realm. That is the only possible future.
Master How can you be so sure? What if something completely unexpected happens?
Durandal Even if an anomaly like that were to occur... I would take responsibility and deal with it.
Durandal We will make Sir Rufus into the Archfiend. That is our duty and the meaning of our existence.
On Rufus's orders, Durandal stopped interfereing with our work. It's only a temporary ceasefire, but now we can borrow Durandal's help if we need him.
I was tailing him to see what kind of demon he was, the end, I was never able to find out. I just can't understand him.
The way he talks about duty and the meaning of his existence, and his loyalty to Rufus and the strength of their bond... I don't get it at all.

Awakening II: Durandal's Kindness[]

[B-Grade Unlock]

Durandal It's that little girl again...
Davi Oh no! Durandal went poof!
Durandal What is that you want today?
Davi Eek! D-Don't surprise me like that!
Davi H-Hello, Durandal!
Durandal It seems your master is not with you today. Do you have some business with me?
Davi Um, not really. I just had nothing better to do. Will you play with me?
Durandal Sorry, but I promised to meet someone. Why would you come seek me out? Go play with your master.
Davi He's at this rat extermination job right now. Mona and Lisa don't know about it.
Davi He's probably pretending to be out somewhere with me, so I've gotta kill time when he's working.
Durandal Keeping a job secret from his aides... What an odd Archfiend Candidate.
Durandal Where is your master? Bring me to him. An aide shouldn't be wandering around alone.
Master Ugggh! These stairs go on forever! My feet hurt!
Master Why can't staff members use the elevator? No one would know if I just take off my name tag...
Durandal Then go ahead and use it.
Master Durandal?!
Davi Apparently, when the master foes to the mall, he's bound by a horrible curse that forces him to be kind to humans.
Davi And when he rides the elevator, their piercing gazes threaten to kill him.
Davi He's the weakest of the weak, ya know.
Master Please just shut your trap.
Master So what are you doing here, Durandal? I asked you to help me gather Childs this morning, but you turned me down because you said Sir Rufus had summoned you.
Durandal Yes, I did say that. To me, Sir Rufus takes priority over everything else.
Durandal I'll only cooperate with you when I'm free or in the mood for it. Remember that.
Master Yeah, yeah. So, what're you here for?
Durandal Your aide was wandering around on her own, so I brought her to you. Also...
Durandal Someone was tailing her, so I took care of them while I was at it.
Master What?! Someone was following her?!
Durandal Listen, you're in the thick of the Archfiend Contest right now. You must never forget that.
Master I mean, sure, but...I never expected anyone to target Davi.
Durandal Well, consider that in the future. I doubt anyone would go so far as to lay a hand on a succubus, but if they're being followed, it could pose a problem.
Durandal Don't let your guard down. Now then, if you'll excuse me.
Master Oh, tha—
Master And...there he goes.
Master ...
Master Huh. I guess he's a nicer guy than I thought.

Awakening III: Durandal's Hobby[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

Rufus Luin. Durandal.
Durandal ......
Luin Yes, Sir Rufus.
Rufus I'm going to the Mortal Realm. You two will come with me.
Luin The Mortal Realm, sir?
Rufus Yes. I want to do some research on the Archfiend Contest.
Durandal I understand, sir. there truly any need for you to participate in such a battle?
Rufus To become the Archfiend? Haha, I wonder.
Rufus I've heard the Infernal Realm is particularly chaotic right after the Archfiend Contest. Ruling in the midst of all the betratals, ambushes, and discontent... That is the Archfiend's job.
Rufus The Archfiend Contest is nothing more than a process. True victory is gained after the contest is over. And what must be done to become the last one standing?
Rufus The answer is finding overwhelming power and making it known to all, as Lucifaro has done. However, that is not enough. Something else is required.
Durandal And what would that be, sir?
Rufus A new power that is different from magic. Those who wield a power like that could easily obtain the seat of the Archfiend.
Rufus At least, that is what my instincts say. I doubt demons would solely rely on a method as simple as merely winning a battle.
Rufus And so, I am going to investigate that. I'll not become a foolish king drunk on victory.
Luin Foolish?! You could never be described in such a way!
Rufus Haha. I participate in this battle for your sakes as well.
Rufus I don't intend to let such skilled subordinates waste away in a corner of the Infernal Realm.
Rufus I'll become the Archfiend, a feat that cannot be achieved by simply being strong. And I'll be sure to keep you two with me every step of the way.
Durandal Oh, that branch is slightly bent.
Luin Durandal. You're rather passionate about taking care of that shruberry.
Durandal It's not "shruberry," it's a bonsai tree. It is a discipline that can only be mastered after many long years of study.
Luin I have no interest in pursuits that require such patience. You're hedging it in so it cannot grow the way it wants to, correct?
Durandal I'm not sure I would word it that way. But if I were to find a meaning in it, I'd say it would be that every inch of this tree, from the root to the branches, has been influenced by me.
Luin In other words, it satisfies your desire to dominate? Demons have rather despicable hobbies, don't they? Leaving that aside, I received these orders from Sir Rufus.
Luin "Answer the kitten's calls for aid as much as possible. But do not kill his opponents."
Durandal So we are to continue with that? Understood. Now, Luin, while you're here, could you—
Luin I'll pass on helping you with that terrible hobby of yours. See you.
Durandal Terrible hobby, huh? Amusing to hear that from a demon.
Durandal I don't think the Archfiend Contest will end so easily. It may very well take an astonishing amount of time.
Durandal So for now, I must focus carefully on cultivating everything in my purview, from the roots to the branches.


5★ Child

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