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Devil Rumble (PVP battles) is run (or broadcast) by perky A.I. Available when candidate reaches level 10. In Devil Rumble, you face off against other Archfiend candidates to climb the ranks of the leader-board. The further you climb, the more rewards you earn. Don’t miss out fabulous prizes every week! Check the Devil Rumble rules to get you to the top.


Every week’s Devil Rumble starts on Monday 04:00 UTC & closes on Monday 00:00 UTC. Starting league will be determined at the same time as your rewards. Score resets to its minimum when the Weekly Devil Rumble begins, depending on your current league. The minimum win rate and battles must be kept in order to maintain your league. Failure to meet the minimum league requirements before the Devil Rumble closure will drop you, 2 leagues, lower. The rival list will be updated when all players are defeated or after 15 minutes. Next week’s league is determined by this week’s score and rank. You must complete at least 10 times a week to receive a reward. Those who rank in at 100th place or higher earn a bonus reward in addition to the league reward.

You need a ticket to fight in Devil Rumble. You can carry at most 5 tickets. Tickets automatically regenerate every 10 minutes. Can’t wait? You can buy 5 tickets with 100 Crystals. If your rivals are too strong to fight, you switch them for free every 15 min or use 50 Crystals. You will see one unknown player which the Childs team is hidden on your first encounter. The other 4 players’ team will be shown.

Winning a Devil Rumble, rewards you will Rumble Coins, Devil Mileage, and increases your score.

Note: Do not get disappointed even if you lose. You can challenge the same rival as many times as you want until win or till the rival list gets refreshed. Adjust and find the right Childs team to defeat your rival! Or just remove them using refresh button.

League / Ranking[]

In order to move the the ranking you must improve your score by winning Devil Rumble.

Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Ruby Rookie
V 15200+ 11400~11999 8400~8999 5400~5999
IV 14400~15199 10800~11399 7800~8399 4800~5399
III 13600~14399 10200~10799 7200~7799 4200~4799 2400~2999
II 12800~13599 9600~10199 6600~7199 3600~4199 1800~2399
I 12000~12799 9000~9599 6000~6599 3000~3599 1200~1799 1000~1199

Rumble Shop[]

Items can be bought using Rumble Coins. Coins can be earned from Rumble battles, Rumble missions or event rewards. You can purchase equipment and evolution materials at Rumble Shop. Catalog of items changes after a certain period of time, but you can switch up immediately by using Crystals. Want to increase the catalog size, use gold unlock more slots.