The third succubus to join the young master. She is obsessed with Mona, and follows her to the Mortal Realm.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Her name contains limitless possibilities.. or at least that's what she claims.

Simple-minded and gullible, she's easily taken in by just about anyone. She tends to act first and think later if she bothers to think at all.

All she cares about is Mona, so the Archfiend's Contest is merely a means to an end for spending more time with her. She sees the young master as a rival for Mona's affection, and refers to him primarily as "stupid cockscomb."

Let's just say she still has a lot of growing up to do...

Skills[edit | edit source]

Auto attack: Fire Attack[edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 58 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10

Tap: Fire Serpent[edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 193 Damage, inflict Bleed (70 damage every 2 sec) for 6 seconds.
Rank 7/10

Slide: Harden[edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 405 Damage to all Enemies
Rank 7/10

Drive: Butterfly Effect[edit | edit source]

Level 1 Deal 943 Damage to all Enemies, inflict Bleed (120 damage every 2 sec) on 3 Enemies (Lowest HP) for 10 seconds
Level 60+6

Leader Buff[edit | edit source]

Slide Skill Damage +60 for Fire Type Allies

General Tips[edit | edit source]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:

Awakening[edit | edit source]

Voice List[edit | edit source]

E Drive Skill Voice I'll destroy everything!
D Story I Today's your lucky day, master! I'm your new succubus, Davi!
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Yah!
D++ Critical Attack Voice You ready for this?!
C Inner Voice I I'm going to love Mona for as long as I live ♥
C+ Damaged Voice Guuuh!

Eee! Waaah!

C++ Death Cry Gaaah!

That hurts...

B Story II Don't think you can pull the wool over MY eyes!
B+ Battle Start Voice Okey-dokey then! Leave this to me!
B++ Hot Spring Voice Oh no you don't! This area's off-limits to demons!
A Inner Voice II When will I get to go back to the Infernal Realm... This is all your fault!
A+ Slide Skill Voice I've got this!
A++ Victory Voice All right! All thanks to me!
S Story III Heh heh! I'm an excellent stalker!
All Inner Voice III You ruined my plans! If the Archfiend Contest doesn't end soon, Mona and I won't get to... Heh heh... ...Anyway, it looks like I have no choice but to help!

Story Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Awakening I : Walk to the Infernal Realm[edit | edit source]

[D-Grade Unlock]

Davi Aaah! Wait, Mona! Please wait!

I thought you said you weren't going to compete in the Archfiend Contest!

Mona I know... But I promise I'll be back soon, so don't worry.
Davi No! I don't want you to go! If you're going, then I'm going too! Don't leave meee!

If you refuse to take me along... you'll have to step on me to leave!

Mona Are you sure you want to do that? It's going to hurt, you know.
Davi Waaah! I can't believe you'd really step on me without a moment's hesitation...

You really are the greatest, Mona!

Mona! Promise me you'll come back as soon as the Archfiend Contest is over, okay?!

Mona Davi...Please let go of my leg.
Davi No! Not until you promise! I want you to stay with me forever and ever!
Mona My, my. What AM I going to do with you? I promise I'll be right back, so just wait here like a good little girl ♥
Davi *sniff* In that case, I want you to sign this contract!
Mona Contract? Let's see...

"I, Mona, do solemnly swear to return home right after Archfiend Contest is concluded."

"If I should break this promise, I swear to marry Davi and stay with her for the rest of our lives."

So you'll be a good girl if I sign this contract? Okay. ...There you go.

Davi Eee ♥ Thank you, Mona! ♥ Where should we go on our honeymoon? I want to go somewhere we can be all alone, just the two of us!
Mona Good question. What about that hot new vacation spot everyone's been talking about?
Davi No way! There'll be too many people getting in our way there! ...Oh, then again, I guess we can just blast them all away. Then it'll be just you and me, all alone in a quiet city... Hehehe...
Mona Okay, hold down the fort while I'm gone ♥
Davi Ah! Monaaa!


Mona tricked me! Instead of her real name, she signed the contract as "Mano"!

She even altered the contract itself...

"The party to the contract shall choose the wedding date at a later, unspecified occasion."

*sniff* Mona, you jeeerk!


*sniff* I have to go to find her...

She can't be apart from me for even a moment!

She didn't tell me where she was going, but I know. We share an unbreakable bond!

...There! I can still smell her sweet, gentle scent! *sniff* *sniff* Mmm, she smells so good...

I'll find her, even if I have to travel to the ends of the Infernal Realm!

Awakening II : A day in the Life of Davi[edit | edit source]

[B-Grade Unlock]

Mona Listen up!
Master Huh? What? Why are you upset?
Mona When are you going to stop lounging around?

How long can it possibly take you to get ready to go out and make pacts?

Master Believe me, I want to get going too. But SHE keeps interfering...

Hey, you little brat! Don't touch my bag!

Davi Hmph! Why do you need a game console if you're going out to make pacts?

You're actually planning to go spend tome alone with Mona, aren't you?! Well, I won't have it!

Master I keep telling you that's not it...

I have to wait around a lot for the right kind of pactmaker to come along, so the console's just for killing time.

Davi The other demons just grab the nearest human and force them to make pacts. So why do you have to spend so much time waiting?
Master Well... Because I want Childs whoa are just the right mixture of timid, greedy, obedient, and tough.
Davi What are you, stupid? You'll never finish the Archfiend Contest at that rate!

When are you going to stop depending on Mona so much?!

Master I know I've been relying on her a lot lately... But what's wrong with that? She's my succubus.
Davi No she's not! She's MY Mona! I've been with her waaay longer than you have!
Master But I'm her master now.

So why shouldn't I depend on my own succubus? Anyway, don't worry. I'll be sure to spend pleeenty of quality time with her in your place.

Davi Grrr...


Master Oh yeah? Hmph to you too!
Davi Don't copy me, you jerk!
Master Don't copy me, you jerk!
Davi I said, don't copy me!
Master I said, don't copy me!
Davi *sniff* Waaaah! Monaaa!
Mona ...

*sigh* you two both have a lot of growing up to do.

Awakening III : The Little Succubus[edit | edit source]

[S-Grade Unlock]

Davi Ta-daaa! Normally, I'd never let you look at my art, but today I'm making an exception!
Master Hm? What's that a picture of?

Wow, that's pretty good.

It's a great...rock?

Davi Rock?! No!
Master seaweed?
Davi No!
Master Well, if it's not seaweed, then it must be...

Oh, I know! It's a planet being destroyed by a meteor!

Davi Nooo! you stupid rooster head! Are you getting this wrong on purpose?!
Master's Mind Davi puffed up her cheeks and glared at me. But I wasn't getting this wrong on purpose.'The only things I could make out in her picture were either a rock or seaweed.
Davi Monaaa! Master's being mean to meee! Waaah!
Mona My, my. What's wrong?

Teehee. Now I see. Master couldn't tell what it was you had drawn.

Davi, can I see this picture too?

Master I did my best to guess what it was...

but look at it. It's impossible.

Mona Let me see... My, my!

This is a portrait of Master himself ♥

Master Huh?


Mona Why are you so surprised?

You really couldn't tell it was you? Just look how detailed it is.

Master Detailed? Portrait? Where? How?
Mona What do you mean? It's clearly you, no matter how you look at it.

And drawn with such skill, too ♥

Master I still can't believe that Davi would even think to draw a picture of me in the first place...


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