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A Child born of a detective who dreams of making justice a reality.

She respects her pactmaker's unbreakable will, so she took the name Danu after the goddess who formed her own country, even in light of her failures. Prone to bouts of moodiness, she generally does what she wants, but for whatever reason, it always works out in the end.

She hates criminals and is an extreme individualist.


Autoattack: Water Attack

Rank 1/1 Deal 81 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic).
Rank 7/10 Deal 622 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic).

Tap: Dark Water

Rank 1/1 Deal 300 Damage, inflict Poison (causes 150 damage each time a target acts and takes additional damage whenever damage taken) for 3 turns.
Rank 7/10 Deal 2610 Damage, inflict Poison (causes 927 damage each time a target acts and takes additional damage whenever damage taken) for 3 turns.

Slide: Deadly Ocean

Rank 1/1 Deal 439 damage 3 times, 300 Ignore DEF Damage.
Rank 7/10 Deal 3482 damage 3 times, 590 Ignore DEF Damage.

Drive: Kairyu's Horn 

Level 1 Deal 1319 Damage to 4 random Enemies.
Level 60+6 Deal 6916 Damage to 4 random Enemies.

Leader Buff

CRT +400 for Water Type Allies.

General Tips

Pros One of the best Water 4★ Attacker, 2nd only to Elysion.

Very useful during the Fire World Boss Events.

Cons For PVP and Ragna the best Water Attacker is still Eve.
Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Fake Scimitar

Cute Broom
ATK and CRT for more damage.
Wedding dress
HP over DEF for extra DoT survival.
Vampire Exorcism Kit
ATK and CRT for more damage.
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented: ATK and CRT for even more damage.

HP and ATK for extra survival while keeping the damage high.


Voice List

E Drive Skill Voice This'll be over in one shot!
D Story I I just covered up evidence.

You got a problem with that?

D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Wait 'till you see what I can do!
D++ Critical Attack Voice Hmph! This is stupid...
C Inner Voice I How is it possible for everyone around me to be so irritating? Ugh...
C+ Damaged Voice What's so funny?

Aaah! Guh!

C++ Death Cry Take care not to break your neck on your way home!


B Story II Red thread of fate? What the hell are you talking about?

I can already tell that this is gonna be a pain.

B+ Battle Start Voice Hurry up and come at me!
B++ Hot Spring Voice Did you see?

Did you? You better not have.

A Inner Voice II The Archfiend? You? Wow, apparently any idiot off the street can become Archfiend these days.
A+ Slide Skill Voice You really think you can win like that?
A++ Victory Voice You should be grateful I was here to save your life.
S Story III Oh, shut up!

It's just a thread! If you want to be together that badly, why don't you act like a demon and cuff me?

All Inner Voice III Who're you calling a subordinate?

You don't get to call me that until you've become the Archfiend!

Story Dialog

Awakening I: Selfish Hero

[D-Grade Unlock]

Danu's created a problem. That in itself is actually fine...
Master ...but unfortunately for me, her timing is terrible.
Danu What are you mumbling about to yourself? You're the one who summoned me, so hurry up and tell me what this is about.
Master What do you mean, "what this is about"?! It's about the thief you caught!
Danu Why are you upset?! Aren't you glad I caught him for you?
Master I never asked you to do that!
Danu But you were worried about being robbed.
Master Okay... That's true... But I never once asked you to actually catch the thief for me! The whole neighborhood's out searching for him now that the police offered a reward for his capture! What if you'd shown up on one of their security cameras?!
Danu Oh, those? Don't worry, I destroyed them.
Master Are you serious? Well, that's just great...
Danu Now what are you upset about?! I covered up the evidence for you!
Master If you want to play hero, do it somewhere else!
Danu The whole reason I captured him was so you'd stop complaining about him!
Master Okay, fine. Just go ahead and blame me for everything.
Danu Ugh, do you EVER stop complaining?!
Mona Oh, Maaaster! ♥
Master What is it, Mona?
Mona The police were here earlier.
Master Aw, crap! So they know I'm a demon?!
Mona Maybe, maybe not ♥
Master Huh? Which is it?
Mona then produced a single piece of paper.
Master Huh?! ... This is a wanted poster! And it's obviously for Danu!
Danu Huh? I don't look anything like this uggo!
Mona It says Danu's the accomplice of the thief she caught ♥
Master Danu! What did you do?
Danu That's what I'd like to know! Where do they get off calling me his accomplice?
Mona Maybe the thief holds a grudge against you for catching him.
Master See? I knew this would be nothing but trouble...
Danu How dare that crook... Hw won't get away with this!
Master Hey, Danu! Now where are you going?! Daaanu!

Awakening II: Hot Detective

[B-Grade Unlock]

Master Ow! Where'd that come from?!
Davi There!
Master There, what?!
Davi Ow! Why'd you hit me?!
Master Why'd you poke me in the eye all of a sudden?!
Davi Did it hurt, Master?
Master Of course it did! Guh... Now tears are welling up...
Davi Hehe... Danu was right. Danu said that if I see someone I don't like. I should poke'em in the eye.
Master ...Does she have a grudge against me or something?
Tomoka Togashi Hey! What are you two doing here?
Davi Speak of the demon.
Master In this case, I think you mean "speak of the devil"...
Tomoka Togashi You were badmouthing me, weren't you?!
Master N-no, I promise we weren't, officer...
Tomoka Togashi Why won't you look me in the eye? Something's not right here.
Davi We were just talking about someone who looked like you.
Tomoka Togashi Someone who looks like me? I don't know who you mean, but she must be a real looker.
I'm Amazed she can say something like that with a straight face... Then again, she DOES have a real baby face. This is Danu's pactmaker, Tomoka Togashi... Looking at her, you'd never suspect she was such a heavy drinker.
Master S-so what are you doing here, officer?
Tomoka Togashi Can't you tell? I'm on duty.
Davi Ooh, I know! You must be an under-copper.
MAster Uh, I think you mean "undercover-cop"... Anyway, are you sure you should be out strolling around a place like this?
Tomoka Togoshi Oh, I doubt the culprit will suspect I'm a detective if he sees me chatting with a couple of kids. Say, how's that lady with the big rack doing?
Master Shameless with a smile, just like always.
Davi Don't insult Mona!
Tomoka Togashi Will you tell her I plan on stopping by the Support Center again later?
Master Again?
She's referring to Mona's Counselling Ofice. I can tell right now that she's got some seriously dark ulterior motives...
Tomoka Togashi Is that a problem?
Master N-No... Not at all...
Davi This is great! Now we'll get to make another pact with Danu's---
Master Sh-Shut it! Can't you see what's going on here?!
Tomoka Togashi What's this about another pact?
Master Oh, we were just saying that there's been a big drop-off in visitors lately, so we'd be thrilled to see you there again...
Tomoka Togashi Something's fishy about this...
Master A-Anyway, is there something on your mind?
Tomoka Togashi It's my squad leader... The more I look at him, the more he ticks me off! But I can't just go and slug him.
Master You mean your boss? So you're not going to report him?
Tomoka Togashi Not just yet... Now's not the right time. Grr... It's so frustrating! As soon as I'm done with work, I'm headed straight to the bar!
Master What and extreme personality... I can see why Danu turned out the way she did.

Awakening III: Bracelet of Love?

[S-Grade Unlock]

Master Yikes!
Davi Ow!
Master What the- A thread? Who would do something like this?
Davi Stupid Master! You almost broke my thread!
Master What is this? Why do you have a thread tied around your little finger? I almost tripped and fell because of you. Oh no, Is this a new trap? Don't you ever get tired of finding new ways to irritate me?
Davi It's not a trap for you, rooster head! This is a thread of love that binds me and Mona together.
Master So, does that mean Mona has the other one on her finger?
Davi N-Not just yet...
Master Oooh, I see. You were dumped. Serves you right, brat!
Davi You're wrong! I just haven't told her yet!
Master You're dreaming if you thin Mona's ever going to agree to that.
Davi What would you know, rooster head?!
Danu Aaah!


Master Thread of love, net of fate, whatever. Just get rid of it before you cause an accident!
Davi *sniff*
Danu A red thread of love? What, have you been watching too many soap operas or something? Get it out of here!
Danu cut Davi's thread without a moment's hesitation.
Davi Don't!
Master Aaah, that feels better.
Davi You jerk! You idiot! I still havent' tied it to Mona...
Danu Oh, be quiet! It's just a thread! If you want to be with her that badly, why don't you just cuff her?
Master Cu-
Davi Cuffs!
Master What are you saying?!
Davi Cuffs... Of course! I can arrest her for stealing my heart... It's perfect ♥ Danuuu, will you bring me some silver bracelets of love, just for me and Mona? Your pactmaker's a detective, right? She's got to have at least one spare pair.
Master Absolutely not!
Davi Hmph! You can try and interfere with our love all you want, rooster head! My passion for Mona will never die! Mona! Monaaa! Where are you?
Master Good grief... Why'd you have to go and give her ideas?
Danu To get her to behave herself a bit. Besides, did you really think I'd actually bring her cuffs?
Master No, but knowing Davi... she won't stop until she's gotten some.
Danu You're exaggerating.
Master Just you wait. It's only a matter of time until Mona rejects her and she uses the cuffs on me...


5★ Child

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