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Bathory had shown an interest in kimono so the Master and the others invited her to visit a shrine for New Year's. However, Bathory arrived, not in a regular kimono, but in full courtesan attire. With proper aides, this sort of thing wouldn't have happened but it's too late for that now. The importance of culture began to dawn on the Master.


Auto Attack : Fire Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 113 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10 Deal 749 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)

Tap : Over the Moon[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 497 Damage, grant Battlecry (ATK 15%, stacked upto 3 times) to self for 15 seconds and 75% chance to Direct Hit (ignores a target's fortitude status)
Rank 7/10 Deal 3047 Damage, grant Battlecry (ATK 35.1%, stacked upto 3 times) to self for 15 seconds and 95.8% chance to Direct Hit (ignores a target's fortitude status)

Slide : Care For a Drink?[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 1009 Damage 2 times each and 480 Ignore DEF Damage to 2 Enemies (Priority: Highest ATK) and 300 Bonus Damage
Rank 7/10 Deal 4666 Damage 2 times each and 1254 Ignore DEF Damage to 2 Enemies (Priority: Highest ATK) and 1060 Bonus Damage

Drive : Curling Smoke[]

Level 1 Deal 2601 Damage to the 4 Enemies (Priority: Lowest HP)
Level 60+6 Deal 8516 Damage to the 4 Enemies (Priority: Lowest HP)

Leader Buff[]

Slide Skill Final Damage +15% for Fire Type Allies (for PVP, added CRT rate +30% for self)

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice Master, doth do we part.
D Story I A kimono? I've never worn one. Come to think of it, I enrolled at the school right after coming to the Mortal Realm, so I don't have many clothes besides my uniform.
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Forgive me.
D++ Critical Attack Voice Thou art unreasonably stubborn.
C Inner Voice I There's so much to the culture of the courtesan. A world of women. It's just fascinating to me. I can't wait to learn more about it at school.
C+ Damaged Voice
  • Such nerve.
  • Ooof!
  • Aaah!
C++ Death Cry
  • Theresa...
  • Mine fate was ever ephemeral.
B Story II It turneth out that kimonos are harder to wear than I thought-eth. 'Tis also heavier than I foresaw. What thinketh thee? Doth it suit me?
B+ Battle Start Voice More slowly, I prithee.
B++ Hot Spring Voice Shall I wash thy back, Master? Tee hee, I'm just kidding. Oh my, look at you, you're beet red!
A Inner Voice II I am Supreme Courtesan Bathory. What? Can I not pull it off? Aw, it was really starting to grow on me.
A+ Slide Skill Voice Pray let me handle it.
A++ Victory Voice If thou shall excuse me, I shall take mine leave.
S Story III So listen to this, Theresa. I wore a kimono to my first shrine visit of the year. I wish you could have seen it. Next year, we must to go together. No matter what.
All Inner Voice III Hmm. The language of courtesans is really hard. Does this sound right? Haveth a happy New Year.

Story Dialogue[]

Awakening I : New Year's Event[]

[D-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Room]
Mona Master. Master!
Master What is it, Mona?
Mona Please pull yourself together. We're about to go look for pactmakers!
Master Nobody's going to be walking around outside when it's this frigid.
Lisa Of course they are. The town is full of people getting ready to welcome the new year as we speak.
Master Guh...
Mona No more excuses. We're behind the schedule, so we'll be working without any breaks for a while to make up for lost time ♥
Master Aw, come one! I didn't even get to take Chrismas off, and now you want me to work through New Years's too?!
*ding dong* ♪
Lisa I wonder who that could be?
Master Comiiing!
Mona Oh, Master...
[Master's Kitchen]
Hanazono Sayoko Hello, my ideal girl.
Master Bathory?! Don't call me that! I'm a man! A man, dangit!
Hanazono Sayoko A pity. But it's not too late. If you make a blood pact with me, you'll soon learn how wonderful womanhood can be. What do you say?
Master Forget it! What're you doing here, anyway?
Hanazono Sayoko Oh, you know, just checking in on one of my students. Any good student council president would do the same, right?
Master Riiight. I've heard that before. Be honest: You're just here to mock me here again, aren't you?
Hanazono Sayoko Teehee. May the blessing of God be upon you...
Master I said stop that!
Mona Bathory, listen to this. Can you believe our master...
Master's Mind

And so began a vapid conversation with no end in sight...

It's no skin off my nose, though. As long as they're talking, I won't have to go out looking for pactmakers.

[Master's Room]
Mona Come to think of it, Bathory, are you free today? If not, you're welcome to join us for the first shrine cisit of the new year.
Master This year too? We do enought praying at school.
Mona Maaaster ♥ We can go look for new pactmakers, or we can go to the shrine. The choice is yours.
Master The shrine, please!

So what do you say, Bathory? This is your first New Year's shrine visit since coming to the Mortal Realm, right?

And doesn't wearing a kimono for the occasion sound like SO much fun? ♥

Hanazono Sayoko A kimono? I've never worn one. 
Master Why're you so excited about this? You don't even HAVE a kimono.
Hanazono Sayoko Come to think of it, I enrolled at the school right after coming to the Mortal Realm, so I don't have many clothes besides my uniform.  

Why not ask one of your classmates, then? Saint Michael's School for Girls has a lot of rich students.

You could also always rent one.


You just had to chip in, didn't you...?

Mona Than it's settled! See you there, Bathory ♥
Hanazono Sayoko I'm looking forward to it.

Awakening II : Kimono Debut[]

[B-Grade Unlock]

[Outside Saint Michael's School for Girls]
Girl A Good morning, Ms. Student Council President!
Girl B Good morning!
Hanazono Sayoko Morning. I'm sorry to call you up during winter vacation, but I have a favor to ask
[In classroom]
Girl A ...A long-sleeved kimono to wear to a shrine, huh?
Girl B How come you're asking us?
Hanazono Sayoko Since you're both in the Edo Period Cultural Studies club, I figured you would be the best ones to ask.
Girl A I mean, I've got SOME idea, but just because we're learning about the Edo Period doesn't mean we're kimono experts...
Hanazono Sayoko Could you just take a look at this kimono? What do you think?
Girl B Um, President... I really don't need to see any ukiyo-e right now.
Hanazono Sayoko S-Sorry...
Girl A ...H-Hang on! President, come take a look at this!
Girl B Ow! What's the big idea?
[In the hallway]
Girl A The president used to live overseas, right?
Girl B That's what I heard. So what?
Girl A Well, since she's been abroad for so long, she doesn't know the first thing about kimono, right?
Girl B I guess...
Girl A Well, take a look. Don't you want to see her try this one on?
Girl B Huh?
[Returning to the classroom]
Girl A President! Check out this picture!
Hanazono Sayoko Hey, that's really pretty. I like this umbrella a lot, too.
Girl B This kimono seems like it'd be perfect for someone who isn't Japanese.
Hanazono Sayoko Do you think it would look good on me?
Girl A Definitely.
Girl B It'd look amazing!
[Assuming it's next day, so it is. Somewhere in Downtown]
Master Uuugh... The only thing worse then being cold or being sleepy is dealing with both at the same time...
Master's Mind

Right now, we're waiting to meet up with Bathory.

On a different note, I have to say... Lounging around on New Year's Eve is the best thing ever!

Screwing around online, reflecting on the past year... THAT was great, but the drowsiness I'm fighting off from staying up all night is not.

If I could just be watching this sunrise from the comfort of my bed, this'd be a perfect morning...

Mona There you go slouching again, Master.
Lisa That's no way to greet the new year. How stagnant can a person be? Have you learned nothing from your experiences this year?
Master It's not like things change all of a suddent just because there's a different digit on the calendar...
Davi Master! I wanna drink amazake!

Come to think of it, you were bugging me about amazake last year too, weren't you? Sit tight. I'll buy you some later.

So where's Bathory, anyway?

Mona Patience, Master. It takes a lot of time for a girl to get ready. Doubly so when there's a kimono involved.
Lisa One should strive to be gracious when one company is running behind the schedule.
Master Yeah, yeah. Thanks for all the unsolicited advice, AGAIN.
Master Hm? What's going on?
Lisa There seems to be quite a commotion over there.
Davi It's getting louder...
Master Wh-What's going on?
Master's Mind

At first, we heard people buzzing from far away... but before we knew it, the crowd had parted right in front of us.

That was when we saw what they were buzzing about.

Master Bathory?! Wh-Where did you get that outfit?

Bathory (Courtesan Outfit)

Um.... Thanketh thee for waiting. 'Tis I, Supreme Courtesan Bathory.
Mona Oh my my my!
Lisa I did not foresee this...
Davi Whooooa, too cool!
Bathory (Courtesan Outfit) It turneth out that kimonos are harder to wear than I thought-eth. 'Tis also heavier than I foresaw. What thinketh thee? Doth it suit me?

Awakening III : Lucky Charm[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

[At the Shrine]
Master Uh, Bathory, would you mind keeping your distance from me? Like, a LOT of distance?
Bathory (Courtesan Outfit) Prithee explain thy inquiry.


Because everyone's looking at us! I can't take it anymore!

Why're you even wearing that outfit, anyway?! And holy crap, would you PLEASE stop talking like that?! You're driving me up the wall!

Bathory (Courtesan Outfit) I-Is it strange? My underclassmen told me this is how all courtesans talk, so I did my best to study it...
Master They were punking you! Doesn't take a textbook to see that! TECHNICALLY that's a kimono, but it's got nothing to do with visiting a shrine!
Bathory (Courtesan Outfit) Y-You're kidding me...
Mona Now, now, Master. What's the harm? Just look how well it suits her ♥
Lisa I concur. It is much easiier to move around with Bathory here, since everyone else moves out of the way.
Master So now we're a courtesan procession? *sigh*
Davi Wheee! C'mon, let's go!
Master Davi! Don't run off alone like that! You're gonna get yourself lost!
[Somewhere near the Shrine]
Master's Mind

We finished praying, and now we're sitting at the bench to rest.

Man, I never expected Bathory to show up here dressing like a courtesan.

She talks good game, but I guess she's got a few more screw loose than I thought.

Master So, did you enjoy your New Year's shrine visit, Bathory?
Bathory (Courtesan Outfit) I did. I finally got to wear a kimono...

Great. Then let's get outta here.

Before I catch my death of cold, preferably.

Bathory (Courtesan Outfit) Wait a second! I actually had something else I wanted to do besides wear a kimono.
Master Oh? What's that?
Bathory (Courtesan Outfit) Well, uh, I want to get some protection charms. Would you mind terribly if I asked where to buy them?

What do you need with protection charms? You're a demon, right?

Or are you doing this to torment me?

Bathory (Courtesan Outfit) Oh, I wouldn't do that. Besides, you're the only one in the world who would feel tormented by an ordinary charm.
Master O-Oh... Then, are they for your underclassmen?
Bathory (Courtesan Outfit)  That's right. I want to get gifts for the people I care about most.
Master's Mind

Bathory went on to buy a number of charms, then gave me one even though I didn't want it. I could've sworn she agreed NOT to do that!

I tried to trash it right away, but after I received a deadly serious warning about "divine punishment," I grudgingly accepted it.

Divine punishment sounded scary enough, but Bathory's expression was even scarier...

All this, right off the bat... Some good luck I'M having in the new year. Ugh. Aren't charms suppose to PROTECT you from miisfortune?

[Master's Room]
Mona Gracious, Master. Whatever are you doing with that charm?
Master This? Bathory gave it to me. Said it was to thank me for taking her to the shrine today.
Lisa Does it have any benefit for demons?

B-Beats me...

If anything, it;s more like a cursed item than a charm. I don't wanna invoke Bathory's wrath, so I'm gonna lock it up somewhere safe.

Mona My, so diligent. Does that mean you're going to make a pact with Bathory, then?
Master Why would I do that?
Mona Oh, Master! Didn't you notice? That's a matchmaking charm!
Master It is?!

Yes indeed ♥

[Bathory's Residence]

You are a flower blooming beneath the azure sky. My ideal girl.

From this day forward, you are a Demon's Bride.

So I vow. You are my flower - my companion.

With your blood, may my soul awaken.

Unknown ...
Hanazono Sayoko

Teehee, you look adorable when you asleep. ...So listen to this, Theresa. I wore a kimono to my first shrine visit of the year.

I wish you could have seen it. Next year, we'll have to go together. No matter what.

Oh, right. I have a present for you.

I hope this charm helps keep you safe...


5★ Child

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