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Ragna Break is one of the biggest event in Destiny Child. Each season introduces couple of new Childs being released. There are two parts to the event, the first one is the Ragna Story Dungeon Mode, which introduces you to the new Childs and their stories. The second part is the Raid Boss, which gives you a chance to fight the Raid Boss, collect Ragna Coins and other various rewards. There's also a Ragna Shop to spend your Ragna Coins.

Ragna Story Dungeon Mode[edit | edit source]

Ragna Story Dungeon has couple of stages, its a story of the Child being featured for the event. Some stages require Ragna Coins to be unlocked. Complete all the stages, rewards you will gold, onyx and crystals, similar to that of the regular story mode.

Raid Boss[edit | edit source]

Everyone starts off with a level one raid boss. Each time you defeat the Raid Boss that you discovered/summoned, it will level up the next time its summoned with the highest level being 40. In order to increase the Raid Bosses' level you must participate by doing at least 10% of the bosses' health. If you don't participate and your friends kills the Raid Boss, the Raid Bosses' level will not increase. By participating in defeating your friends' Raid Boss will not increase your Raid Bosses' level.

There're two ways to discover/summon the Raid Boss. The first way is using one of your five free daily summoning tickets from the Ragna Shop. The second way is to do the regular story mode or Ragna Story dungeon, completing it will have a chance to discover/summon the Raid Boss. The more stamina that has been used up, increases the chances of summoning the Raid Boss.

The higher the Raid Boss the better the rewards are given when it is defeated. When the Raid Boss is summoned it will appear of the Raid List along with other Raid Bosses that you and your friends summoned. To fight the Raid Boss, you will have to use one entry ticket, which generates every 30 minutes. You may hold up to 10 entry tickets at any given time. You may also spend crystals to purchase more entry tickets instead of waiting for the allotted time. You may enter the same raid boss multiple times as long as you have enough entry tickets.

A total of 20 people can help defeat a Raid Boss. Only the top 5 people who dealt the most damage will receive rewards. There's also a chance to receive a chest, inside the chest are some additional rewards. For the first couple days of the event, only your friends on your friends list can help participate in the helping you defeat your Raid Boss and vice versa.

Ragna Shop[edit | edit source]

Here you can spend your Ragna Coins to purchase various items. There are two sections to the Ragna Shop, the top portion has four items that can only be purchased. After purchasing all 4 items, it unlocks a final reward usually its one of the feature Child of the event. You will have to spend 100 crystals to reset the top portion of the Ragna shop. After resetting it, a better final reward will be available, with the final one being the level 40 Raid Boss Child. There's a total of 5 different final rewards, each one requires you to purchase 4 items.

After getting all 5 final rewards, you can reset the shop one more time to purchase chests ranging from Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Inside the chest are various goods, with the Platinum Chest having 5* Childs, 5* Equipments, costumes, and the Level 40 Raid Boss Child.

Slayer Call / Rank[edit | edit source]

Slayer Call happens during the last couple of days of the event. Slayer call allows you to ask people with the Slayer Rank to help you will your Raid Boss even if they are not on your friends list. To receive the Slayer Rank, you must defeat your own Level 40 Raid Boss, either by yourself or from the help of your friends.

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