Events are exclusive quests that are available for a limited time, with special rewards like new Childs and skins. All global events end according to UTC.

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Global Event List[edit | edit source]

2020[edit | edit source]

Events Details Start Date End Date
Ragna:Break Season ?
Kyrie Eleison
New 5* Childs - Cain released. ? ?
Narrative Dungeon: All You Need is Love New 5* Child - Snow Eshu released. 12/3/20 ?
WORLD BOSS TRIAL - Ziva New 5* Childs - Ziva, Giltine released. 11/19/20 12/3/20
Ragna:Break Season 12
Romeo & Juliet
New 5* Childs - Altice, Tragic Rusalka released. 11/5/20 11/19/20
Narrative Dungeon: Fantasy Island
New 5* Childs - Ayane, Leifang released. New 5* Soul Cartas - Relaxing Beach, Excuse me...? released. Hecate's Library added. Event exclusive costumes for Kasumi, Honoka and Marie Rose added. 10/20/20 11/5/20
Ragna:Break Season 11
Evils Under The Sun
New 5* Childs - Piercing Luin, Failnaught, Love & Hate Davi released. New 5* Soul Carta - Fresh Start released. Event exclusive Mighty Blade Durandal costume. 9/29/20 10/20/20
WORLD BOSS TRIAL - Medusa New 5* Childs - Medusa, Luna released. New 5* Soul Carta - Full Moon Luna released. 9/17/20 9/29/20
Narrative Dungeon: No Paradise New 5* Child - Thisbe released. 9/3/20 9/17/20
WORLD BOSS TRIAL - Tamamo New 5* Childs - Tamamo, Justice Mafdet released. New 5* Soul Cartas - Summer Vacation, Beach Buffet released. 8/20/20 9/3/20
Narrative Dungeon: A Summer Night's Tale New 5* Child - Keino released. New 5* Soul Carta - Resentment and Karma released. 8/6/20 8/20/20
Ragna:Break Season 10
Summer Shooters
New 5* Childs - Annie, Billy released. New 5* Soul Carta - DIVE! released. Event exclusive Splash Billy costume. Skill Reserve System added. 7/23/20 8/6/20
WORLD BOSS TRIAL - Salome New 5* Childs - Salome, Navi, and HoR exclusive Fluttering Sytry released. New 5* Soul Carta - Under the Roses released. Drive Skill Preview added. 7/9/20 7/23/20
Ragna:Break Season 9
Vanishing Twin
New 5* Childs - Altered Davi, Lightbeam Mona released. New 5* Soul Carta - I'm right here released. Event exclusive Dark Tears Davi and Radiant Mona costumes. 6/25/20 7/9/20
Narrative Dungeon: Lost Donut New 5* Child - Limos released. New 5* Soul Carta - Thrilling Poker Card released. Crafting System & Gear Options added. 6/11/20 6/25/20
WORLD BOSS TRIAL - Aurora King New 5* Childs - Aurora King, Kubaba released. New 5* Soul Carta - Inspiration released. Event exclusive High Speed Kubaba costume. Repeat menu improved. 5/28/20 6/11/20
Narrative Dungeon: Rebirth Lab Historia New 5* Child - Wodan released. Re:Birth Labyrinth 'Lv5 Great Sage's Labyrinth' added. 5/14/20 5/28/20
Ragna:Break Season 8
Secret Bride
New 5* Childs - Iphis, Bridal Hildr, White Pomona released. New 5* Soul Carta - Centennial Vow released. Event exclusive Bridal Iphis costume. Shadow Iphis costume added to Costume Shop. 4/23/20 5/14/20
Narrative Dungeon: The Revelation New 5* Childs - Prophet Dana, and HoR exclusive Hildr released. New costume Cheerleader Davi added. 4/9/20 4/23/20
WORLD BOSS TRIAL - Knight Daphnis New 5* Childs - Daphnis, Ganesha released. New 5* Soul Cartas - Beach Traps and Victim, Deep Ravine Pitfall released. 3/26/20 4/9/20
Narrative Dungeon: Light and Dark New 5* Childs - Athena, Pallas released. New 4* Childs - Hydra, Gomorrah, Gungnir released. New 3* Child - Angel Lot released. New 5* Soul Carta - Warring Hearts released. 3/12/20 3/26/20
Ragna:Break Season 7
Girl on Fire
New 5* Childs - Needfire Demeter, Worker Deino released. New 5* Soul Carta - Moment of Respite released. Event exclusive Mad Nurse Demeter costume. Infernal Realm Spa added. 2/27/20 3/12/20
Narrative Dungeon: My Dear New 5* Childs - Bes, Babel released. New 4* Child - Creature released. 2/13/20 2/27/20
WORLD BOSS TRIAL - Pan New 5* Childs - Pan, Courtesan Bathory, Tyrving released. 1/30/20 2/13/20
Narrative Dungeon: Hyperlethal Love New 5* Childs - Brigid, Student Eve released. New 4* Child - Unknown released. 1/14/20 1/30/20
WORLD BOSS TRIAL - Two-Sided Moa New 5* Childs - Two-Sided Moa, Oracle Werewolf released. 1/1/20 1/14/20

2019[edit | edit source]

Events Details Start Date End Date
Ragna:Break Season 5 9/29/19
Narrative Dungeon: Eternal Vow New 5* Childs - Bathory released. 9/11/19 9/25/19
WORLD BOSS TRIAL - Sunbeach Mona New 5* Childs - Sunbeach Mona, School Swimsuit Davi released. Event exclusive Hot Pink Mona and Sports Bikini Davi costume. 8/29/19 9/12/19
Ragna:Break Season 4 New 5* Childs Isolde, Bikini Lisa, and New 4* Child Tristan released. Event exclusive Summer Spike Isolde and Wetsuit Lisa costume. 8/15/19 8/29/19
Brown Dust Cross Collab Event An upcoming collab with Brown Dust. 08/01/19 08/15/19
BLAZBLUE Crossover A collaboration with BLAZBLUE. Included Narrative Dungeon and Moa Moa Para-dice. New 5* Childs Makoto, Noel, and Nine released. 07/30/19 08/15/19
Narrative Dungeon: Justice Upheld Narrative dungeon featuring new Childs Astraea and Agamemnon. 07/21/19 07/30/19
World Boss Khepri World Boss trial and release of Khepri. 07/11/19 07/25/19
Ragna:Break Season 3 Childs Bari, Jacheongbi, and Willow Doryeong released. 06/27/19 07/11/19
Cold Flowers Narrative Dungeon featuring the release of the new Child Ashtoreth 06/13/19 06/27/19
Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation x Destiny Child A collab featuring a Narrative dungeon and the release of Marie Rose, Kasumi, and Honoka. 05/30/19 06/20/19
Ragna:Break Season 2 It's an Egyptian themed Ranga. Five new Childs: Cleopatra, Horus, Bast, Ankh, Rune were released. 05/16/19 06/06/19
Devil Pass Season 9 Exclusive Bastet Costume to people that purchased Arch Devil Pass. 05/16/19 05/30/19
Demon Fiesta Clear event missions and get tons of rewards 04/25/19 05/16/19
KEMONO FRIENDS 2 Collab Destiny Child x KEMONO FRIENDS 2 Collaboration, introduces three limited Child Fennec, Serval, and Raccoon. 04/25/19 05/16/19
Devil Pass Season 8 Exclusive Jupiter Costume to people that purchased Arch Devil Pass. 04/25/19 05/09/19
Demon Fiesta Clear event missions and get tons of rewards 04/11/19 04/25/19
Devil Pass Season 7 Exclusive Eve Costume to people that purchased Arch Devil Pass. 04/11/19 04/25/19
World Boss Everyone in the game teams up to fight a World Boss Archfiend Davi 04/11/19 04/25/19
Demon Fiesta Clear event missions and get tons of rewards 04/01/19 04/11/19
Narrative Dungeon: A New Archfiend!? Narrative Dungeon that tells the story of Buster Lisa 04/01/19 04/11/19
Devil Pass Season 6 Exclusive Olga Costume to people that purchased Arch Devil Pass. 03/28/19 04/11/19
Devil Pass Season 5 Exclusive Hades Costume to people that purchased Arch Devil Pass. 03/14/19 03/28/19
Re:birth Challenge 50% more Rebirth Coins and completing all the mission rewards you with 100,000 Rebirth Coins. 03/14/19 03/28/19
Moa Moa Para-dice 2nd Ver Clear the board game to receive the Dark 5★ Child ticket 02/28/19 03/14/19
Devil Pass Season 4 Exclusive Maat & Liberated Maat Costume to people that purchased Arch Devil Pass. 02/28/19 03/14/19
Narrative Dungeon: Holy War Narrative Dungeon that tells the story of Liberated Maat 02/28/19 03/14/19
Ragna:Break Season 1 Valentine’s Day Café Themed Child Morgan, Verdelet, and Pietas. 02/14/19 03/07/19
Devil Pass Season 3 Exclusive Morgan and Morgan's Costume to people that purchased Arch Devil Pass. 02/14/19 02/28/19
Petit Evolution Road Evolve couple of Childs to 4★ or 5★ for rewards. 02/7/19 02/28/19
Princess Snow Miku Festival Collect 5 Snow Miku Brooches and exchange it for rewards. Do it for 14 days to earn Princess Snow Miku. 01/31/19 02/21/19
Devil Pass Season 2 Exclusive Leda Costume to people that purchased Arch Devil Pass. 01/31/19 02/14/19
Advent of a Diva! Destiny Child x Vocaloid Collaboration, introduces two limited Child Hatsune Miku and Snow Miku. 01/17/19 01/31/19
Devil Pass Season 1 Complete daily quests to earn Pass Points and reach higher tiers with rewards. 01/10/19 01/31/19
Moa Moa Para-dice Clear the board game to receive the new Child Moa, and the exclusive costume "Gloomy Moa" 01/10/19 01/31/19
The new story of Chang'e Guardian Chang'e introduced in story dungeon and pull banner. Event exclusive "Chang'e's Hairpin" accessory. 01/01/19 01/17/19
Mona's Emergency Support + New Year Celebration A new present from Mona will be available each day.

Every buff for battles is 1 gold each.

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