Profile[edit | edit source]

A girl who feared death turned to a demon in hopes of finally escaping it. The resulting Child, born from her pactmaker's desire to be protected from everything, took the name Bastet, after the Egyptian guardian goddess.

Since Bastet doesn't trust anyone else, she never reveals herself, even to her allies. Her specialty is hiding inside other people's shadows; how in the world she does that is anybody's guess.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Autoattack: Light Attack[edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 111 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)
Rank 7/10 Deal 737 Auto Attack damage to the target (Automatic)

Tap: Wild[edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 439 damage 4 times, inflict blind (attack ACC 20%) for 6 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 2530 damage 4 times, inflict blind (attack ACC 35.9%) for 6 seconds

Slide: Glinting Slash[edit | edit source]

Rank 1/1 Deal 761 damage to 3 enemies (highest ATK) and inflict blind (attack ACC 30%) for 12 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 4325 damage to 3 enemies (highest ATK) and inflict blind (attack ACC 52.8%) for 12 seconds

Drive: Phantom Claws[edit | edit source]

Level 1 Deal 2161 damage to 4 enemies (Priority: highest ATK)
Level 60+6 Deal 7,735 damage to 4 enemies (Priority: highest ATK)

Leader Buff[edit | edit source]

Drive skill damage +1000 for light type allies

General Tips[edit | edit source]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:

Awakening[edit | edit source]

Voice List[edit | edit source]

E Drive Skill Voice Think you can find me?
D Story I

Huh... He's not as slow as I thought.

I can't believe he sensed my presence.

D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Teehee.
D++ Critical Attack Voice What a warm shadow.
C Inner Voice I Trust no one. Even the invincible cannot prevail over the sting of betrayal.
C+ Damaged Voice

1 : Ooof!

2 : How could you?

3 : Oooh, ouch...

C++ Death Cry I must cloak myself... in even deeper darkness...
B Story II When then... sweet dreams.
B+ Battle Start Voice Who wants to play tag?!
B++ Hot Spring Voice Now, where should I hide next?
A Inner Voice II It's adorable how forthright you are. But that honesty is also a weakness. You need to be more careful.
A+ Slide Skill Voice Meow!
A++ Victory Voice

Don't get careless!

Enemies could still strike at any time!

S Story III

It's hard to see what's right in front of your nose.

If you hide in your enemy's shadow, no one will find you.

All Inner Voice III I suppose you and I will be watching each other's shadows for a long time to come...

Story Dialog[edit | edit source]

Awakening I: Secret Gaze[edit | edit source]

[D-Grade Unlock]

Something doesn't feel quite right recently.

It's like a shiver keeps running down my spine.

I feel like someone's staring at me. But when I turn around, no one's there.

Ugh... There it is again. The heck is going on?

Is some assassin after me?

Lisa Pfff! Excuse me. I couldn't help but laugh.
Master Hey. I'm being serious here!
Lisa But that is simply ridiculous. An assassin, of all things.
Master What's so ridiculous about it?! I'm fighting in the Archfiend Contest, aren't I?
Master So there could easily be people that want me gone... right?
Lisa *sigh* Am I supposed to be pleased that you've finally realized what kind of position you're in?
Lisa Or am I supposed to tell you that you're being too self-conscious?
Master Hey, wait a sec, what's that supposed to mean?!
Lisa Master, speaking objectively, you are not someone with enough presence to warrant anyone going out of their way to defeat you.

So stop your useless worrying, form more pacts,

and make some progress already.

Guh... I know that, but hearing you say it to my face kinda... wounds my ego.
Master Except I know I'm being followed! Please believe me! I can feel someone's gaze on me.

And sometimes a chill runs down my spine too.

And occasionally there's this weird noise...

Master Anyway, something's definitely up.

You're likely just exhausted, Master. Should I

prepare some medicine for you to help you get your energy back?

Master *sigh* I give up. I'm an idiot for even trying to bring it up.

Lisa's right. There's no way someone would be after my life. I must be tired or something.

I should try to get some more rest.

Bastet Huh... He's not as slow as I thought. I can't believe he sensed my presence.
Bastet I need to be more careful.

Awakening II: Cat's Advice[edit | edit source]

[B-Grade Unlock]

Lisa Who's there?!
Bastet Hello, succubus.
Lisa Where did you pop out from? Kindly refrain from surprising me like that.
Bastet Sorry. I didn't mean to.
Lisa And yet you do not look the least bit sorry.
Lisa This happens because you're always hiding your presence. Please be careful in the future.

Couldn't you look the other way and let it be?

That's just how cats are, you know?


You've been rather suspicious from the start.

Just what are you planning?

Master Hey Lisa, why're you muttering to yourself?
Lisa No, I'm speaking with Bastet right... Oh? She slipped away.
Master What, you mean someone was there?
Lisa Yes, Bastet was... No, it is fine.
Master Bastet? What about her?
Lisa Master, the other Childs are fine, but it would be best to put some distance between you and Bastet.
Master What? But don't I need to get along with Childs to borrow their powers?
Lisa That is another matter entirely. I'm warning you for your own sake, Master.

I have no idea what happened,

but I'm not gonna treat Bastet like an outcast.

Lisa Bastet is... dangerous. I cannot properly articulate exactly what makes her so menacing, but... in any case, please be careful.
Master So you're doubting her without any proof? I don't think that's fair.
Lisa I do not care what you think of me. Just remember, I warned you.
Master Hey, what the heck is going on? Sheesh...
Master Zzz... Mmm?
Who's there? I feel like... someone's standing by my pillow.
It can't be... a ghost? And I can't move either.

I guess even demons get sleep paralysis.

Is an assassin really after me? No, that sounds like something out of an anime.
I'll just pass it off as a ghost messing with me. I can move my mouth at least, so all I can do is yell.
Master Hey, who are you?! Show yourself!
??? ...
Master Who're you, and how'd you get into my room?
Bastet Good evening, little demon. Did I wake you? I'm sorry.
Master Bastet? *sigh* Don't scare me like that.

What're you doing here in the middle of the night?

Bastet I was wondering what kind of dreams you were having. It seems they were some good ones. I'm glad.
Master What? You saw my dreams?
Bastet But dreams are nothing more than that, just dreams. It's not good to get so absorbed in them.
Master Wait a sec, I've got no clue what you're trying to say.
Bastet Well then... sweet dreams.
Master What in the heck was that about? Was that all just a dream? No, there's no way. Haha...

Awakening III: Hurry and hide![edit | edit source]

[S-Grade Unlock]

Natsuki Oguri Thanks to your fortune, my cat was saved. I'm so grateful.
Kayano Mido No need to thank me. You're the one who actually ended up saving the cat.
Natsuki Oguri But I avoided the accident thanks to your warning.
Kayano Mido No, you changed the future with your own power.
Kayano Mido It would be best if you didn't come see me again. I cannot tell your fortunes again, for your own sake as well.
Natsuki Oguri Hm...
Bastet And once again, you're not believing in your own power. You never change.

Whoa! Don't surprise me like that, Bastet.

Could you quit popping up out of nowhere?

Where'd you even come from anyway?

Bastet Why don't you try it out for yourself? It's like playing hide and seek.
Master How about hide-and-seek?
Bastet That's right. You hide yourself so that no one can find you.
Master So that no one can find me, huh?
Master If I could do that, then I'd be able to escape from Lisa's lectures.
Master Okay, that decides it. Tell me how to disappear like you do.
Bastet It's easy. Just hide in a shadow.
Master That's all? Really?
Bastet It's hard to see what's right in front of your nose. If you hide in your enemy's shadow, no one will find you.
Master Hiding in someone's shadow? That's impossible.
Master You're probably the only one that can do that.
Bastet Huh. I told you what you wanted to hear, but you're still not happy. If you don't want to do it, that's fine.

Tell me an easier way, at least. Lisa's scolding has gotten worse recently, so I wanna hide.

Bastet Hm... Worse in what way?
Master Before, she'd just say I need to form at least one pact a day and made me follow her.
Master But now she wants me to bring in five more Childs a day.
Master And yesterday she told me that my Childs are much better than me.
Master Isn't that horrible? She went to far this time!

She's as cold as ice!

Master If she keeps up that ice queen act, no one's gonna want to hang around her!
Lisa What did you just say?
Master L-Lisa? Uhhh... I didn't... I mean... B-Bastet, help me out here.
Lisa Bastet isn't here. More importantly, I'd like you to explain what you just said, Master... in great detail.
Master Bastet's gone?! She was just here!
Bastet Hehe, now he's in for it. He's SO fun to tease.
Bastet But you know, demon, other people might not be satisfied with just teasing you.
Bastet You better watch your back.


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