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Bari takes her name from Princess Bari, the world's first shaman who bridged the gap between this life and the afterlife.

She originally made a pact with a demon in order to grant the wishes of the lost souls that kept gathering around her.

Bari herself wishes for nothing more than the Hades Flower held by Willow Doryeong, and is constantly looking for chances to obtain it.

This has made her rivals with Jacheongbi, who also seeks the flower.

She is very firm about not getting too close to any living being, but is exceedingly kind to those who have passed beyond.


Auto Attack: Water Attack []

Rank 1/1 Deal 113 Auto Attack damage
Rank 7/10 Deal 746 Auto Attack damage

Tap: Calamity Talisman[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 482 Damage, has a 70% chance to inflict Recovery Block (except from Vampirism/HP Drain) for 8 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 3012 Damage, has a 95.6% chance to inflict Recovery Block (except from Vampirism/HP Drain) for 8 seconds

Slide: Cataclysmic Eddy[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 828 Damage to 2 Enemies (Priority: Buffed), on Defender targets deal 800 Ignore DEF Damage, and inflict Brand (Deals [No. of buffs on target +1] x 50 DoT every 4 seconds, max of 6 buffs [final multiplier of 7]) for 20 seconds
Rank 7/10 Deal 4459 Damage to 2 Enemies (Priority: Buffed), on Defender targets deal 1905 Ignore DEF Damage, and inflict Brand (Deals [No. of buffs on target +1] x 195 DoT every 4 seconds, max of 6 buffs [final multiplier of 7]) for 20 seconds

Drive: Catastrophic Deluge[]

Level 1 Deal 2232 Damage to 4 random Enemies, and on debuffed targets: inflict Debuff Blast (remove 1st Debuff and deal damage based on its effect)
Level 60+6 Deal 8022 Damage to 4 random Enemies, and on debuffed targets: inflict Debuff Blast (remove 1st Debuff and deal damage based on its effect)

Leader Buff[]

Slide Skill Damage +5% for Water Type Allies

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:
Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented:


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice Enjoy your new life in paradise.
D Story I As a mere Child, I cannot even imagine what such a world must be like...
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Pitiful.
D++ Critical Attack Voice So, you aren't trying to escape.
C Inner Voice I One can attain everything, and still not conquer death. But if you could rule the realm of the dead...then it may be possible to change even that.
C+ Damaged Voice



How could you...

No way...





Be grateful.

C++ Death Cry

It's as though it were all but a frail dream...

To think my own death would come so quickly...

B Story II Spirits wander around regardless of the time of day.\If you don't watch what you say, it could lead to disaster.
B+ Battle Start Voice Can you hear the call of the dead?
B++ Hot Spring Voice Ahhh... This is paradise...
A Inner Voice II Though demons may live much longer than humans, they too will die one day.\When they do, I will guide them to the afterlife as well.
A+ Slide Skill Voice
A++ Victory Voice Let me guide you to the land of the dead.
S Story III My dream is but to soothe the souls of the poor, forlorn dead...
All Inner Voice III I may not be of much use, but if I can help the dead rest in peace...then please, use me as you see fit.

Story Dialogue[]

Awakening I : Self-Interest[]

[D-Grade Unlock]

[Somewhere near the Temple]
Bari Thank you for having me. I fear I may not be very helpful, but I shall do my best...
Lisa My... How rare to see such a well-behaved Child.
Mona You seem like you've taken a liking to her ♥
Lisa I have. I haven't met a Child who I could have a decent conversation with in a long time.
Bari Hehe, thank you, but I really do not deserve such high praise...

Well I don't like you! I can tell it's all just an act.

Watch yourselves. She might be a smooth talker, but I promise you, she's an untrustworthy schemer who won't stop at anything to get what she wants. 

Mona What's wrong, Jacheongbi? Why are you in such poor mood?
Jacheongbi Do you know why she made a pact?
Lisa To get something she wanted. It's the same for most Childs.
Jacheongbi Well, she wants the Hades Flower! And she'll do anything to get it.
Mona Isn't that true for you as well, Jacheongbi? ♥
Jacheongbi N-No, I've long sonce given up on it.

Is that so? Then I had the wrong idea about you entirely.

I thought you had only pretended to become Master's Child, so that you could wait for a chance to steal the flower for yourself...

Jacheongbi .........
Bari Not to worry, Jacheongbi would never do something as unscrupulous as that... Hehe.

Oh shut up, you gloomy old witch!


Bari My, my... Do not try to get so excited. It causes wrinkles, you know.
Jacheongbi Oh buzz off!
Bari You don't seem to like me very much, Jacheongbi. If I'm getting in your way somehow, I would be happy to back town.
Lisa Of course she doesn't feel comfortable around you, Bari. You're rivals who are both after the Hades Flower. 
Bari Not you too, Ms. Lisa. I thought you trusted me? 
Lisa I don't trust anyone other than myself.

I can vouch for that! That's just how she is with everyone, so don't worry ♥

Besides, almost every Child desires something, just like their pactmakers.

Bari Then... does that mean none of you think I've given up on the Hades Flower?

...Either way, it doesn't matter to us.

We are together to accomplish a goal. Nothing more, nothing less. As such, I have no intention of intruding into any Child's circumstances.


I see... By goal, I presume you mean making the young master the Archfiend?

The sole ruler of the Infernal Realm.

As a mere Child, I cannot even imagine what such a world must be like...

It makes me painfully aware how small and insignificant my own desire is.

Mona Really? Because you still seem quite desperate to fulfill it.
Bari Hehehe... We Childs are born of desire. As such, that makes me desire to incarnate...

Awakening II : Compassion[]

[B-Grade Unlock]

[Somewhere near the Temple]
Bari Do you understand? When making contact with spirit, it is crucial to interact with them with respect.
Master A-Are you nuts? I've never heard of a demon treating ghost with respect. And for that matter, I don't even want to interact with them!

Shhh. Be careful saying things like that. There's no telling who may be listening.

Spirit wander around regardless of the time of day. If you don't watch what you say, it could lead to disaster.


D-Disaster?! Why me... For that matter, is it just my imagination, or have more inexplicable things been happening to me ever since I met you?

I've got my hands full with the Archfiend Contest. I can't deal with shrine maidens and ghosts too!

Bari I'm sorry, I had no idea you felt that way. I was simply doing what I thought was best. But it seems it had actually become a burden for you...

I-I wouldn't go THAT far...

I'm sorry... I shouldn't have said that without thinking about how you felt.

You must have it pretty rough too, being able to see ghos...spirit and all.

And you have to coexist with them for pretty much the rest of your life, right?


Are you worried about me? That's very kind of you.

But it's okay. I'm glad I'm able to see them.

Master You are?

I am.

Tell me, why do you think living were given the ability to see the dead?

Master Uh, I don't really know. Can't say I ever thought about it.

When one is given power, they have responsibility to use it.

I believe that my responsiblilty is to serve as the bridge between the living and the dead.

I used to think I had no worth at all, and yet, I was given a valuable role unlike any other...

Responsibilities are given to those who are capable of fulfilling them. God would not have given me this gift if he did not think I could use it. It's a great honor, don't you think?

Master I, um... Honestly, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Hehe, one's way of thinking changes with one's position. I won't ask that you try to see things from my perspective.

I will only say that I will fulfill the responsibility I have been given. That I will listen to what the dead wish to tell me.

All I would ask of you is that you pity them. That way, you may one day reach an understanding. 


I'm, uh, okay if that never happens...

Brr...Just talking about this is giving me the shivers...It even feels like... something weighing down my shoulders?

Sorry, but I think I'm gonna go.

Bari Hehe, no need to be scared... It will only provoke the dead into teasing you...

Awakening III : Secret Feelings[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

[On front of the Temple]
Master You know, it doesn't matter who you ask. If you make someone do the impossible, it doesn't take long for them to hate doing it.
Bari My, you sound just like my pactmaker.
Master Really? Then, is your pactmaker...?
Bari My pactmaker possesed the ability to see, yet she refused to become a shrine maiden.
Master Can't say I blame her. Dealing with spirits and the dead is a lot to ask of any kid. Plus, nobody else knows what it's like, so you can't even vent to them about it...
Bari Hehehe... I find it fasinating that you understand how my pactmaker felt when even I could not. 
Master It's probably because she and I are in similar positions...We're in both asked to do the impossible, and we can't easily get away from that no matter how much we try.
Bari I see. You speak of the Archfiend Contest. If you truly dislike it that much, why not tell me the succubi how you feel?

I have. A lot. I've told them so many times I can't even keep track. I still tell them occasionally...

But they never listen to me. If I try to run away, they always find me and bring me back... Being an Archfiend candidate really feels like I drew the short end of the stick.

Bari How unusual. Every other demon would give anything to become the Archfiend, but you pay it no heed at all.

Well, I know that there'd probably be plenty of good things about it.

All the strong demons would bow before me, and I might never have to do my own cleaning, laundry, or shopping again.

I might even be able to get the xuccubi to finally shut up. That all sounds great, but...

But I can't imagine actually wanting to become it. Besides, I already like who I am, Archfiend or not, you know?

Bari Then tell me... if you had a goal that could only be accomplished by becoming the Archfiend, what would you do then?
Master Hmm... Like what? Being rich or something?
Bari No, nothing that basic. Something more like...ruling over everything.
Master Everything?

Yes, everything. Not only the Infernal Realm, but laso the Mortal Realm and the Celestial Realm...

And the realm of the dead.

Master Nuh uh! No way! I couldn't even handle being the Archfiend. Why would I want to set my sights even higher? Trust me, I wouldn't know what to do with that kind of power even if I had it.
Bari Is that so? I would have thought that anyone would have dreamed about having such power at least once in their life.

Well, I'm sure some do, but not me. I'm a pacifist.

Besides, the idea of ebing really face-to-face with humans' desires kind of scares me.

Not to mention that there's plenty of other demons and angels alike who wouldn't be happy with me in charge, right? I'd be worried about getting assasinated every day of my life... 

Bari Well that's too bad. Once you controlled the Infernal Realm, you could easily make your dream of ruling all other realms come true.
Master Uh... That's not a dream. That's just plain old desire.
Bari You mean the desire to rule the world?
Master So you DO get it.

Hehe, I suppose that's true... Forgive me, I was just musing out loud. Pay it no heed.

My dreamis but to soothe the souls of the poor, forlorn dead...


5★ Child

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