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A member of the Halloween cheer squad Samhain Party, which came to cheer on Archfiend candidates.

Though unlike Medb who's interested in the Archfiend Contest and Typhon who wanted to go sightseeing in the Mortal Realm, Ailill only came because Medb did.

Ailill spends her days playing all the same sorts of tricks. She fights with Medb at every turn, but how does she truly feel about her?


Auto Attack : Fire Attack[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 113 Auto Attack damage to the target
Rank 7/10 Deal 747 Auto Attack damage to the target

Tap : MIschievous Pumpkin []

Rank 1/1 Deal 489, deal 500 Bonus Damage for World Bosses
Rank 7/10 Deal 3025, deal 1004 Bonus Damage for World Bosses

Slide : Pumpkin Magic[]

Rank 1/1 Deal 955 Damage and 850 Ignore DEF Damage to 3 Enemies (Priority: Wood Type), 600 Bonus Damage to Wood Type Enemies. For World Bosses, inflict Hellfire (1500 Bonus Damage for every Fire Type Ally, up to 10).
Rank 7/10 Deal 4595 Damage and 1762 Ignore DEF Damage to 3 Enemies (Priority: Wood Type), 1153 Bonus Damage to Wood Type Enemies. For World Bosses, inflict Hellfire (3014 Bonus Damage for every Fire Type Ally, up to 10).

Drive : Samhain Parade[]

Level 1 Deal 2488 Damage to all Enemies
Level 60+6 Deal 8330 Damage to all Enemies

Leader Buff[]

Slide Skill Final Damage +10% for Fire Type Allies

General Tips[]

Preferred Equipment Weapon:



Preferred Soul Carta Skill Oriented:
Stats Oriented: {{CardNavIcon|}


Voice List[]

E Drive Skill Voice No glancing away now!
D Story I Oh... I've got it! The words of prophecy have descended upon me from on high!
D+ Weak Point Attack Voice Tadaaa!
D++ Critical Attack Voice Think you can see through me?
C Inner Voice I Hmmm... I wasn't expected much, but that was more fun than I thought.
C+ Damaged Voice
  • Owww!
  • Aha! Good one!
  • Gah...
C++ Death Cry
  • Ahaha... I'm so embarrassed.
  • Did they find out I'm a fraud?
B Story II That's my line. I'll make it painfull clear which of us is superior!
B+ Battle Start Voice Leave this to me!
B++ Hot Spring Voice Hm-hmmm! There're so many interesting things in the Mortal Realm.
A Inner Voice II Medb and Typhon? I've known them for forever. I can't even remember when we first met.
A+ Slide Skill Voice Now it's my turn!
A++ Victory Voice I'm older than you! What'd you expect?
S Story III That's all. If that time ever comes, I'll dash to your side. Don't worry.
All Inner Voice III If there's a beginning, there also an end. The rocking Samhain Party is over now. It's almost morning. Get going already.

Story Dialogue[]

Awakening I : Holdlout[]

[D-Grade Unlock]

[The Arcade]
Ailill Okay, step right up! Who wants to try next?
Boy Me, me, me!
Ailill Ooh, not that's what I love to hear! You can pony up, right?
Boy Yeah, here! I've got shiny piece of candy!
Ailill Perfect! What a good little boy.
Master Hey, what're you doing?
Medb This is Ailill's new hobby.
Master You sell candy to kids, then have them gamble it away and collect it all, huh? Man, that's vicious. You're pratically scamming them.
Medb I LOVE seeing their eyes light up when they get the candy.
Master That's so twisted. What're the police doing? They gotta put a stop to this.
Ailill Hey! I can hear every word you're saying!
Master S-Sorry!
Medb *sigh* So annoying.

Ugh, he never stop complaining.

Anyway, just ignore him. If I guess your card, then I win. If I don't, then you win.

Go on and draw one!

Lisa Hmmm, she's using a holdout.
Medb A holdout? What's that?
Lisa A gimmick that uses fake cards.
Master Seriously? Then how does she guess?
Ailill If you's like to try your hand at it, bring me some candy.
Master As if! I've got absolutely zero interest!

Hmmm, is that so?

Oh... I've got it! The words of prophecy have decended upon me from on high!

Okay, kid, the card you chose was...the three of clubs!

Boy Huh? Wooow! You're right!


Lisa, you got any candy on you? Give me one!

I'll figure out exactly what kinda trick you're pulling!

Ailill Okaaay, who'll my next challenger be?
Master Me, me, meeee!
Ailill Is your master some kinda idiot?
Lisa  As much as it pains me to admit it: yes.

Awakening II : Poker Face[]

[B-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Room]
Medb No way! you can see everything, even though I was hiding the cards?

Heh heh heh! Don't underestimate me!

Medb, help me out here!

Medb Help you out? Man, you're irritating.
Ailill Ta-daaa! The card you chose is...
Medb Wait! you just slid something in! I saw it!
Ailill Ugh... I thought your eyes were supposed to get worse with age. Nice catch there.
Medb Hey, want to run that by me again?!
Master Ummm... I don't know what's going on, but if you're gonna fight, please do it outside.

I don't know what's going on, but if you're gonna fight, please do it outside.

Yeah, whatever. Help me out here, puny demon!

Master Hey, don't copy me! Not to mention that imitation was spot-on, which is even worse!
Ailill Hey, don't copy me!
Master Guh... Okay, I'm done. You're way too irritating!

Ha! Now you finally understand how I feel, you big meanie master!

Master You can just shut up.
Ailill Hmmm, that's odd. Why can I trick this puny demon, but not Medb?
Medb That's cuz he's so pure. Whenever you're doing something shady, it's wriitten all over your face, Ailill.
Ailill Medb... I'll have you know that they call me "poker Face" in the Infernal Realm!
Medb Ha! Poker Face? You'll never trick me, no matter how many years go by!
Ailill Hmph, fine. The I'll focus on kids instead of old farts like you, grandma.
Medb D-D-Did you just call me grandma?!
Ailill Oh, I'm so sorry. Maybe you remind me of a grandma because you're just so cute?
Master Ugh... Nope nope nope nope! Someone get Typhon in here! 

Okay, if you want to die that badly, I'll start performing your last rites!

Come at me, Ailill! Samhain Party ends here and now!

Ailill That's my line. I'll make it painfully clear which of us is superior!
Mona Master, perhaps we should step outside for a while.
Master My...My home...
Lisa It's too late now.
Davi Hey, is this gonna take long? I'll bring my sticker book!
Mona Yes, yes ♥ Time to evacuate.

Awakening III : Ailill's Prophecy[]

[S-Grade Unlock]

[Master's Room]
Master's Mind

Suddenly I'm forced into Archfiend Contest, and now the Halloween cheer squad is here...

Just as I was starting to get used to all that, the Halloween cheer squad is gonna disband.

[Crane at Sunset]

It's only natural. We're not Archfiend candidates, you know.

I only came because I wanted to follow Medb, and Typhon just wanted to do some sightseeing in Mortal Realm.

All the other cheer squads disbanded long ago. The rest are just causing a ruckus, apperently.

Master  But I still didn't expect you to leave this suddenly. I have to admit, I'm surprised.
Ailill Surprised? Are you sure you aren't just sad? You'll be all by yourself once we're gone. 
Master It's not like I'm gonna miss you or anything.
Ailill We've got plenty of time, but I don't wanna waste it staying in the Mortal Realm forever.
Master Yeah, I figured.

Plus... I'm sensing some weird aura. It's like something out of the Infernal Realm, even though Samhain is over. It's odd.

Well, no point worrying about it, I guess. By the way, how'd you like the party?

Master It was a blast. Thanks for helping with it.

Glad to hear it.

It's kind of embarrasing to come out and admit this, but... I had fun too.

And I think Medb had a great time as well, shockingly enough.



You should come visit once in a while after you go back to the Infernal Realm. That is, if I haven't dropped out of the contest or anything.


Perish the thought. Medb would be furious if she heard you say that.

Actually, I think we were lucky. It's a wide, wide world, but we managed to run into each other anyway.

I'm sure someday, we'll be grateful that we did.

Master Can you really be so sure?
Ailill I can. Would you be more convinced if I made a prediction about it?
Master Huh? You're gonna make a prediction?!

The fated moment is quickly approaching. "The fated moment will come when you least expect it."

Your battle may be drawn out or it may end shortly. "However, you will certainly awaken the power inside you."

Master A hidden power...? I dunno what kind bogus fortune teller you're imitating, but quit making stull up the top of your head.

Just hear me out until the end.

And you will be saved.

Please do not forget Samhain Party. "If you wish for their aid, they will grant it."

Master I've got no clue what you're trying to say. Are you done? Like, is it over?

That's all. If that time ever comes, I'll dash to your side. Don't worry.

Well, see you!


5★ Child

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