Advent of a Diva!

Advent of a Diva! event is available from January 17, 2019 to January 31, 2019.

About Edit

For this event, there're three different things to do.

  1. Miku Miku Para-Dice - You receive dice from completing missions. Rolling a dice gives you a small reward depend on where you land on the board, each time you go complete a lap you receive a large reward.
  2. A Promise Between Two - Its a Narrative Dungeon to receive snowflakes and other rewards.
  3. Story Mode - Three stage story that introduces you to Miku. Clearing it allows you to purchase a special limited background (Diva Live Stage) for 10,000 Gold.

A Promise Between Two Edit

Tap "Crossover Snow Miku" on the top left of your home screen or go to Event Dungeon in Night World, Tap "A Promise Between Two". Its a Narrative Dungeon with two difficulties, normal and hard mode. It has a 8 stages, clearing each stages rewards you will a small amount of snowflakes. At the end of each stage, you can earn some additional rewards by flipping cards. The amount of cards you can flip depends the amount of stars you received. Reaching a specific amount of snowflakes unlocks rewards such as 5* Child Summon Ticket, Crystals, Onyx, Blood Gem, and Snow Miku! Narrative Dungeon needs to reset to play again from stage 1. You have a chance to reset every 12 hours for free. In-between each free reset, you can reset it two more times, however it will cost 380 crystals per reset. Sometimes you will get a chance to partner up with Snow Miku!, she will take up the first Child Slot on your team. She can't not be removed and she doesn't provide the extra 50% reward bonus. For each Miku you have on your team, you will gain an additional 50% (up to 100%) more Snowflakes, the partnered up Miku doesn't count.

Normal Hard
Stage 1- 7 Boss Stage 1- 7 Boss
Reward Amount Reward Amount Reward Amount Reward Amount
Snowflake 70 Snowflake 70 Snowflake 107 Snowflake 107
Snowflake 130 Snowflake 130 Snowflake 205 Snowflake 205
Snowflake 190 Snowflake 190 Snowflake 302 Snowflake 302
Snowflake 370 Snowflake 370 Snowflake 1020 Snowflake 1020
Oynx 100 Oynx 100 Oynx 400 Oynx 400
Oynx 200 Oynx 200 Oynx 600 Oynx 600
Oynx 400 Oynx 400 Oynx 777 Oynx 777
Gold 77,777 Gold 77,777 Gold 77,777 Gold 77,777
Water Pearl 10 Powdered Water Crystal 6 Water Pearl 10 Water Crystal 4
Powdered Water Crystal 6 Water Crystal 4 Powdered Water Crystal 6 Water Sapphire 2
Water Crystal 4 Water Sapphire 2 Water Crystal 4 Water Diamond 1
Water Sapphire 2 3★ Child 1 Water Sapphire 2 3★ Child 1
4★ Child 1 Water Diamond 1 4★ Child 1
5★ Child 1

Miku Miku Para-dice Edit

Daily Missions Reward Repeatable
Use 50 Stamina 1 Dice 3 times a day
Join Devil Rumble 3 times 1 Dice 2 times a day
Extract Onyx 1 Dice Once per day
Login 5 Dice Once per day
Lap Reward
1 5* Equip Ticket
2 500,000 Gold
3 4-5* Summon Ticket
4 10,000 Oynx
5 5* Weapon Ticket
6 500 Crystals
7 5* Armor Ticket
8 30,000 Oynx
9 5* Acc. Ticket
11 5* Summon Ticket
after 12 500 Crystals

Event ImagesEdit

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